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  Error 128 (2)
I have the following problem: I wrote an expert that should open and closes orders based on some conditions. I run several instances of this expert (on different charts). After a couple of hours first I am getting error 128 (trade timeout) and after that a bunch of error 146 (trade context...
I have been having problems with the following, if i manually close a position of a EA, which has SL and PT, the EA stops working
Hi all, I am trying to add some Gann studies to a chart, but I want to make sure that the chart is correctly scaled. How can I make sure that the x and y axis are set to 1:1? Thanks! Erik
  Volume trader (6)
Hello, Yes it is the frametime which I chose to test in first . I also put in comparison the version of origin : .mql with 4 majors paires.
If I use the "grid trading" technique and open sell or buy postions in EURUSD and USDJPY and pending limit sell or buy with TP every 5,6,..30 pips (variable). Can somebody help me to make a script that automatically closes the positions and pending orders, when the pips difference is 5,6..30...
  Volume trader (6)
Volume Trader Algorithm
Is there any way how to suppress the "Expert output page" scrolling with each tick?
I am told learn a bit of C to better understand terms for building EAs. Please shed some light on this and it will be greatly appreciated. Todd Strugglin
I am just writing to ask what many have been wondering about. Does metatrader support other data feeds? (fxcm, esignal, etc.). And if so maybe someone with enough knowledge may share with the rest how it could be done. Thanks.
Рабинер и Голд Теория и практика цифровой обработки сигналов. In Russian language.
I think I have read somewhere that it should be possible to add unlimited lines to an indicator (from memory Slawa said, that it's only limited by computer memory). Below is a code that would use 10 but only 8 show in the indicator window (there should be two more red lines on level -100 and -200...
I have just discovered that unless you "ADD" at least one "PARAMETER" to the Expert Adviser Wizard your Expert will not Back Test. I have not yet checked if it will work life since the server is down for the weekend. I think that the "Wizard" should be smart enough to ADD at least one external...
  Envelopes (1)
Some people tested e 3.01 with defauls settings, m5, 7 pairs and 0.1 lot. They had great results. Does anybody can prove it?
i think yu hv an indicator for that alarming only once. could yu pls send it to me? many tks in advance.
I have Print() statements in my simple expert that successfully print to the experts log while running the expert on a chart. The exact same expert run during a backtest does not print anywhere that I can find (i've searched every file modified by today's date, no log file anywhere contains what...
hi what is the best forex forums in the net , that i can find discussion about the market ,and analysing . thanks
Hello, Sometime ago I was informed that Metatrader 4 doesn't include an API. I know I can get data through DDE. But do i need to have to turn on the terminal? And what is Data Center about? Is so i can get data without using the terminal? I am working on a Matlab project and this is why i am...
I have got this indicator and need help, because it only draws a red line. //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Custom Aroon Up & Dn.mq4 | //| rafcamara | //|...
Hi, I have tried using the following step below but there isn't any LGD (London Gold). Kindly advise. Thanks. By the way, I'm using a demo account ? "File -> New Chart -> Forex -> Gold"
Hi all, I have a bunch of EA's, all of which I would like to run on the same account. Will this cause any problems?? Thanks all! Matt
I want to "papertrade" a chart by scrolling it all the way to the beginning, and then step one bar at a time, at its right edge, to simulate real time action. What happens though is that, e.g., I move the chart to February 2003 (using Control Home) to start my papertrading. Then suddenly...
MetaTrader 4 Mobile has been released, essential improvements being made to its functionality. The following has been done in the new version of mobile terminal: 1. Enabled support of indicators. Added 30 new indicators; 2. Enabled support of Trailing Stops; 3. Enabled setting of alerts; 4....
Despite the hopefull promises in the Build 183 announcement I got last night "trade context busy" over extended phases (hours). This is not the "parallel SetOrder()" attempts since I avoid these with global variables, but really a hanger. When I am present I can fix these in no time with a...
I am trying to get my EA, which runs on the Euro 5M chart, to read indicators from the GBP 60M chart. Specifically, I am using the Demarker indicator. When it is above 0.60 I am buying. But I am seeing that even when it is below 0.60 my EA is still buying. Is there a bug? Must be, I would think...
Hi All, I would like to know who provides MT4 with quotes and I'm not referring to SBFX. Does anyone know the answer to this question? Thanks. Regards Lampooka
is it posable to trade on my sony ericsson p910i, if so can someone tell me what programs to download because i do not seem to come right.
Hi gurus I am looking for a list of brokers that allow trades to be done through MT4 platform. More specifically, since I am currently living in Australia, I like to know if there is any broker in this region if not in Australia that allow trade through MT4 platform. TIA SD
Hi, I just upgraded from MT3 to MT4. But not able to log-in (open a demo account). I am behind a firewall. But I double checked with the system administrator that port 443 & port 1950 both are open. any help is highly appriciated. Regards, Mazhar Ali
I am curious to know what is current Expert's benchmark? Anybody knows?
Using the code snippet "while(!FileIsEnding(iInput))" in endless loop using Build 183, but behaves as intended with Build 178.