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Hi How can one understand the risk of a GFC on the forex broker holding the trading account? Any ideas about some forex brokers that went under in the 2008 GFC? Thanks
Hello! For mt4, when a symbol is in the market watch window, it is updating bid and ask live, therefor, consuming internet bandwidth. While a trade is opened for that symbol, we cannot remove the symbol from the market watch window. So, as long as the trade is opened and mt4 opened and connected to...
Can a coder help me on a strategy I have on divergence which is actually on video , need a good coder kind enough so he code for alerts when conditions are met , is actually on video so will have to contact through email please, so I share the vid thanks a lot , let me know if any coder interested 
Hi MQL5.community, As my topic's title. Is it possible to use a US Cent account to copy a signal? For example US Cent account. Wait for your answers. Yours sincerely, Giang Nguyen
hi how can i find the historical past information about which currency pair is the highest performance over the last year?
My VPS hosting (New York) ordered by MQL5 has been shut down. Are there any one have the same problem ? Seems that no some is under fixing it!!!
Hello, I was wondering, could it be possible to run more than 32 terminals through any of the following options below? • Having a second account on Windows, i.e. running 32 on one and 32 on the other • Some Linux distro lifting the limitation • VM/some virtual machine
hello I would like to automate my trading with an expert advisor I have which is written in mql5 yet the broker of my real account supports mt4  what are the possible workarounds ?  thank you 
Is there maintenance on this server right now? Cannot migrate or stop connection to it.
Can anyone put together an indicator for me please. if you can help me i'll message you what I'm looking for
My first posting.. Anyone please tell me how can we know who is subscribing our signal..! Best regard, Kahfi "Trading is not gambling, just let your choice runs..!"
Hi, I have my remove computer available and working for me in the "Local network farm". I've checked "Sell computing resources.." and provided my account, but still it's "Disconnected" from the cloud - so i cannot earn some money. Could you tell why my testers is not being connected to MQL5 Cloud...
hi, I come from computer science background and I see it can get tricky to develop complex algorithms in pure MQL. Is there any library for handling creating and using complex data structures (eg. list queue stack) in mql?
Comments that do not relate to the "What is slippage?", have been moved into this topic.
hi Which strategy is better for non farm payroll
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Usually I see my name in My MT4 Smartphone But I don't see my name in My MT4 Account It's Only Number.  Please help me 🙏🙏🙏
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Hello, I can't download  EA that I purchased. I was using a version that I bought until new version came out. I uninstalled old version of EA and now I can't install new version. I need help. I even reinstalled my VPS and nothing is helping. Thank you 
Hello, I still have this error message while I respect the size and file format to join? Help me Thank you
How to calculate equity of an account at some distant past ?
Hello, Please anybody, why is the script removed on my XM Chart and how do I fix it? Thanks. 2 08:21:31.479 Script pending_set__bollingerbands USDCHFmicro,H1: loaded successfully 2 08:21:31.528 Script pending_set__bollingerbands USDCHFmicro,H1: removed
I was filling out the application form to sell a signal when the system says my phone number already exists. he asks me to insert a new one but I only have that number. what should i do?
How do you backtest an indicator, when I run the strategy tester it gives me no report? Do I need to convert the inidcator into an EA to backtest it and if so can I use a template EA to paste the inidcator logic into.
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Guys . If i post my signal . when people connect , do they select how many lots per £1000? As my balance may be higher than people connecting . Any advice would be appriciated
  MAC SUPPORT market/ea? (11   1 2)
I cannot download these EA's/robots in the market section. DOES THIS ONLY WORK ON WINDOWS COMPUTER? Seriously? This is 2019
Hi fellow traders, Im trading Harmonics for several years. I was wondering what your experience is with harmonic patterns and which harmonic patterns are your favorite?
Situation: I have an EA which lists on each <onTrade> all orders and history orders since last scan. The code of <onTrade> ulong ticket=0; string property_val=""; /// loop over living orders for(int i=0;i < OrdersTotal();i++) { ticket=OrderGetTicket(i); if(ticket...
It will be great if the message system will be updated a bit to handle better messages. I know messages will mark as unread but when i am on mobile phone and look message they are unmarked. When i want to answer back on pc i have to check all not answered. So the idea is why not implement a button...
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I’m having a little loss right now, but I think I’ll close the deal with profit.  
Hi Moderator, I bought an EA for USD99 in the MQL market on June 17th, and it is the only one EA I buy, I clearly knew that only 5 activations for USD99 and one activation per computer includes system reinstallation, but at that time, I didn't know it also includes Windows 10 update...