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Hello, i did open more then one freelancer job on this site, because i was searching for a solution how to read files from the folder MQL5\Logs in real time. The problem is that this files dont get update in real time.  dsdsddssssdd For reading the file itself i have a solution with help of some...
I heard about many companies and service that offer very cheap VPS (in example Digital ocean 5 dollars per month). I'm wondering which is the best one to be used with MT5 and with a low latency connectivity for our Expert Advisors. Also some trading company offer VPS for free when you have a huge...
Metatrader documentation list this file as Modifiable. But I modify it and generate a html report, looks the same. Also, every time the platform opens those files are rewritten. So, is it modifiable or not? How to create better looking reports?
  Looking for VPS for EA (54   1 2 3 4 5 6)
looking for VPS to run the EA. anyone offering this service?
I only see two candles on the monthly chart...not much for pattern recognition!  How does one get historical data, and how does one add it to the chart?  Must one get that from a broker?  If anyone knows, please be so kind as to direct me. Thank you.   
Good Day Can someone please add alerts to this indicator. Thanks
  DD values (4)
Hello, what DD value in average is a good one? For sure, the lower the better, but then your performance might be too small depending on the strategy. Are there any publications about this? Regards
  CNY trading? (5)
Why can't we trade the CNY? Is there a reason why it is not available to trade in the forex market and with brokers?
Hi All, I am looking for an EA that relies on 2 or 3 different Stochastic Periods Crossing at the on a one same price bar to execute a buy or sell order. Example: 1) Stol Period x & Stol Period Y & Period Z, all with Main Line crossing above Signal Line while under 30 - for Buy executions 1) Stol...
Hi Guys, I try to run back test optimization for all symbols in market watch with a 32 core server. I used to enable 16 cores to test an EA, but now I can use max of 4 cores. If I enable more local agent, tester will stop working. I have plenty of resource available. I try with another small EA, and...
Hi I ask questions about revenue calculation. 1. Is the value of one peep worth $ 10? 2. If I had to earn 1 peep by buying 1 lot, would it be $ 10? 3. On account of a cent, if I had to earn 1 peep by buying 1 lot , would it be $ 0.1? I await your reply.
if you work with different brokers then the difference in timezones are a pain in the head, but  can someone create a script that will work with offline charts that makes this conversion, just like timeframes? or it's very hard?
please can some help , help modify this indicator to drawlines on price too, not just rsi
Why do some users/signal providers have strike though line in their name?
The MQL4 language for programming trading strategies leaped 77 positions up in the TIOBE's language popularity index. MQL4 debuted as TIOBE's No.118 in December '14 and has jumped to the 41st position by November '16. It should be noted that the index authors treat both MQL4 and MQL5 as one MQL4...
  New to forex (5)
Hi folks, am new to the forex market and intend to stay long here and i have got plans to train others, pls help me achieve my dreams
  Modify ea (1)
I want a person who have too modify my ea contact me
Hello! After I set alerts and change them to notification (I already set up mobile app) I close the terminal and once I open it back there're no alerts. I expected them to work even with a closed terminal and be able to get mobile notifications. Any chance to set them up like this? Many thanks in...
Hi all, For all those OANDA broker users of MT4, when I open the platform it is frozen and won't respond. The OANDA chat line suggested I uninstall and reinstall which I did without success. The OANDA fxtrade platform works fine - any suggestions folks. I'm using Windows8. cheers dm 
Hello everyone, I noticed that there is no way to see when X seconds are missing to the next candle with mql4, because the "start () {...}" method is updated only to the price change and not every second (rightly). Does anyone know how to do? Thanks.
Hello everyone,  Sorry to bother with such a simple question but how can I check inside the mt5 platform if an account is netting or hedging, regardless if it's a real account or a demo account?  Thank you very much for your help. 
I notice that sometimes mt4/mt5 start using the intall path as the data folder, as a result it can't find my ea and custom indicators. A manually restart will make it find the right data folder, so everything is ok. Is there anyone know how to set data folder in command line parameters?
Today MT4 trailing Stop Loss is not accepted, any clue? any work around ?
Can someone please provide me step by step instructions for connecting MYFXBook to my live MT4 accounts? I believe it has something to do with expert advisors but I am not 100% sure.  Thanks for your time! 
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I am interesting 38.2 and 61.8 level of Andrew Pitchfork. These level extremely strong to interfere or support price. But I cant correct draw andrew pitchfork, how do you draw that tool?
Before buying indicator, I'm going to try to figure out what happens when the indicator works on the ea. Is this possible to operate the demo indicator with the "icustom" function on the ea with the historic data from the past?
Hi Everyone, I am looking for an MT4 andrews pitchfork indicator. I am not sure if I miss anything but I cannot find any place to download it. Few have but the indicator doesnt work. Can you share that indicator in case you have one? Thank you. SCFX
Why most traders do much better on Demo than live accounts?