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  AUD Swap Rate  (6)
Is it possible for someone at MQL to review and adjust the Swap Rate for AUD? It appears to be 6-7 times higher than it should be! This has been confirmed by online calculators. Australia's interest rate is now the lowest in 30 years at just 1%! NZD should also be reviewed. Thanks
  Hello- Need Help  (2)
Hello, I attempted to "OPEN WITH" on a .EX4 file and selected internet explorer. After that all the .EX4 files in my computer are with Internet Explorer symbol. How can I remove that internet explorer symbol. I want to have this .EX4 file as usual. Can anyone help? Much appreciated. Best Regards
I have several indicators, that I have to keep compiling, to keep the items displayed on the chart current. Below is some code to show what I mean. When the platform is launched or when the indicator is added to the chart, there is no problems. When period "0" becomes period "1", the lines stop
  Name change  (6)
So i was trying to get my account verified and when i input my address with the autofill. my computer changed my name to my gf name. now i cant seem to change it. how can i change the name?
I just started trading a new signal, and see that it opened several of the trades that are in process. rather than waiting to open as new trades came along. Is there a way to control this. I am concerned it could be getting into the current trades that may have run their course
i searched for signal, when i didnot login i cannot get any search results. Why is it not visible to public or searchable?
Can anyone please advise how to close positions that are expired out of the trade tab?
Hello, Please can you add to this EA : Allow to open trades with maximum spread (adjust in the settings like sl and tp) thank you extern int MagicNumber=10001;extern double Lots =0.1;extern double StopLoss=0;extern double TakeProfit=0;extern int TrailingStop=0;extern int...
Hello, Can a signal provider trade other things besides currencies? I mean can a signal provider also trade metals (gold , silver), oil, etc, without breaking the platform rules? I am trying to see signal providers trading other instruments than currencies, but so far I did not find. Thanks for this
If one has several charts open with a different template applied to each, how does one check which template has been applied to a particular chart? With profiles, one can  view this easily at the bottom of the screen, but templates can be confusing.
helo admin, i cant make payment via paypal for buy vps hosting, i see many error at form payment,,maybe incompatible layout.can u help me?? any other more easily to make payment for buy vps hosting??
Are these (&) characters in the documentation? If not what are they called and what do they mean? For example, const datetime& time[], — has an (&) symbol or character. int OnCalculate (const int rates_total,                 const int prev_calculated,                 const datetime& time[]...
Hello I have a .wnd file in all my profile folders ( listed last after the .chr file ).  I was wondering about this so i made a new profile, restarted the MT4 program and it did not incclude a .wnd file.   Upon closer inspection it appears that MT4 created the .wnd file at the same time a new...
  one order every day  (12   1 2)
int orderstotal()     {      int cnt=0;            for(int i=0;i<OrdersTotal();i++)        {         if (OrderSelect(i, SELECT_BY_POS, MODE_TRADES))         if(OrderSymbol()==Symbol() && MagicNumber==OrderMagicNumber()&&OrderOpenTime()>iTime(Symbol(),PERIOD_D1,0))...
Hey guys, just looking for a little guidance for using iMAOnArray in an EA.  I am able to compile the code, however I can't seem to get the values to Comment for some reason.  Any assistance would be appreciated.//Calculate the Trade Signal Line, Price Line & Yellow Base Line from RSI 34 Period...
Hi all, I've been working on an EA for the last couple weeks and for some reason the stop loss is not working as it should. When the position is open it displays the SL and TP correctly but never acts on it.  if(BuyTrig) {    Trade.BuyLimit(       tradeVolume,       closeP + spreadEntrada,...
I am wondering,what is the best period value, for moving average , for 30 minutes time? with thanks
  Best Scalping EA  (3)
Can anyone advise which is the best tested scalping EA or i am looking for an EA to run for day trading currency pairs
I recently posted a link to a signal in Telegram and noticed that the preview image used looked very different to the growth chart preview shown on the signal's web page. Can moderators please contact the website operator to have this corrected. Growth Chart Growth Preview...
I have applied the following code.void OnInit(){   EventSetTimer(10);}void OnTimer(){  // Print the current value of the timer.} As one can see I have applied the Timer and want to know the value of the timer in the OnTimer(). Say if it is 1 then print one or 2 when it is 2. Please let me know what...
When I close a signal trade, it automatically re-opens the position. Why do I not have full control over my trades? I simply want to copy a signal trade, not have it have it have full control
I have subscribe to <...>. how can I change my lot size
  EA order  (1)
hi guys new here , order EA from programmer from freelance services on market place , what kind of details and files need to collect from programmer for future update or need to change anything in future ,  he is a good guy but just wondering  thanks for help
Hi all, I'm still pretty new to trading on MT4 and I'm looking for some help. Forgive me in advance if these have been repeatedly asked: 1) How does one deploy a script that automate trading? That is, is there any way that we can ensure that that the script is running in the background on the
Dear MetaQuotes, we customers have been waiting for a long time for your MQL5 economic calendar functions and finally they are there (thanks for that!), but the delay at which data are published is often ridiculously huge! For example take the last US Nonfarm Payrolls (as of 5th July 2019) — they...
I have subscribed successfully to  one  signal but, I couldn't see the opened positions of the signal in my MQL5 signal page.  in one hand, at the left, I see you are subscribed and in aother hand, where positions are shown, it shows, "information available only for subscribers"Thanks for your help...
Can you some help to get LWMA cross over alert signal with alerts popup
Hello, My broker (<broker name removed >) moved my account to <broker name removed> server. I would like to move my signal subscription to this new server, but when I make the change and clic on "Move", nothing happen. Can someone help me ? Thanks
I changed the server in since my broker moved account to another server for all my MT4 accounts. But the server displayed is still the old one. I've been waiting for a while in case of the process is scheduled on the MQL5 side, I updated the windows,...
how do I connect to the metatrader vps hosting  I have the vps icon in my navigator section . the journal said it has started and in my setting it is there  I am more than likely missing something silly but I need help Thanking you in advance Keith