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i can not verify my account . i upload my documents again and again but the site said that the documents rejected what i do in this case
hello, i have found this simple round number indicator. for cpu raison and optimisation, i need to limit the calculation to : - 2 round numbers above the bid, and - 2 round numbers below the bid. i am not very new in coding, but i am not yet intermediate. So i ask your help to show me the way to
Hi Everyone. first time I've purchased an MT4 product through MQL5. I have looged into my MQL5 community on my MT4 and cannot find the purchased product despite going to Market>Purchased. The indicator looks like it's ready to use in the back office profile - it just wont filter through to my MT4 so
The NormalizeDouble function almost always rounds to 4 places, but every once in a while I get (ROC is: 0.0005999999999999999) some non-rounded number. Can someone enlighten me why this is and how to fix? Thanks. void OnTick()  {          double Price1 = iClose("USDCHF",1,1);      double Price2 =...
Hi everybody, First of all, sorry for my bad English... I would like to know if my suscribers in copytrading need to be log and online, in order to copy my signals ? Due to my few first tests, normaly yes. But what if I use the VPS of my MT4 software? Do they still have to be online from their
Is it possible to subscribe for a signal without having it trade automatically? I want to see the possible trades but decide if I am interested or not in executing it. I'm a newbie :)
Where/how do I Re-Activation of an EA which currently still has 8 credits? thanks
Hello, I would like to use some specific indicators from the Market that can only be rented either monthly or annually. I want to use them in an EA I am building, which I will share with some colleagues. How can this be done? If the indicator is activated to my account, will it work only on a
does anyone know of a website that shows what stocks are currently on a trading halt ? so that you can trade at open
when I use backtest in mt5 , how to set symbol's spread to others
Hello, Recently I noticed that in mql5 the Period() function is returning wrong value for Time frame anything above 1 hour. It returns correct values for 1,2,3,4,5,610,12,15 and 30 minutes. But when I try on 1 hour chart and above the value always returned more than 16380. This can be tested easily
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After hosting a Signal, will it be possible for me to Subscribe to the same Signal?
I try looking for my thread and I can't find it. Is there any tab for this, please
Why I'm unable to sell my signal service. I never did anything wrong on your site. All I ever did was buy products. Why did I get flagged? Please help, Thank you. Regards Dale
Regarding the trend of gold, I still think there is a lot of room for growth. Gold is linked to the US economy. We must know that the rise of gold is only a matter of time. What do you think
Has anyone managed to get DLL imports working with .Net Standard or .Net Core? I created a simple class library in .Net Framework 471 with a single, simple Add method: public static int Add( int a, int b) { return a + b; } I was able to import the DLL in the MQL5 code for a test indicator
I have subscribed to a signal. I have downloaded MT5 to a new computer. Added the same trading account that the signal is attached to. Signal does not appear. How do I add the signal to the new computer without having to subscribe again
"Internal compiler error" after update test version 2595 retreat to version 2592 no such BUG
The OnTick() function is driven by the receiving of a new tick. But what if I want to execute a block of code immediately after the last tick of the trading week, long before the first tick of the following trading week? Any suggestions on how this can be done? Thank you
Hi, do you know if it possible add the timeframes quick buttons toolbar on undocked charts? Thanks
Ordersend is keep opening way to many orders at once (like 100-200 orders ), How can i just make one order per signal ?! MqlTradeRequest request = { 0 }; // nulling MqlTradeRequest structure MqlTradeResult result = { 0 }; void OnTick () { // My logic ....... if ( signal== "sell" &&
Hi All, I am wondering if the data provider gives within the book also the amount of buy/ask pernding rders that in the meantime are erased; or at least a way to derive them (as difference between the placed orders, the esxecuted ones and the remaining orders)? Secondarly, is anybody aware about any
Hi Whenever we do a buy/sell transaction, up and down arrow appears on the mobile platform chart. These objects repaint and are annoying. We can manually delete them but they keep appearing next time you open your mobile MT5. Is there anyway to disable them or delete them permanently once they
Hi everyone, Can anybody tell me how it is possible that the products I offer as a seller lost their rating (yellow marked 5-star system)? <Deleted> Best, Bernhard
Can I trade on particular company? how can i find it on Meta Trader? thx
i want make signal in this broker but i search this broker, i was found in demo account , live account not found, need helps, thanks :) ***
i've had a service ticket open for 2 weeks now and nobody is responding
Hello, I have a credit in my account with MQL5, I want to withdraw but I am not allowed. A message appears, says "we need to perform additional verification of your account". How can I ask for my account to be verified? How long does it take for MQL5 to verify my account? They have not asked me for
I’m new to trading and not sure if I understand correctly how Sell Stop orders work. The stop order I placed started at the my set price, but exited way too early and not at my SL. I don’t know why it happened and if I did anything wrong. Here are the details: I placed a pending order to sell
Good morning, everybody. I have a problem that can't understand int indice = 0 ; int e = 0 ; void OnTick (){ int a = 0 ; string testo = ""; while ( 1 > 0 ){ testo += "ciao \n" ; a++; indice++; e++; if