Create groups and communicate with fellow traders in the updated Chat - page 3

Martin Nicholson
Martin Nicholson  

We have updated the Chat to further enhance the user conversation experience. Check out the new service interface and updated functions, such as the revised friending logic. Create groups on financial topics, join existing channels, discuss current issues with fellow traders in group chats and contact specific users through personal messages.

The following messaging types are available:

Chats for one-to-one conversations. Chats provide a fast and efficient way to contact your colleagues or partners, as well as to share documents, links and files.

Groups for group discussions, in which any member can post messages. Groups are perfect for discussing trading ideas or market situations, for sharing knowledge with novice traders and for seeking advice from more experienced market participants.

Channels for broadcasting messages to audiences. Only channel authors and administrators can post messages and manage such chats. You can join existing channels to follow trading and markets news feeds and stay up to date with the latest developments. Also, you can create your own feed to share useful information with your subscribers. Furthermore, you can commercialize your channel by making it private using the invite-only functionality.

Access conversations and post messages via the website and MetaTrader terminals or download the MQL5 Channels messenger for iOS. This separate fully featured application minimizes traffic consumption when using chats.

Check out the updated Chat right now: create your own group or channel.

Create your Group Chat or Channel

Creating Groups is fine, but you must still implement the possibility to delete a group which is no longer in use.