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Most traders make the mistake that they believe their profits are generated when they exit a trade. This is not the case and your profits are generated when you enter your trade. A good entry level will dictate the rest of your trade, anything from stop loss levels, hedge levels, additional entry...
1 million dollars to come from one trade only on an unknown date and time within the next 5 years 100 thousand dollars to come from a thousand trades within the next five years
So many lousy marketing campaigns have created the popular believe that forex trading is right for everyone and you can succeed without too much hassle. As long as you have internet access and a computer you are good to go and enjoy the benefits if trading financial markets. There are too many...
It does not matter how much leverage you decide to trade with, it is not the reason why you blow your account. Leverage is a tool and maybe the best tool in trading, but you need to know how to use the tool if you want to use it to your advantage or the tool will use you. Many new traders as well as...
In basically just over 2 weeks, Japan has gone from the hottest market in the world to a bear market. With today's early dive, the Nikkei is now 20% off its highs, which is the technical definition of a bear. read more ...
After falling to lows around noon, markets made a huge turnaround in anticipation of tomorrow's big jobs report. First the scoreboard:Dow: 15,040.39, +79.80 pts, +0.53%S&P 500: 1,622.46, +13.57 pts, +0.84% NASDAQ: 3,424.05, +22.58 pts, +0.66% And now the top stories: The morning started off with...
The U.S. Payroll to Population employment rate (P2P), as measured by Gallup, worsened in May, dropping to 43.9%, from 44.5% in April. P2P is also down from May 2012, when it was 44.4% Year-over-year comparisons are helpful in determining the degree to which monthly changes are the result of...
Hi all coder experts, Please help to code: 2 ma crossover histogram indicator. Thank you and Regards, Anton
The dollar slumped against the euro and yen and stocks fell on Thursday as investors turned defensive ahead of growing worry that Friday's U.S. jobs report will disappoint. Wall Street slipped, extending losses after a 1.9 percent drop in the previous two days, as the S&P 500 fell through its 50-day...
i use mt5 downloaded from a broker site. History is not updating properly. Ex: after Jun 3 , jun 6 comes. after dec 2012, may 2013 comes like that How to fill the missing data. And one more thing. different pairs have different levels of history. How to set those things right.
What does it mean when it says it costs 35 units per month for signal service---is that 35 US Dollars? Where does that need to be deposited?
Please, please....can someone make from this indicator TARZAN.....Expert Advisor? Thanks a lot!
Is there any other way to test other than strategy tester ? How to test products which are not robots or indicators but just analysis tools or panels like that ?  And especially when data of 2 pairs are needed for an EA but stratrgy tester providing only data for single pair 
How to add or subtract days or minutes from a MQL5 Time Structure ?
The European Central Bank kept its main interest rate on hold at a record low 0.5% today as it waits to see whether early signs of stabilisation in the euro zone will blossom into an economic recovery. Economic data improved in May and ECB President Mario Draghi said this week he still sees "a very...
Could you help me, I try to add my account as a signal provider but I receive this message ""Specified account already being used as a signal " Where can I sent my account number and broker reference for check what it is wrong ? Thanks for your support.
How to acces the info in caledar tab of the toolbox programatically. In which file that info is stored ?
The European Central Bank is expected to keep its main interest rate at a record low 0.5 percent on Thursday but tweaks to its economic forecasts may give investors a steer on the future direction of policy. The euro zone's central bank cut its main rate last month and signalled it was ready to do...
  OOP in Mql5 (2)
Why OOP is in mql5? What advantages it brought to mql5 besides complications?Thanks.
I have a volume indicator I would like to share here which displays No Supply and No Demand indications when confirmed, however I would like for it to show the indications before confirmation/instead of waiting for confirmation if possible? I tried to do it myself but to be honest I am not sure how...
Broker's ; Are they with "sum zero game" or "try their best" going to turn the market towards ?. (with integrated the all position's of their real account's member ) Effect of this ( if it was correct ) could be considered, for example with hidden Stop Loss and Take Profit levels. ( in this case,...
Hi all experts coding, Please help to transform this indi into MTF indi. Thank you, anton
  mql5 cloud (9)
Hello MQL5 community, If anyone in the community has successfully registered their MQL5 account with cloud and is earning credits please provide simple instructions so I too can complete this task. Thank you
  trade well (3)
congratulations to all of you who made good profit today, and for those who did not keep trying.
  brokers (38   1 2 3 4)
so many brokers around. mt5, avafx, fx pro, profiforex and so on. please which do you use and why?
  what to do (8)
hi, please as a newbie what should i do now? where do i go from here. i was told register for a forum. that i have done now, so what next. thanks
Back on Monday, following the huge miss in the Manufacturing ISM, in collaboration with Nanex, we exposed yet another instance of blatant headline data frontrunning in "15 Milliseconds Of HFT Fame: Watch Today's Early Leak Of The ISM Print" where we showed aggressive trading amounting to tens of...
Is there any MT5 Plug-in available for incorporating it into a self-made application in Visual Basic 6.0 ? if such thing is possible, it will help a lot in creating a convenient trading interface. And for analysis also.
I have created a program but it uses a csv file for input. How can i embed it in mq5 file ? EDITED by moderator
Dear all brother, i get some bugs in mt4 version 4 build 500 where the bugs when we compile in metalang editor, its cant produce ex4 file.. example : when we create ea, the compile the size ea is correct but still cant produce ex4 file.. if anyone have this problem please reply this thread......