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  'Float' problem  (1)
I have the line : float f_val=0.3; I recive the message "truncation of constant value" when i compile the code.The value of f_val is : '0.300000011920929'.Why f_val is truncate? MT5 Build 250 , MQL5 Build 249
i try to use mt5 from my laptop but it keep failing, it have a message '64315': authorization on metaquotes-memo failed (invalid or fake server). i can connect if Im not use wifi to connect
Greetings, I've tried using both of the MQL4 program protections from the metatrader development course and neither one works in my indicators. One is for account protection and the other is for trials. I'm thinking maybe recent updates may have changed something since 2005. If someone could...
I've just gone to Windows 7, so I don't know if this has anything to do with it. This was working Ok under XP, so I am suspicious. I have a panel containing a forex pair and I add various indicators and save the template. I can then go to my other panels and load the template successfully. However...'s february edition is online! This edition's leading article addresses issues about the implications of MetaTrader5 on the job segment, and the birth of a new quantish backtesting platform. Other topics include the debugger, market data access, file writing functions and indicator...
can someone pls code this into an indicator .. with a loud repeated audible and visual alert when the blue ema crosses the red ema and vice versa......... BLUE EMA - EXPONENTIAL MA VALUE 10 RED MA - SIMPLE MA VALUE 13 BOTH APPLIED TO CLOSE... i've attached a template of the system for...
Is it possible to trade FOREX inside a Roth IRA? If so, can MetaTrader 4 serve as custodian of the self-directed account funds or does the IRA account need to reside elsewhere?
Hello, I'm wondering if there are official Recommended and Minimum system requirements for MT4? I can't find them in the help, on the site or in this forum... Thanks, CS
Hello Paolo, Thank you for your message. I don't know how you were able to send a PM to me. When I attempted to send a reply PM to you I was advised I did not have enough posts so PM use is not available. (There is often more fine print than I care to read!) I made a few attempts and failed. I...
located here is stealth scalp system,Contact email for update of indicators,
Vanessa's advanced method of Support resistance 30m and daily tactics.enjoy
OHLto C Eurusd 1m strategy.eurus1m scalp
Hi, does anybody have a comparing or statistics about different trading stations like metatrader, ninjatrader, j-trader, Meta-Stock... It would be perfect if anybody can tell me which is the most preferred station. Thank you!
  EA templates  (1)
Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has got any good EA templates they use for creating an EA? Iv searched the net, there a few ok one, anyone would like to share? I guess this would be handy for new programmers. My programing skills, are not bad, just takes alot of time and effort. If...
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I will send out the signals via skype and in the forum. My skypename for this will be: forex-signals (nikthegreek) Please write " signals wanted " and I will add you to my contacts....
Automated trading pairs EUR/CHF , EUR/GBP, EUR/CAD. spread EUR/CHF<=3 pips, spread EUR/GBP<=3 pips, spread EUR/CAD<=8 pips
  Id 30399  (1)
To: Newdigital Please, activate trading signals of "WesthardusFX" with ID 30399. Short-Term CounterTrend strategy Currency pairs: EUR/CAD, AUD/NZD Trading style: Automated intra-day scalping strategy Trading method: Technical analysis, several Custom indicators Trading session: The latest hours of...
Scalping at its best using default mt4 indicators.
Scalp the market for a quick pips with simple RSI/bband indicators.
Oldest reversal situation known to modern trader.A must for know for all.
Tactic of trading the long,short, and congestion periods in the market.
Method of scalping the off exchange hours and period of noise break in the market.
Method and tactic of micro trading 1m chart
Scalp the eurusd 1m chart with this method effictive.
So maybe I'm just a tad bit sluggish on the draw but I never understood the difference between the two. I might be the only one. I decided to research and resolve my confusion. Just in case there is a few others who were aloof, here is a concise write-up derived from some trader's blog: "The range...
Just thought of share a good thought with you all, It's so frustrating when you remove adhesive tape and it leaves gunk behind, and sometimes that gunk seems impossible to remove. Here are some ways that you can remove that gunk from your surfaces. The best way to remove residue from adhesive tape...
I am running on Windows Vista. The MT5 is run in AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\725770E6BE34B17A6EB82115D4D83BD3\ Under MQL5\Scripts, I tried to create a script to open notepad via shell32.dll but was unsuccessful. runNotepad.mq5 #import "shell32.dll" int ShellExecuteA(int hwnd,string
If I set levels of a indicator, how to remove them at runtime? //--- set levels IndicatorSetInteger ( INDICATOR_LEVELS ,2); IndicatorSetDouble ( INDICATOR_LEVELVALUE ,0,20.0); IndicatorSetDouble ( INDICATOR_LEVELVALUE ,1,80.0);