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  Lsma (35   1 2 3 4)
What is an LSMA? It stands for Least Squares Moving Average and the indicator plots the endpoint of the linear regression line. By comparing the current value to the prior value a determination is made of a possible trend, ie the linear regression line is pointing up or down. Use the close of the...
It was 0.5 pips spread in November and becomes 0.8 pips spread for 2 months is 0.8 spread big or 0.8 is the historical average
Hi everyone, I have the warning "80% of growth achieved within 2 days" in two of my strategies, but it is wrong, I even had all my trades closed when I deposited or withdrawed Any Idea on how to remove the warning? I already tried to remove it and create it again
Hello, I renew my rent on several expert advisors. Does it mean i have to update all my charts every month? Or the system understands that I renewed the rent and there is no need to update the charts with the renewed rented EA? I would be grateful if someone could help me thanks Vitoria
Is there somewhere published the version history of MT5? The terminal is yapping for some time know for an update, but when i check latest release version the terminal writes in the journal my terminal is up to date (build 2085)
  Forecast and levels for AUD (208   1 2 3 4 5 ... 20 21)
AUD/USD April-June 2017 Forecast: ranging within narrow s/r levels for the ranging bearish reversal or the bullish trend to be resumed W1 price is located above Ichimoku cloud for the bullish ranging market condition within the following support/resistance levels: 0.7749 resistance level located...
Hello, I have been searching for a broker who allows copytrading in US for days. I could not find it. I am using OANDA right now but somehow it is not working. I need a US broker who allows me to copy trade any suggestions
DUDE I JUST PURCHASED a product but im having issues with activation anyone know if service desk answers at all...... if the do..... do you have an estimate time
I deposited money into my account to pay a programmer for some work, but the programmer did not do the work, and now I am trying to with draw the money. When I click on withdrawal, it takes me to this page, This tells nothing on how to
Define 10 colors for coloring each bar #property indicator_color1 clrGreen,clrRed,clrYellow,clrViolet,clrBlack,clrGreen,clrRed,clrYellow,clrViolet,clrBlack Why in Properties only show 8 colors
hi anyone experienced like me suddenly appeared like this can anyone explain thank you
Hello! I am having some problems to read the Json return after using WebRequest. The Json return is: 2020.02.01 10: 13: 44.816 teste (EURUSD, M15) dados: {"message": [{"MOEDA": "EURUSD", "TIMEFRAME": 15, "SWAPATIVO": 0, "SWAPMOEDA": 1, " ALERTA ":" Verdadeiro "," EA_MAGICO ": 201900059298,"
  Lots in MT4 (9)
How can I import the number of lots bear or bullish in MT4
  Pollan's indicators (1746   1 2 3 4 5 ... 174 175)
As your see, IP (BBS-m).v8 and IP (BBS-index).v8 seem popular for last days. They are not repainting. However it is a great work done by a great coder. You can check it. А такой рисунок видели? - MQL4 форум А такой рисунок видели? - MQL4 форум Pollan wrote (a) >> He received a lot of questions about...
Hello, I discover (watching on some EA/Indicators) that there is a conditional assignment command that is not written in documentation (or maybe I've not found that). Very probably most skilled people know it and use it everyday. int a = 1;string Test = a>=0 ? "Positive" : "Negative"; I understood
I wanted to do forex trading in MT5 but then I created a sellers account in MQL5 and invested $140 in it. Is there anyway I can withdraw that money or put it in meta trader
I am having hell of time to try to copy a signal and have it in my MT5. When I click on the "copy" signal it downloads the MT5 application again for me, and when I run the downloaded ones, it does not have any signal reserved in its signal tab on tool->option. so I stuck in a futile loop of clicking
Which country has the highest active forex traders? Do you guys have any link or something related it
hello, there is a weird problem for registering as a seller, i uploaded my passport and the system asked me sign my passport! what does it mean? what should i do? no one can sign his/her passport, what is the meaning of this error
I think a rule needs to be established requiring people who leave reviews on products of less than 3 stars to give a valid reason why they think it is worth less than 3 stars. Some people seem to have a habit of giving nothing but 2 star reviews on FREE products without any justification. And I have
How to enable ftp reports on mql5 VPS ? Is the FTP reporting supported at all ? I could not find any limitation of this feature mentioned in the VPS RULES
  VPS can not migrate (14   1 2)
VPS London 13 can not migrate
Please help, my MetaTrader 5 platform does not want to sign in my trading account. I get this message when I try to sign in; "Network ': no connection to XMGlobal-MT5"
Can anyone explain how CustomRatesReplace could return -1 and LastError set to 0?
Hello I have a problem with MT4 Portable / build 1260 /. When I change my computer, the EAs and indicators from the mql store don't work. There is a message in the log: MQL5.chats: deleted due to security reason There is a record in the experts entry: cannot load 'E: \ MT4 \ Portable \ MQL4 \
Hello all, I am new to MetaTrader 5 and the MQL5 community. Please forgive my ignorance and naive questions... A few things about me: 1. I am based in Sydney, Australia. 2. I was mainly trading stocks in the past, but am now learning about forex trading 3. My current trading focus is intraday/scalp
  VPS Q&A (10)
Hello, I am new to the world of VPS...some basic questions here. when I sign up for MT4's VPS I will commence the VPS service on a demo account, how do I switch the VPS from demo to my live account? thank you
Hi everyone, Is it possible to "reset" a MQL5 signal, so that only trades starting from the current date on are visible in the results/history. Because of major EA changes, this would be a very useful feature. Thanks
I have a client that signed up for my signal and they are using a VPS. Issue is: I closed my trades out and my clients trade stayed open. When I closed my trades, I did so on the mt4 app on my cell. Is this why their trades didn't close when I closed mine? If I should have closed the trades on my
Hi everyone. I deposited 41 dollars but I can not follow my trader it says system mismatch signal provider using a hedging. What is that mean? If it is because of my broker, can you guys give me a good broker who is allowing a copytrading for US clients