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Hello, is there any MACD indicator which shown cross value on the price chart... the dot value above is MACD cross blue and red as shown in below: the dot is manually draw by me, I dont have the indicator yet
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Since last night can not get my EA to react like it used to. init() I can add to or alter and it reacts. start() does not get reached, I have added first line: Print("start() reached") but no reaction. Also Comment() function no longer works!
HI...can anyone post or code an expert advisor that buy and sell on supports and resistances? King regards
newdigital, there is a problem with the way TSD deals with windows that deal with replies to posts and PM's- when using the Opera browser. TSD is the only site on the net I've come across where this occurs. Neither is this a recent occurrance. It 'started' about a year ago and despite several Opera
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How to code this in EA. You see the code below: Just to say that Buy signal does not mean close sell orders. So if there is Buy Signal and no open trades then Open Buy. Then if there is Sell Signal and Buy order is opened then Open Sell but do not close Buy order. Buy orders and sell order are...
I noticed today that the bid price in the Market Watch window was different on that of the Chart Window for the EUR/USD. Does this usually happen? Can you please provide an explanation
why is it to facilitate when I seem at the graph of the Canadian Dollar, it is disappearing downward.
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Hello every one . I have a problem in the expiration time . I want to make the order be expire after 1 houre , what the right code to do that??? OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_BUY ,Lots,Ask,1,Ask-loss*Point,Ask+profit*Point,"Mercury_Man",1,??????????????,Green); thank you for help me.
Hi, Can anyone help in attempting to make this indicator not repaint. Many thanks
I would like to know what questions you would ask of someone if they claim they have an EA that is producing 18% a month returns. Would it be unreasonable to see the trade history? Would it be unreasonable to ask if the EA has been used on a "live" account? Would it be unreasonable to ask how the EA...
When an order is placed with a stop order and a take profit order we are placing a stop loss order as an order type of 'ON STOP', and the take profit order is a 'LIMIT' order. As LIMIT and STOP orders can been seen by the broker, the broker can push price up to take out your orders for there own...
Does anyone know of a MT4 plugin, or any other system for that matter that will allow me to step through individual candlesticks? Meaning, I'd like to setup my chart with all my indicators etc, and then essentially hit play. That way I can pick a point where I think I can make a trade, and then fast...
Hello All, I want to share one of my ideas.. I have an idea creating vol level meter from Fisher indicator (i know it repaint the past but its kinda work as vol indi in real time) , so i need to know if what i need is doable and if someone is willing to do it, if yes i will share more of my ideas
Hello, Wondering, if somebody has willing to write an expert and indicator (mq4), based on simple idea?! Details for expert: The indicator we are going to use is Stochastic, which one will take signals from five timeframes at once, 1M-5M-15M-30M-1H, of currency we are working with. Rules to...
Hi, I need some help with the TD Pivot indicator. I want the indicator to show the weekly pivot lines on the daily chart. As you can see on the attached picture, the indicator builds the pivot lines of seven days instead of five days. What to do to make the indicator build the pivot and show the...
Hi, may I ask: It's possible when an EA opens an order, keep JUST that order? I mean, I want that, whean an EA opens an order, keep that order until S/L or T/P is reached, and just to open positions where there are no orders opened. Thanks in advance.
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I developed an EA, which takes good trades. What needs developing is Take profit/Stop loss part. I am looking for Forex people with programming skills/ideas to help sort it out. Private Messages are welcome. Image attached.
Hi all, can i code custom indicator such as T3 inside an EA ? the reason is, dont want to have any custom indicator..thanks
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I am jons and user in this forum. This forum is very good and everybody like this forum. Thanks.
Hi, I'm new to this forum and would like to know if anyone has ever heard of this site It has some good strategy intro's and I am looking for some simple strategies to trade.
Anyone familiar with this code?; double Safe1 = iBullsPower(NULL,PERIOD_M15,20,6,0)+iBearsPower(NULL,PERIOD_M15,20,6,0) It's just code to detect a safe time to trade but I use the H1 time frame so would like to change PERIOD_M15 to PERIOD_H1 but not sure what the other numbers 20,6,0 mean ?? Thanks
Can anyone make this system into EA. I only use BBANDS from ISAKAS II. I only take entry when the gap between red and blue BBANDS is close, so that the risk is low. when buy signal comes out, i enter 0.1 buy. suddently market not moving up and moving down instead. So i open another order but this
hi there, i notice when you have drawn a trendline connecting 2 peaks on line chart and forward it to space. The trendline's angle appears to be have been adjusted higher as time forward.
Hi Many Forex platform offer new registrants a demo account. a typical example would provide 10,000 "demo" dollars that can be traded as a means of learning how to succeed in Forex. Coming to understand that reason must rule over emotion is the most important lesson a trader can learn and it cannot...
Is there a way to change the Symbol Properties in the Strategy Tester? My Broker uses a Stop Level of 0 and the Tester uses a Stop Level of 5. Is there a file that can be modified to reflect the correct level? Thanks, Scott
Will a programmer please develope an EA for the following system found on FF? Thanks... OVERVIEW: This is a pure "set and forget" system where trades are placed at the same time everyday. By setting multiple profit targets we are exercising money management, while aiming for 95pips profit from a...
Hi, I need some help with the TD Pivot indicator. I want the indicator to show the weekly pivot lines on the daily chart. As you can see on the attached picture, the indicator builds the pivot lines of seven days instead of five days. What to do to make the indicator build the pivot and show the...