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I set ZigZag settings on H1 12,5,3. If I want to see ZigZag H1 settings 12,5,3 on Daily chart, how do I configure that settings? 12,5,3 * 24 ??? or 12*24,5,3, 12,5,3 settings for Daily chart, that points too far each one. So I want to see many points on Daily chart (for H1)
Signs of my phone breaking down, and I was wondering of how to backup my MT4 account? Searched google and all it gave was solutions for the PC version. Please help
Hi, Is possible create an app with button "Copy" and this button open a mt5 mobile app and autocomplete a new trade information? Thanks
Hello Forum Members, I am totally new to programming and trying to learn it to test indicators with expert advisor. I read the article step by step guide to writing an expert advisor in mql 5 for beginners and mostly copied the code from it. Below code doesn't do what I intend to do. I think it has
Hello [see attached] I'm getting a script error when attempting to install purchased EA. Please assist. Thank you. Richard
Good Morning , is it possible
I've been testing signal subscription on my demo account and now I want to trade on my REAL account. Is it possible without paying for another subscription? 
Hi all, Could I ask, if I already have a list of entry prices and I want to test exit prices using various tp and sl targets ( maybe +30 pips from entry etc.) using say D1 historical data, how should I go about doing it? Thanks
Hi, I have money deposited on the site, when I want to make the purchase of a software using the same money it asks me for a password at the end of the procedure, could I know which password should I enter? Thanks for any replies
Hi everyone, i had purchase a product from the MQL 5. However, when i login to my same MQL5 account on my mt4 platform and open the Purchased tab of the Market section, it show this message: "unable to get property 'title' of undefined or null reference". can you guys help me to solve it? thanks
Yes, No, Interested, Not anymore
Hello, first time posting here. In fact this is my first time connecting my alerts to my mobile phone. So, I'm using <Deleted> for my signals. I'm pretty new to using it. I'm using it on my demo account. So I've got it all connected and it's working swell. All except for the fact that when the
Hello everyone,I want to put every detail mt4 picture of my trading journals here to sum up my mistakes,record step growth cautiously,and I hope to discuss it with you.do you know it conforms to the rules of the forum? Thank you for your reply
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Hello everyone, I am a new member of this community and I must say I am superbly impressed by the members of this community not only for their knowledge but also for their dedication and sincerity towards trading as a business. In the country where I come from (India) trading is viewed as just...
Hi all, There are two indicators that I really need in order to do my financial analyzes, but unfortunately the indicators are found in the ProRealTime platform and not on MT4. Anyone know how to translate ProRealTime code into mq4? please. Here are the two indicators below. Volatility breakout
Dear all, How to change password for login account of MT5 by MQL5? or is it possiable to forbid viewing trading history and copy trades during trading hours? please advise.
I am new to MQL5. I am running a Mac so after I set up a Windows instance in VirtualBox I ran MQL5 and all my workers are "Disconnected" in Cloud column and nothing happened. Can somebody help me with this? Thank so much. It is running on Windows 10 Pro, 8 CPUs (2.2Ghz x 8), inside VirtualBox
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Hi, I want to install a EA and i receive this message. I don't understand what happen. I make a mistake? Thanks for your help
Please can anyone help me with a non repaint indicator for mt5 Any indicator but it must not repaint and must be for mt5 please
Can anyone tell me what will be the true outcome of the euro and Canadian dollar trading
I try to make them working. However, for some reason only 2 agents can be registered (while I have 4 cores on my laptop), plus, although they are shown as connected and running, they don't execute tasks for many hours already. What can be wrong here? Here is the screenshot
Hello I have three questions about an indicator I hope you can help with. Indicator is attached below. 1. I have add a setting to let the user choose if he wants the indicator to draw arrows or not. I add this line: input bool DrawArrowsON = true; //Draw arrows Then I need to add: if(DrawArrowsOn) {
Hello, everyone, please I would like you to help me on how to plot my chart with technical indicators on 6m chart trading fundamental analysis, i.e, using MA 5; Ma10; MA15 and Bollingar Band, pls I need your advice if this method would work fine and how do I get signal analysis to trade the
Hi, I would like to define an array and add tick value into it. Then I want to slice last 60 tick values. How may I do it in mql4? Thanks
Hi everyone ! I have multiple jobs opened and currently I have one opened where the customer is not answering, he may be on vacation but I tried to call him he is not answering. And so I asked a half-half refund because the project was not what he expected but I did most part of it. And now nobody...
Hello, So I have been trying to subscribe to signals but MT4 does not open to allow the subscription! It was working well but since I downloaded MT5 to subscribe to a signal it stopped working! Appreciate any help
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I have opened my account in mql5 which has been more than 6 months and has not been opened yet, I have completed all the document and multi, still my account is still unapproved, Please Solution
Suddenly one day after I started my computer, my MT5 wouldn't open anymore. Nothing new/changed, it just won't open anymore. (It was updated to the latest version) My OS is Windows 10. I have already tried restarting my computer and opening it in Administrator mode. My biggest concern are my custom
Hi, Is there any script or any things that will update my all open and close trades to url that i provide? If new order opens by EA, script will hit on url with all required data so on website i will receive all data and save into DB. If order modified by EA, script will again hit on url with all
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I want a VPS that allows DLL import. Presently using Metatrader VPS. I checked the box "Allow DLL import". Will it works? My EA informed me that Metatrader VPS does not allow DLL import