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What is the metrics a user should see to allocate the funds to a signal ... What are rules / measures for allocating funds b/w N number of signals. 
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When building an EA, what are some of the better techniques to use to detect up trend and down trend.  Is there a slope function available in MT5? Thanks, Mike
Hi there. I wonder how I can switch off the notifications for the community without logging out? I get so many of them, its annoying, but I dont know how to switch them off? Thanks for any help. Regards, Gerd
Hello everyone, I've watched the introduction video on youtube about ordering indicators and expert advisors in the freelance section, but something was not clear. It mentions that in one stage it will freeze the money needed to pay for the request, but I don't understand from where this is made. Is...
How could I export live data to Visual FoxPro application from MetaTrade4? I need know Service name, Topic and Item name. Can anyone help?
Hello, I would like to know how the Tick value is calculated for pairs in which the account currency is not present. My understanding is that there is an implicit conversion from your account currency to the base currency of the pair first. Is this correct? Best regards.
Hi all, Does anyone know how to set an alert when the + value of the gator oscillator is reached.  so for example if the positive  value of the oscillator is 0.5 , I want a notification to be sent to me thanks
Hello Does anyone have experience with Auto-Optimisation of an EA. Have you found it to perform better in real-time or just adds extra computational time? Thank you
Anyone knows any Ea who works to fix pendent order during News? My idea is pin to cut slippage and execute the order where I put it. Is it possible? Thanks
I open many trade of the same currency  at a time  How can I write mql4/5 program that will close all  The trade when any of those trade is closed by either stop loss  Or take profit. I start my trading 7am everyday and I open  Multiple trades. How can I do it. 
Is there a way to connect a MetaTrader Demo account to the MetaTrader 4 platform? In my MetaTrader4 platform I tried to open account and connect to my Metrader Demo account but it seems not possible.
USD/CAD January-March 2017 Forecast: ranging within Ichimoku cloud for direction W1 price is located to be inside Ichimoku cloud for the ranging market condition within the following support/resistance levels: 1.3588 resistance level located near and above Senkou Span line which is the virtual...
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I finally took a stab at making a spread indicator I have been meaning to write one for quite a while and never got around to it untested so it may have some bugs :P EDIT:small update I changed the color of negitive swap and added a tik monitor
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Can someone maybe explain why a candle can drop 40+ pips, even when there is no new release? What can be the case that when there is a strong bullish movement, that suddenly the market reverse with 40 pips? Of course, I understand that we have to deal with banks etc., but I truly want to figure out...
UCS GEARS of tradingview clears mistery of pet-d tool- request mladen & experts to code candle color in mt4 <>concept Study(Title="Steven Primo's PET-D", shorttitle="Pet-D", overlay=True) petd = EMA(Close, 15) up = Close > petd ? green : red barcolor(up) pet-d is price bar colored green if close...
Can I copy the signals in Demo account?
Hi ,, which broker can I use 2 or 3 or more signal providers for one account mt4?
[link deleted by moderator] Take a look at the code, and what it should do. If you can fix it, would appreciate it. Regards, Chris
Can anybody shed light on why you can only withdraw $2 a day with PayPal from my account. I deposited $20 using PayPal and went to withdraw it and there is a restriction of maximum $2. I would contact the the the company that runs this site to ask the question but as with all areas of the site...
Hello, I am just curious what is the best way of declaring variables in terms of resources. In small ea's it means almost nothing, but if you go for big one and then you want to run optimization with it, here where the major resource problem comes in. So what is faster for the system? 1. Declare all...
Hello All, I am opening this topic to centralize all information about migrating to Windows 10. No much for now, but important points to be aware anyway. All your MT4/MT5 passwords will be lost.You will lost 1 activation for your products bought on the Market.KB3124200 on Windows 10 professional...
hi i want to add EMA13 AND SMA50 on indicator buffer's data for renko.mq5 , i use this : incmaonarray.mqh , test_maonarray.mq5 ( ) and i modify the renko as attached " renko_2.mq5 " , as below : high lighted line add or changed...
For a few minutes now the MQL5 website, has a new font that doesn't look nice at all in most pages. What was wrong with the previous one?
This is on MQL4. According to documentation, ChartOpen should return the new chart id. It doesnt. Therefore its a bug. Try this code in OnInit():     long newChartID;    long curChartID;        curChartID = ChartID();    Print("Current chart id: ", curChartID, ",  Current chart symbol: "...
hi, i am new here, i want to know something, how to attach trading account histories but not from beginning when it was opened thank you very much
Where can I download the chart history for the 1min chart from around 2009+ ? Can someone upload it maybe?
The client does not know what it wants is not responding. I gave him three different versions of the indicator. I wrote a personal message no answer. I filed for arbitration, but there is still no response from customer or administration. What can I expect in this case?
Three new videos on Virtual Hosting in MetaTrader 4 and 5 are available on our YouTube channel. Now, you need only six minutes to find out how the service works, what benefits it provides and how you can manage it. Virtual hosting in MetaTrader 4 and 5 will be of help to traders who want to use...
Hello,  Absolutely brand new to Mt4, have used it and my account for around 2hours. So I have not done any thing unusual (not a complete idiot lol) but I am stumped and not sure if my MT4 and set up is correct? Ill list what I have done and im pretty sure you will see my point or question. Steps....
Can anyone tell me that how can I show the input window by program?  In normal , double click the indicator line ,The input (properties) window would be show , but in program , how can I do it , I  want to make a button to do this !?!!!!