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Hello, Can anyone recommend a good data provider for backtesting EA's? I currently use TickStory (Dukascopy) but the history is limited to only a few years, especially for the indices. For example history for the S&P is only 5 years. The maximum history is for the majors such as EURUSD with 9 years....
Yes, please allow option to change spreads in Tester No, I do-not want this option in Tester (please explain why) Show me the Votes
Watch two new videos about MetaTrader 5 mobile platforms on our YouTube channel. The videos will guide you through the MetaTrader 5 for iOS and Android in just 2 minutes. The MetaTrader 5 mobile platforms feature everything you need for successful trading on the Forex market and global exchanges:...
Hi All, The freelancer accepted the 'Work Agreement' but after three days just filed an 'Arbitration', reason that he doesnot have time anymore. Is there a way I can get my blocked money back and how to file a complain so that Developers like this don't waste time/ money and make fool of the...
  Hedge option (7)
I installed the MT5 from the Metaquotes site, but the available server does not allow for trading with the hedge option. Any demo account provider advise with the hedge option available? Thanks a lot.
On the website of the Automated Trading Championship 2006, the Interview with Luis Guilherme Damiani has been published (http://championship.mql4.com/2006/news/80/). Luis is an experienced trader. His Expert Advisor is always in the Top Three. The developer tells about his Expert Advisor named...
hi from where i get plugin for rangebar chart for met4
Hi, I would like to know whether MT4 supports on range bar chart in live data? Regards! Toyogo
Hello, are there another platform besides Mt4 that have different pricing? Say EUR/USD on mt4 @ 1.10500 and on another platform at 1.10550 or 520  
My emotions.My broker.Lack of patience.Lack of experience.Lack of knowledge.Lack of timely market information.Other.
  VPS (2)
hello guys; please i need a cheap VPS, do any of you have a recommendation for me. 
Hello, I have problems for finding the code in Visual basic for receiving the asset data from metatrader using the DDE-Server. Does anyone have experience in getting said data for e.g. to plot a EURUSD time chart in excel ? Thank you very much in advance! Best Regards, Klaus
Hi, Being new to the MQL5 community this is my first post on the forums so... 'Hello'!   I'm using MT4 and have been studying as many FX guides and lessons as I can find over the last month.  I've been practising my new found knowledge on a demo acct and as I'm learning, I'm starting to...
may someone know how to use EA on MQL4 working on MQL5
A trading plan to a trader is much like a road map to a traveler. The road map shows a traveler where they are and how to get to where they are going and it gives them an overall trade strategy to follow.Traders with a trading plan are more organized and less emotional.
A 3rd party developed an EA to run on MT4. However i now want to run it 9n MT5. They have quoted me a price of $90 to make this conversion. Does this sound reasonable?   Allso - who owns the source code? I paid them $100 do develop the original EA. *If i own i thenm presumably i could send...
Is it possible to use an image from the web instead of one that is stored locally using the method to put .bitmap in to /image ? I tried to simply change the position to "http://www.******.com/test/image.bmp" but no success of course..
Can anyone explain why it is that a system subscriber is advised to use the same broker as the system Author? This is supported by the slippage record in which a large number of trades with a minimal number of pips are attributed to the author's broker. The reason I ask is because I understand...
how do I add the "Signal" tab to the Terminal in Metatrader 4?
We still prefer dollar, longs against the yen to longs vs. the Euro. EUR/USD looks like drifting down to 1.08 or so, but we’re still worried about how much Euro softness depends on the ECB crowding private sector investors out of European bonds and the Euro. We’ve written about how tapering of bond...
Hi, I am trying to figure out how to configure the lot size increase of the trades that I have subscribed from my signal provider. Is this something doable in MT4?   Thanks, Lokesh K 
Im a developer and i prefer mt4 Im a developer and i prefer mt5 Im a trader and prefer mt4 Im a trader and prefer mt5 Im a signal provider and i prefer sending signals to mt4 Im a signal provider and prefer sending signals to mt5
Hi, my question is in the subject. Or is it also possible to be connect with the mql4 app on the phone?    Thank you very much.  
I have registered as Seller account and The signal started to show the history. however, when I check the signals tab with my broker, I don't find it. I waited the server  restart last weekend but it still doesn't show. Any idea why? thanks for help Nin 
i have subscribed to a signal but im not getting anything from the signal provider .the signal appears under (my subscriptions )but when i check the signal in full detail it says i must subscribe.. i have highlighted the problems in red   thank you 
Less than 1%.1%-4.99%.5%-9.99%10%-24.99%.25%-49.99%.50% and more.Varies greatly depending on the market.I don't care about risk management much.Risk management is for sissies! I never close positions in loss!
What happens if you finish subscribing to a signal at then end of the month and the signal is in drawdown eg has a number of positions in the red, does the subscriber have to manually mange those positions by him/herself and decide when to close them at a loss (or waituntil they come into profit)?
Here is my workstation and It serve my purpose very well forthe moment. However, I do need a bigger desk.
Hello guys I'm kind of new on Meta trader and I'm learning as I go. Lately I subscribed to a paid signal and apparently something strange happens. Every time the trade get put in less than a second that trade closes automatically. This is not the guy that owns the signal doing this. Do you guys...