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Does Metaquotes have history data on oil futures? whatever I try I only get the message "There are no new data for "#CLF9" If not, anyone know where to find it??
Here's something that's been puzzling me for a while, obviously when designing an expert reliable backtest data is essential. I used to use Alpari data but found it unreliable. I have since been using the download history from recent metatrader builds, have people found this data to be reliable ? I...
Anyone know where I can fine history (1M) for oil futures. (CLF9). Trying to download only gets message "There is no new data..." Ingvar
Can you reverse a position with one click like some other forex software? Or do i have to manually close the position and then place another order (lots of clicks)
As the title suggest I am looking for 3 Expert Advisors, A scalping EA, a breakout EA and a News Trading EA. I am looking for .mq4 to help the designers with optimization and forward testing. I will be renting my own Virtual Private Server, where i will be installing 3 Metatrader terminals...
Strategy of Regularities of Exchange Rates - MQL4 Code Base could set the TP to zero and use a close-all EA together with this......interesting indeed !.... Let the accumulation of open trades find their way to global profit...awesome! ES
How do I open the chart that i have selected for on the terminal trade window? Is there a script or a hotkey or any shortcut or do i have to look at the symbols and open the correct chart tab? Thanks in advance
I've been searching everywhere to try to find a way to code a time filter - ie. only trade between 8:00 and 17:00. I am new to MQL4, but am learning, so if anyone has a suggestion, could you please tell me where in the code to place it and what to use? Thanks a million pips! Scott
On the website of the Automated Trading Championship 2008,an article Reporting the 8th Week (17-23 November) has been published. The eighth week is over. This week was not lucky for Gorez's Expert Advisor - it left the first place. And he was an unchallenged leader of the contest for the last...
hi all. forex n00b here. been trading like 2 months and lost 50% my capital today. i began live trading almost immediately after double /tripling my demo account in a month (which is easy since i'd have no problem putting an INSANE 10/30% stake on a single trade) now that i look back at it, i...
Will it shoot up to $5/$6 or tank to $2 by the end of the day?
So... I have finally done it.. Here is my post.. I have never owned a windows based os smart phone.. I trade using MT4 platform... I would like to know if I will ever be able to actively trade or monitor forex thruout the day using a non windows os phone?? I currently own the new G1 and...
for all of you that lost all of your deposit with an EA please post the name here $10000($100) Profitstreamadvisor EA (2 side martingale)
Can someone direct me to a Trade Time Indicator? I found a thread discussing it but there was no file or link to a file.
Hi, Could someone please help me with coding a lot calculator? I want it to be like this Lots = ((Account Balance*Risk%))/(StopLoss+Spread)/(PipValue) And then it gives me a number with one decimal. For example: Account Balance = 1000 $ Risk = 5 % StopLoss = 30 pips...
Hi, I'm on HTC Touch HD, which is a WVGA screen (800x480)... I see Quotes a bit small, same on chart... I'd like to make the font size bigger... is any possibilities to change that, tweak... something in register... ???
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Very good EA. This is the Latest Version. Has some problems with volitility but I believe with the group's help and input, we can find good settings and make this into a very profitable EA. Let's all test this EA together, perhaps come up with some ideas to improve and/or find better settings.
Hi there, I'd like to create a new line tool for mt4 that would quickly tell me how many points away is my stop and target. I know where (visually) i want to place my stop and target, but the tool would count the pips for me. The tool would be used by clicking on the chart or just outside it (on the...
Can somebody make an EA of this. I suppose I could probably lay out some money for the coding...or if you want to share right here in Forex be it... ES Forums - GabbyJay's Forex Answer: How to Trade 9/10 Correct
Hi, I request for coding a system which I feel should perform well. Here we would use 2 Custom Indicators Say Custom1 & Custom2. Custom Indicators would use default values only. Custom indicator I have in mind is HMA. Which I have downloaded on this forum. I didn't want to mix into the code as I...
Anyone had a problem with Mozilla when you click the new posts link, you get none found and yet it works ok in IE?
Hello, For an EA... what happens to code running in init() when a new tick comes in? Will init() always complete and the tick be ignored? What has priority init() or start()? Thanks! -charliev
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How about it, Americans? Lets do it and tax the hell out of it. After flooding the world with worthless derivatives, clusterbombs and crappy movies Washington could try and legalize (US) weed worldwide, demand all weed transactions globally to be settled in US dollars and have the likes of JP Morgan...
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is it possible to get custom indicator to my PDAs or smartphone? is it comlicated or simple? and what SW must be in my PDAs to do it? thx Petr
Hello Metaquotes, anything planned regarding timeframes like 3h, 2h, 10mins ?! Maybe a tool to individually set the Timeframe? Would be very helpful to me...
Hi All, When I'm installed at the first time, it ask for Registration. After do the step by step registration wizard, I do step SCAN server but it always failed. App: Client Terminal MetaTrader4 OS: Windows Vista Business Memory: 2 GB Please advise what's wrong Thanks KS
I'm confused by the Forcible Closing, who can tell me the details of algorithm ?
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How do I figure out the password to my MetaTrader account
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Будет ли работать МТ4 на ноутбуках Р1 и Р2?