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Recently, a number of major brokers, including ActivTrades, Just2Trade, NAS Broker and Halifax Investment Services, announced the launch of MetaTrader 5 with hedging. This trend was supported by other prominent market players: GLOBAL FX, Global Equity Brokers (GEB) and Forexer Limited. The number of...
London Opening Range Breakout Strategy A simple trading system for the opening of the London markets that can be traded in just 10 minutes per day! Simple Forex system traded in just 10 minutes per dayDefined entry, exit and stop loss levels for signalsComplete GBP/USD breakout indicator rules...
so i wrote my first expert advisor using MQL5. just a basic one using the given MQL5 wizard. Plroblem: How to i add an  ADX  to my expert advisor. seeing it is not part of the wizard. look forward to any inputs from this forum
Trading on the market shows that the most good results are achieved by combining the various trading systems. But finding a good system is not so easy. Maybe we can share here some experience and results of using different trading systems?
How to install Dynamic RSI signal in MT4?
Hi there! :)I have just a small question. As the subject say, I want to copy my own signals using another account, larger one, but I don't want to pay for my own services and I don't want to create another account on mql to do this.  Is there a posibility to do this on my PC, or any how!? Thanks! :D
  Signal (1)
Hi Guys can i copy a demo signal on real account?
  MT5 Server Address (20   1 2)
Hi, all Does anybody know the MT5 server address. I know in MT4 is in the directory of "./MetaTrader 4/config/" and it's in the format of .srv file. But I can't find the conresponding one in MT5. Thx in advance and waiting for your reply. ClementMiao
Hi! I saw many signal providers who has a grey area on the growth graphic in the past. What is with that area? I have this problem too, but for only one trade until now. Why? Does any one know? :D Thank you!
Hi guys, I am trying to write a EA that can be attached to multiple Charts.   My first try on Demo Account showed me that when I attach the EA on two pairs I get the values of my inputs variables shared among the 2 running EA. For example: I have a EA that defines the maximum number of open orders...
  Signal rankings are a joke (35   1 2 3 4)
The MT4 signal rankings are a complete joke. Currently the #1 signal "Small to Big Money" has lost 45% this month. LOL You guys seriously need to re-evaluate your ranking criteria. 
SL always should be used and SL/TP <1/3 then you can have positive profit in monthly
Dear all,  I'm quite new on metatrader but I'm facing a very inconvenient situation on a demo account: the EURUSD rate appears to be at ridiculous levels like 144, or 145... Please see below on the picture : Has anybody got an idea of why this happens? I would greatly appreciate any help on this :)...
Hello everyone! Is there a program, script, anything that would restart MT4 in the event of a connection failure / datacenter connection failure? My MT4 will at time lose connection but will reestablish the connection about half of the times. The other half, the connection will not reconnect and I...
In order to protect users' privacy and to improve the service convenience, we have further improved the Chat system. Now you can select users who are allowed to send you private messages. Choose the category of users who can write messages to you: all users of the website or only the users from...
has anyone figured out the smtp server address on the mt4? ive tried the and few other combinations but ain't working. Im trying to get text alert on my phone but this seems to be on the way. Any suggestion? cheers
Can anyone recommend me a good broker that opens at 5pm/17:00 (EST server time)? 
Affiliate program in Market and Signals to be closed Due to low demand and incompatibility with the new services, the affiliate program is to be closed soon. Beginning from January 1, 2016, it will no longer be possible to set a partner payoff amount and register new affiliate...
i seem to be having some problem with the strategy tester in mt5 , even with the sample EA's  i get only 0.00 results as if the ea is unable to open a trade... i have tried changing servers , history is not the problem... i've tried different sample ea's and some work, some have same problem i cant...
what the current password
i have been searching for two hours how to find price-at-time in the mql5 documentation and it has eluded me - any help?
Anyone know how to check the fullness of a candle? Trying to avoid opening trades when candle is weak.
do not start anymore the strategy tester agent manager when selected a strategy. do anyone know why? how do i have to install it again? thanks
when test MQLtick ,the value of flag is 2,4,6,24 and even BID changed . what does this value or symbol mean ? And what is the value of the following MACRO ? TICK_FLAG_BID – TICK_FLAG_ASK – TICK_FLAG_LAST – •TICK_FLAG_VOLUME – •TICK_FLAG_BUY – l •TICK_FLAG_SELL – thanks .
In this thread KoolPay will be posting the most basic and common trading strategies that help novice traders make right decisions while taking first steps in forex trading. If your knowledge is not up to par and you don’t want to drain your funds down please, take a few minutes and look over the...
  yearly (2)
anyone know how to create a yearly chart by chance?
What else must I do to access what I've downloaded.  It doesn't seem to appear in any of the menus.  
I just started trading forex and I really need to earn something...anything.
MT5 does not connect through a proxy server. I have tried 4 diiferent proxies servers with the right credentials with no positive results but they all work perfectly on MT4. What am i doing wrong???