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this is indcoutr.. i need any one to codeit for expert.. and show me the entry and stop and target in chart with breakout alert . the alert like this one.. Lower trendline breached on EURJPY @ 156.79 on 240 minute timeframe Summary Trendline point 1: low at 2007.02.02 16:00 (156.76) Trendline...
My first post on an FX board, quite a moment. My long journey through the world of trading has led me here finally, to the world of MT4 and mechanical trading. I started researching the world of trading about a year ago. After spending many hours researching the stock market, technical analysis, and...
  More devices (2)
Dear MetaQuotes; I would like to know, why your program works only on PC and PDA's only? and do not include smartphones, which use sambian as an OS. I think it will be more flixible and getting more devices that can be used in trading. Thank you in advance for your answer. Samir,,,,
Hello. I want to save current value of RSI and STOCHASTIC indicator into external file every 5 minutes. It is possible ? I know that this should be easy for computer wizards. I wish to have output like this: 2006-02-05 16:25 RSI: 50 Stochastic: 45, 32 etc.. Thank you for helping.
Hi! I found a strategy on the net and I wanted to back test it. The test was successful so I decided to forward test it. But I noticed that orders are open without stoploss limit (in back test stop loss worked). In this strategy I have trailingstop = 21. Why in forward test there wasn't stop limit?...
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Hello, This is my EA .
There has been an EA that opened trades based on a given price band. trader inputs the band's high/low value, and the ea buys on high, stops and reverses on low (and vice versa). If any of you have anything similar or can help with coding, it would be most appreciated. the logic should be very...
Can anyone tell how to make an indicator with arrows or an ea that shows when macd signal line across up or down macd value bar? Thank you very much.
Hello,can everybody tell me,what is the " Decrease Factor" in a EA ? What means that? webman
Hello, is there a macro which expands to the actual file name in the template file mqt? By the way, where I can find explanation of all templates macros like #header#, #link#, #extern_variables# etc. Regards, Michal
Hi, Guys! Who knows where's info on BLines (Ballance Lines)? there was some by Newdigital but I can't find it now thank you
1. If you cannot quickly recite the daily, weekly and monthly support & resistance values for any pair you're planning to trade with an EA, you shouldn't be trading. 2. If you can't manually calculate the currency exchange conversion values for any pair you're planning to trade with an EA, you...
  Chop indicator (17   1 2)
Could someone please suggest the best indicator that shows when the market is choppy?
Hello, If a broker offers the same leverage on a standard or mini account, is it possible to detect in code if the account is standard or mini? Obviously, AccountLeverage() will not work in this case. I am going to try doing some calculations using AccountFreeMarginCheck() but I'm wondering if...
Hi, I am just wondering if anyone here knows any brokers that offer no-swap accounts to the general public. I know there are quite a few that offer such accounts to muslim traders due to religious reasons, but that's not exactly what I am looking for. I am not muslim for starters, and anyway these...
Help me code this so that the middle moving average is eliminated, and also make the outside bands one step thicker in width. Your help is really appreciated! I attached the Bands indicator for you to modify. Thanks a bunch!!Dave <<<
anybody can add ma to fisher like fx_fish_2ma??.. here is two version
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Hello all, As said in the title i'm quite new to MT4(fibogroup version). I got a little problem, whenever i need to check few weeks back on a 5min time frame i have'nt found anything faster than using the mouse wheel to scroll back........ very time consuming to say the least. I'd like to know...
Is there anyone here who has read this book that would like to do a review on it? Is it any good ? yakka
I've attached an indicator, which makes trade suggestions on symbol xxxyyy by involving a third currency zzz, and thus look at xxxzzz (or zzzxxx) and zzzyyy (or yyyzzz). You might have to reapply it a couple of times, since it doesn't wait for history loading, if that is needed. Enjoy.
  60-70% Accurate indicator (14   1 2)
Hi everyone, I have a new money management technique I'm praticising, for best results I need a indicator or EA which is 60% upwards accurate and SL and TP must be same amount, even if it only trades a couple of times a day thats fine. Any thoughts would be appreciated, there must be a few...
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ok started the demo on 1.15.2007 after losing a lot my account went to all time low somewhere 3000 on 1.29.2007 than i raised my account to around 7000 (1.29.2007 to 2.2.2007) lol i love forex by the way how you people doing
  Indicator (10)
I am looking for a good indicator that can discover quick reversal and a trending market. Anyone?
  I need an EA master! (13   1 2)
Hey everyone, I'm new to the site and was looking for someone to code an EA for the trading system a friend is using so I can do some forward testing and backtesting. he calls this his separation trade and he says it is about 90% accurate on EUR/USD and about 80% on GBP/USD, and USD/JPY. This seems...
Hello, I have a custom indicator that has two buffers, one is histograms, the other is a line. The line is a 6 period average of the histogram values. When I drop the indicator on the chart, everything is ok. When I go to the property sheet and click ok, OR, when I change periodicities, the...
anyone know where i can download this???? or can someone edit the big trend so that an alarm will sound when it changes Colors
  .Net DLL wrapper (15   1 2)
If anyone can help create a .Net DLL wrapper for MetaQuotes I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks
  DreamTeam (3)
Hello Newdigital Recently I downloaded files concerning an E.A of TeamDream-DreamTeam's name I do not find any more the place or it(he) was. Can say yourselves to me or it(he) are?
i searched and only found i mention of currensys last year. just wondered if it's any good or if MT4 has these systems? THANKS