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  Forecast and levels for JPY (135   1 2 3 4 5 ... 13 14)
USD/JPY April-June 2017 Forecast: correction to the ranging; 103.79 support is the key level for the possible bearish reversal W1 price is on secondary correction within the primary bullish market condition: the price is breaking the upper border of Ichimoku cloud to below to be reversed to the...
  VPS not working (218   1 2 3 4 5 ... 21 22)
Seem like my VPS can't trade since Friday. MQL5 London 7 .....
How do I declare dynamic 2-dimension arrays? The following code generates error: int arr[][];
Just over a year has passed since the launch of the Freelance service on mql5.com, and we can draw some conclusions. To date, over 600 jobs have been successfully completed, and new orders appear daily in the Russian and English sections. The freelance service of automated trading system development...
Hello community Wanted to ask if anyone knows a good trading robot that has the following properties: - RSI Realtive Strength Index where you can enter the period and levels. - Start time and end time while the robot is active - Percent, or points above break even where he should close the position
Hi there For opening specific program on windows from browser we use custom browser protocol. mt5 use this for opening product from browser,with this link: mql5buy://example product/free Is there any custom browser protocol for opening symbol from browser in specific time frame? some thing like this...
  3 days of trading (39   1 2 3 4)
When changing an input parameter in the source of an ea that is run thru meta-editor mql5 visual tester for history data, the old value still persists. As an example, run this ea using visual tester run in mql5: input bool
  Auto trade (5)
I want to set up a trade that will automatically open at a specific time. Is there a way to do that
I have subscribed MT4 Signal. "Synchronize positions without confirmation" is not ticked, so is disabled. Using VPS. When I close some trades manually using mobile version of MT4, the trades sync and reopen again with the Signal ones in few seconds. Any idea how to prevent this reopening? Thanks
  VPS (1)
Good day, How do know VPS is useful? I know it says it improves execution and when you are not online, trades can still be done
  Coders joking :-D (59   1 2 3 4 5 6)
We've launched Code Base- the library of codes on the MQL5.community website.You are welcome to publish custom indicators, Expert Advisors andscripts for the MetaTrader 5 terminal. You can also download any codes,as well as rate them. The number of votes, and the average rating willbe shown for...
  UI suggestion (4)
This is only my opinion. If you don't agree please just ignore it. The buy/sell info. on the line is hidden below the One-Click Trading when screen is scrolled up. Please consider either move the One Click Trading to the right top of the window or move the buy/sell info. to the right side of the
I have an EA which trades on multiple currency pair. Part of it is checking correlations and avoiding trades to limit exposure. For example if I have GBPJPY opened I don’t want my next position to contain either GBP or JPY. I’d want it to be USDCHF or AUDNZD. You get the point. Here is part of the
  VPS errors (20   1 2)
Hello, what is the meaning of these VPS errors ?
Good evening friends, today 02/02/2020 I came across the following errors: OL 0 14 : 12 : 37.149 Robô ( 1 ) (WING20, M20) Error positioning sell limit 5031LI 0 14 : 20 : 00.037 Robô ( 1 ) (WING20, M20) Error positioning buylimit 4517 Detail, the EA was working normally
I have a Robot that works perfectly with the backtestin just a active. However, when I put the EA to run in real mode in several pairs it is causing conflicts in the order openings. The error 'Invalid Stops' appears. I am using the VALUTRADES ECN broker I researched and saw that ECN accounts cannot
Hello everyone, I have weird behavior on my MT4 and MT5, when i click "article" on Terminal window strangely opened browser. Or when i click on any pair in market watch it automatically open dialog for open position. Anyone know how to disable this behavior
Hi all, Lets say you want to add 50 points stop loss to your position (EURUSD) and you calculate it like this double MyStopLoss= Tick.bid+0.00050 how can I calculate same stoploss for USDJPY ? Somehow Multipliying it by 100 doesn't seem working. thank you. Answer Just for others seeking the answer
I had 2 purchases yesterday that were cancelled. The client writes that he has enough money on the account and he knows another seller who had the same problem yesterday. What's going on
Does it have a command to check if the account is hedge? Thanks. 
hi i have problem to connect MQL5.community. MT4, macOS MQL4 Market: failed connect to www.mql5.com (www.mql5.com:443 failed) someone had the same problem
please can you help me? i use vps server 5/24 for my ea. How can I protect the ea. Everything (mt4 platform and ea)is open and vulnerable on vps desktop. please give me an idea
Hi all, You know MT5 has option under Tools>Options>Trade>Volume forexample it is 0.1 as default. How can I get it and use it to open positions? Instead of using input. thank you
Hello and hope all are doing well. I have tried to use QQE as external indicator into my EA I have tried multiple way to load QQE with default value and also pass the correct values, in both cases during test it shows MULTIPLE instances of QQE on chart. Please advice here what I have done wrongly
I had limit deposit that need verify phone number, althoug i had use to three number phones of three Providers, but i can not reciepted code to verify from Mql5. I use telegram too, but have not code. I write support by service desk, but they do not process for me. Could Admin help me please
Good morning, I have been trading with cryptocurrencies here in Brazil, but none of the Brazilian Brokers support MT5 (which is the platform I use for graphical analysis and Expert Advisers). I have been looking for days for a Exchange that supported MT5 and provided information and graphs for BTC,...
  Withdraw? (27   1 2 3)
I have 27.000 USD on my MT5 account but how can i make a withdraw - i need help to Withdraw
Hi How can I make a signal copy to pause till some time later? It is currently running on a mt5 vps. Thanks