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Hey guys, I have a problem with ChartScreenShot(). I want to save screenshots from a specific time. I use ChartNavigate() , it works fine, I can see visually in MetaTrader5 that the chart is shifting, the EA takes the screenshots as well, however, when I look at the pictures, they always show the
I want to turn it off and I can't find the off switch. Appreciate the help thanks
1. i saw announcements on BSE tieup with MT5, can anyone please help me with how to open account MetaQuotes BSE demo server ? 2. i want implement algotrading in metatrader for indian broker ? which brokers supports metatrader 4/5
Is there any EA that marks hourly opening and closing price with vertical lines
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I asked a question regarding a particular trading system, and the comment was removed . I don't understand why. or maybe I need to rephrase the question I had asked, or is it against forum rules to discuss particular systems if thats the case why if we have a forum topic named trading systems
Sir, My VPS Affiliated through MQL5 (Hong Kong 01) is not taking trades. Is there any online Help available
Hello All I'm going to ask a possibly stupid question, but... I'm running an EA on the MQL5 New York VPS. Can I literally turn off my computer (with autotrade on) and it'll just continue running? I only ask as I've always traded manually and never used auto trade or VPS before. Thank you
Hi I'm using an old account of mine, but my this is running from 20/02/2013 before that date i already lost money in that account, which leaves showing graphic and horrible values
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please i need help on how to copy trade signal on mql5,i have tray several time and my account does not copy any trade, I have even link my account to vps, still no trade, please i need help, thanks
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Please dear Forum sweet magic solution solvers. My problem of coming to Forum is for assistant: I want Forum to please tell/inbox/inform Developer Boaz Nyagaka Moses to please respond to my humble messages. That is all. Thank you Forum sweet magic solution solvers
Hello guys, I want to stream live forex data from MT5 using python with new integration tricks. Any ideas for that please ? Thanks in advance
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int SendScreenShot( const long _chat_id, const string _symbol, const ENUM_TIMEFRAMES _period, int x_axis, int y_axis, bool current_chart
Hi guys, I am having problems with the web platform for sending a subscription to a signal provider. I get the the error [object type] I am using IC Markets MT4 platform. Do you know who I should raise the issue to if it is a bug in the software? basically I can't send my payment details like I
Hi, I have a product that I offered the first days after launching for free. Now, I added a pricing plan for this product. My question is: Are the downloaders of the free version will be affected if I upload a new paid version? Will they still be able to download the new version especially it is not
Hi I have bought a bot which has a quickFIX feeder file and initiator file for low latency arbitrage trading The bot was not bought from the original coder so the seller is not able to help me with the login details Please let me know if you understand the below: # default settings for sessions
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Hi guys what can I do to be selected on freelance jobs? how can I start work as freelancer if no one selects me? It is too many freelancers. is this reason why it not worth any more
Hi guys, to register to MQL5 Cloud Network MetaQuotes asks me account number (watch image)… but which account, my trading account on MT5
On this signal -<Deleted> We see monthly gains of 1.36, 45.08, 78.03, 12.48 which adds up to 136.95. Why does the year-to-date column say 194.49%
Hello everyone, For MetaTrader 5, is there a way to set or change the stop loss or target price for ALL open positions? Many thanks
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Dear, 1. I used to have some agent in different cloud (Europe, ...). Today I will need their services, but no agent anymore. IS the service is paused??? 2. I have a 8 core server availiable, I am sharing CPU also with the Cloud. I have been paid (nearly every days, even if this is not a lot...),...
Hi, i'm having a problem, i need to make a variable to get the last number from a bigger number: example: double a= 10003;double b= // this double should get the last number of "a", so it should =3. How can i do this? Thanks for any help
Hello, I installed "meta trader web trading" and "Meta trader economic calendar" plugin on my have a wordpress website. But I face a problem. These tools work properly when I am in management panel of my website, while users can not see any thing and face with a white page. Does anyone have an idea
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I have my Server in Mumbai. My EA demands Latency Less than 3 MS, So I started VPS through MT4 Platform. It`s Hong Kong 1. Is it good to get latency less than 3 ms?. Please advise. Thanks
Hi, I did not find any Subject for this issue. When I start the visual mode of the strategy tester I can see the Toolbar for speed control for only one moment, then it disappears. I can go on handle this by Hotkeys but I want the toolbar back. Can anybody help
Bonjour, I am blocked because of the variable spread on MT5 in backtesting. I work with salping AE and would like to block the spread to facilitate my optimizations. I do my imports with tickdata and on the "freelance" market nobody knew how to answer me. In conclusion I would like to change my
Over the recent years, several very good articles have been written here on this website on the topic of genetic algorithms. We all know about their huge potential from Metatrader backtesting experience. There is only one problem: we can (apart from insights through additional forward testing) never...
1 Please what is it called technically this price difference that you see in the screnshot below ?? I looked and the taxes are zero 2 second question what is it called when you always ,always close an (example) order of 3.00 (already without commissions ) and always in the history you find 2.43
Hello there, is there anyone have same issues with me, i can't create my signal using maxglobal live, only maxglobal demo appear. please advise me about the matter.. thanks
Hai , Anyone created DLL for translation to mt4 or mt5? <Deleted>
This topic was opened before in these forums but no satisfactory answer to this was given! Can someone please address this issue