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i tried to write to TERMINAL_DATA_PATH with TerminalInfoString(TERMINAL_COMMONDATA_PATH)+"My Folder"// not Working please help TerminalInfoString(TERMINAL_COMMONDATA_PATH)+"\\MQL4\\Files";//Working
Hi traders, Quick question, how is version control handled in MQL5 ? I've been coding several Indicator and EAs, and always name my files based on the version itself, eg my_MACD_v1 , my_MACD_v5 etc. But if I save them as my_MACD and only change the #property version the executables ovewrite each
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Do clients needs a VPS to copy trading signals? Or MQL will copy the trades even the terminal is closed
Hi guys! I'm trying to code a simple probability based EA. Now thing is, I don't have code based of this at the moment, but really am looking at any tutorial/article that deals with this, since I dont know where to start. If you do know of any, please share it here. For example, I want to check the
hi please help me about last upper or lower fractals candle no. i write this code: int OnInit() { int i,j ; for(i=1;i==200;i++) { if(iFractals(NULL,0,MODE_UPPER,i)!=0) { j=i; Comment(j); break; } } } but mql show error ('}' - not all control paths return a value) pls help i will be crazy
I am not a seller, but i have funds i put in account and now i want to get them back. How can i do that ? I msg MQL5 and no anwser. Should i open PayPal dispute to get my money back
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I just logged in and in my messages i received a weird message spam with no username who was spamming his telephone number with signal services and photos , on the top right corner there is a button with the word subscribe
Hi, I'm trying to code EA but I don't have programming background. I want to use 12 EMA, 26 EMA cross over with 55 SMA on 1-minute chart. The buy trade is carried out when 12 ema cross above 26 ema and 55 sma while sell trade is carried out when 12 ema cross below 26 ema and 55 sma. I want to start
Hello everyone. I have this problem on my mt5. I create the text objects and delete them whenever a different value is loaded, and create them again. However, sometimes the object is not deleted, so I change the time frame and everything goes back to normal. And the object that has not been deleted
Hi, yesterday I placed my first order for an EA on freelance. Under the voice responded there are two developers: what should I do? How can I contact them? Do I have to wait for them to write to me? Regards
There is no entry in the my members menu on the left side of the page for service desk. How do I contact them, as I need to speak with them regarding finances. Thanks
Can anyone please tell me how to open a EURUSD Buy/Sell position using EA on different chart for example GBPUSD
bool ChartIndicatorAdd( long chart_id, // chart ID int sub_window // number of the sub-window int indicator_handle // handle of the indicator ); Have we something like ChartIndicatorAdd But for Experts? Maybe ChartExpertAdd
How do you know if the trailing stop loss is active
Paid on May 8th 2020 fora signal subscription and also for VPN, System confirms succesfully subscribed, trades do not appear in the system. contacted signal manager and he said that they traded during those days, any help, system doesnt want to answer because said they only answer related to finance
newbie here. I have already connecting 4 signals of my trading. why only 2 are shown to the public? thanks for your help
Hello friends, I am manually backtesting my strategy for oct month of 2019 on 15m chart. How do I load view in mt5 for 15m chart for oct of 2019? Thanks Sach
Dear experienced traders, Can I stop EA via iphone? For example, I'm running EA "A" in my account, and I want change my account's EA from "A" to "B". So I must wait to a chance when EA "A"'s positions all closed. If I can stop EA via iphone, it should be very helpful. Thank you in advance and best
Dear experienced traders, I did it several times..... If I close MT4/MT5 by a mistake when I was running a back test. Can I find the report test in progress? Can I run it from the continue? Thank you in advance and best wishes, Sky
How to get refund on Signal subscription after confirmation due to last minute change decision ?
Synthetic symbols in MT5 are often not downloading correctly, and may have gaps (missing data). Or the existing data may disappear after you restart MT5. How do I force download history for synthetic symbol and fill the gaps? Please answer if you already tried
Does anyone recommend any brokers that allow: -US Traders -Have forex, commodity, energy, crypto, oil/gas trading -Allow api trading Any help would be appreciated. I am having trouble finding a brokers that meet these requirements
Dear experienced traders, I have some basic questions, do you know any article or the answer of below? What do the history, cache and ticks folder exactly for? What is the difference between history, cache and ticks folder? How do EAs use history, cache and ticks folder? * history
I found a intersting code (, and i'm trying to add a Take profit, Stop level and a trailing stop. I did try many times but it just don't work. Does anyone knows how to do it? Or have a similar code to show me how? Thanks anyways :)
Hello Experts, I am new to MT5. Looking for few settings. Please suggest. 1) I am doing futures. How to get the session separator plotted on the chart ? 2) Change the time format displayed on the bottom of the chart . Currently it shows 11 May 22:41. How to make it show just 22:41. 3) Change the
How to change path to debuging MT5 terminal? I mean how change in MQL5 MetaEditor default MT5 terminal?! under: [ Tools ] ...... [ Trading Terminal F4 ] Thanks for info
How does one provide feedback on a signal? I received an email and clicked on the appropriate button marked "Feedback" and I get routed to the author's site, where there is no place to give feedback? AArgh!!! Any advice
Hi I have custom robots working on my MT4.Ive rented a VPS server through Contabo(Windows server 2008)I have downloaded MT4 on the server logged in with my broker details and brought over the robots ontoit. The robots dont seem to work on the server but work fine on my laptop I have set everything
I have 3 subscriptions but unable to gain a 4th. The platform links through as usual but there is no signal copied
Hi, I thought that in real accounts there is no possibility on copy demo accounts and that the minimum cost of the real accounts are 30 dollars . So How come there are some signals that I can copy for free on my MT4? Thanks