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I cant stop strange repeating alerts on my terminal. I closed the terminal and deactivated my EA still its alerting. (For timeframes I dont even have up) 
Hello. Can anyone tell me how to define  to open a order on a certain prise. it has to be a sell order if the price hit´s it from above and ofc a buy if it hits it belove :)?
Hello. I need help here, please. Can you modify the indicator so it shows me the past supports and resistances that have been broken? Besides, please help me add an alert when the price has entered a support or resistance.Any kind of help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I purchased an indicator, but i cannot see it in my Purchased tab? help plz!
Just trying to set up for automated trading and have no option for allowing signals. Not sure why. Anyone have any tips?
Hi, I'm looking for a reliable trade copying EA that copies between mt4 accounts on the same computer. It should also consider lot size based on a percentage of the account balance. Any pointers?
Spent some time today reading "crypto bubble articles" and wanted to hear your opinion
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Hello, I have 2 issues. Please advise- 1) The DDE sample does not seem to get updated. Any ideas? 2) I am planning to use a third party application to get the data from MT4 into that application. What should be the DDE Server Name and topic name? I tried MT4 as server name but its erroring out. What...
i acquired a virtual hosting account but when i place trades with my EA they dont execute when i disconnect my pc from internet. any way to fix that? auto trading is ON
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Hello dear Friends,  This piece of code is executing... or not... a bit random... not sure exactly why...  if ((AccountProfit()/AccountEquity())*100>SlingShotPerC) { SlingShot = 1; while(OrdersTotal()!=0) { for(int Sx=OrdersTotal()-1;Sx>=0;Sx--) {RefreshRates(); if(!OrderSelect(x,SELECT_BY_POS...
Hi The MT5 attached image shows the red tag with (1) but I opened it and read all the messages, How do I get rid of it? and How to turn it off I I want to not be notified? Thanks
Just a hint. If someone has this annoying sign on his mql5 page like I have:     then using the "Block element" option from the Adblock Plus can hide it.
hi  how to see account history and gain on fxcm demo thank
Hi I have a signal subscription running on a vps on mt4. When I log in to this account, the journal tab says 2019.08.13 05:43:12.139 'XXXX': Signal - signal subscription disabled, enable realtime subscription in 'Signals' settings 2019.08.13 05:43:12.139 'XXXX': Signal - 'Name of signal' for...
Hello, How can I save the VPS journal for a certain period ? I don't see a save option Dan
I'm trying to develop a simple indicator that tells me the difference between 2 similar products eg. UK & US Oil. The indicator correctly displays variance on a chart but does not send the same value to my EA. Any help would be appreciated....
Hello ; Is it normal for arbitration request to not be resolved for 2 weeks ? i had requested arbitration since 2 weeks but no one responds . Whom should i talk to
Hi All, I ma currently developing a script to automatically calculate Fibonacci level on MT4 based on how far back I want go on the history. In the spirit of collaboration I would like to share with you what I have so far. The purpose of the sharing is two-fold: - Hopefully some of you will find...
hello, i have problem with indicators, the skailing in not right. the text is to small.
Hi Is there to see a list of the dates when a subscription was moved from one account to another? Is it a 7 days wait for moving again or a week "Mon-Sun"? Thanks
Hi My MT4 trading broker shows the currency pairs with "-5" added to the string. Does that mean that the signal copying will not work if the signal uses the pair without the "-5" string? Thanks
The one I've got has an entry in the expert advisors section of the mt4 terminal but I don't see any means of terminating it.   It doesn't figure in the "my subscription to trade signals" at Does one just stop paying the subscription price?  
I want change my mobile phone number at but it send message my old number. I do not use my old number. I do not know how can i change it. can you help me?
Hi friends. I hope you are enjoying a nice day. I have an EA with an strategy, that I want it to only open positions. Of course there's rule for closing the positions in emergency situations. However, I want to be able to close the positions myself, because I'll probably be able to avoid a profit...
Hi, I have initialized the double object as: But when I see it on debugger watch, I get this what could be the possible reason for getting this small fraction? 
HELP!!! I bought a new laptop with Windows 10. MT4 and my custom indicator operate properly. However, the chart text is compressed and overlaps. See image. The laptop display settings shows 250% (Recommended). If I change to 100%, the text still overlaps a bit but cannot be read because it is so...
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I'm looking for a company that locks software for sale on amazon.  
Hi! Anyone who could convert this ProRealTime code snippet to mt4? DEFPARAM CumulateOrders = False Indicator1 = CCI[20](typicalPrice) ATR = AverageTrueRange[20](close) BuyOrder = (Indicator1 CROSSES OVER 0) IF BuyOrder THEN BUY 1 CONTRACT AT MARKET SL = ATR *1 TP = ATR *2 ENDIF SellOrder =...
How do you change the metaquotes ID?
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How do I register as a developer on this forum