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Hello everybody I downloaded a very good indicator "ADX magic" created by the trader WANG GUAN. I want to ask if you can place a popup with a warning to the appearance of the arrow. Does anybody know how to contact him? thanks
is there any way to get the core_id of an EA that's running in optimize mode? for example is there any way to include a library in an EA and use one of it's property that returns the id of core that runs the current EA
I am beginner and I was looking for broker. And I chose with the help of <website url was deleted>, there are much useful info about brokers. Do somebody use this website? I would to discuss it.
  VPS Payment (4)
I'm trying to buy the VPS service from MT4. After choosing Paypal as a payment method, I am waiting for an answer and I cannot proceed. Why
Sir, I want to know that is its possible to earn fixed income( like 2 to 4 %/ day) in forex market, except involving in usual trading ? Is there any way where we can directly deal with banks without using any broker, leverage, and commission ?and it`s risk free income. it`s great if it`s automatic
As subject, I just start MT5 platform, and an update message pop up, then process update. After complete, the market tab is disappear.. Anybody has same situation? problem for PC os? or
hello , and please help i bought about 10 indicators , i lost my laptop so i have a new one( windows 10 ) , download a new meta4 and opened a new demo account, and log in with my user and password , in meta4 my purchased indicators is empty , in it shows that i purchased it . i check the
Hello everyone. I have just a single question. Does it worth to put aside time and learn mql language or I just focus on my regular trading
Hi, could you please tell me if there is any possibility to verify if a history transaction was made by a user or broker? Maybe for example by computer IP? And is it possible to verify by user or for programmers only
Is it possible to deduct a user's rating? Because my rating was more than 17000 a few days ago, and now it's about 15000
Hi, I use VPS systems, several providers, and can connect them using Microsoft RDP or Jump Desktop from my local iMac at a resolution of 192 dpi. Right click on the desktop confirms the resolution of 5120x2880. The issue is, that all elements of Windows are displayed correctly with high resolution
  MT5 max chart (2)
Hello, How many charts can I put on the MT5? Thank you
This morning I had to waste a bunch of time re installing the app. Because it would not connect to demo server and just crashed after a few seconds. I now have to reset all my pairs and indicators as I had them in order to continue backtesting my algorithm in preparation to coding it all in python
Anyone know this? How much withdrawal amounts a day
Hi, I need a MQ4 to MQ5 Converter, anyone have? Been looking for this since two days now... Want to test a strategy on MT5 Multi threaded strategy tester, thanks everyone..
If I knew C++ (which I don't) would it be an easy conversion to MQL5?  Like, the same basic rules and syntactical structure?  There is some similarity.  I'm talking generally, I realize that MQL5 is a scripting language built specifically for Metatrader 5, and C++ is an actual programming language....
Hi Experts I have created this Label but unable to sort this label. { SetLabel("objSymbol", "Symbol", White, 1050, 40); SetLabel("objTrades", "#", White, 990, 40); SetLabel("objLots", "Lots", White, 900, 40); SetLabel("objOpenPnL", "Current", White, 760, 40); SetLabel("objClosedPnL", "Today"
Hi all, This is the first time I trying to list the new EA on MQL5 on upload image step. I can't upload image for the webpage. My image was correct size: 199px and 200px square. All of them unable to upload. I've attached image show my situation. Even when I try to upload the small logo (60x60) it
Hi there . I have regiter as a seller on 2019/10/08 . Then I get the notice : " The application will be processed within 10 working days after the day of submission. Please wait until your registration is confirmed. " I have waited 10 days since I signed up . My seller profit status is still "
Good day thank you for adding epayments to withdrawals options i just need a clarification about something i read in epayments withdrawal section that all wallets i will withdraw through will be added to trusted wallets but epayments allow only one wallet per client so does this mean i can withdraw
Is there any way in history that it is recorded that the opened and closed position was made by the customer and not by the fraudster broker? Or Is there any way in history to record that the opened and closed position was made by the customer, not by the fraudster broker
Hello How I Do BackTest For five Symbol In the Same Time Show Me On The Chart like live trader ? in MT5 Like This Video Please Tell Me How Or What Code I write It Include Mq5 Until Can Do that or what i do ? thank you
BTCUSD historical data missing July and Aug on my chart. Anyone like me and resolve this problem. Help me please
n. I need an indicator of standard MACD were if today MACD closing value is higher than 5 days ago it plots a green bar in up direction ,and if it is low than 5 days ago than a red bar plots in down direction in MT4
Hi there. I like to have the moving average of the volume. I have write this lines of codes but it always get me the moving average of closing price. What is my coding problem? I have copied here the OnInit and OnCalculate functions only. I have write and compiled the whole indicator correctly. I
  Brexit New (2)
Anybody would like to share more on Brexit? What will happen on 31 Oct 2019
Yesterday my trading stopped and the server went down. When I got it back up all of my Market tools , Indicator and Experts stopped working.. It was on all of my accounts, whether they were on the VPS or my local machine. I tried to re-install them, but they are not all coming up on my Purchased
I tried to read other topics in the forum, but unfortunately no solution solved my problem ... I'm trying to leave an order in stone, for when the market reaches the price it will be executed. But it turns out that when I make the order as in the function below, it pops up the message I put in the
I wanted an EA developed and awarded to a Freelance, the guy did a Demo EA and sent me. There is a few things we need to fix on his demo and I texted the developer to try and get him to fix the issues. For about 3 days now the guy is not replying. His last activity was on 22 OctI I ended up
Is there any way to change the default category on the phone of metatrader 5, I just finished creating the default category and then it was replaced by this old one very time consuming