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hi everyone, how does one connect an exchange to mql5? for example binance
Hello, I would like to open and use a free EA but when I do that it s not work and write MacOS can t open link use Mac with play on my Mac MT4 I would like to try OneclickFx or Virtuatradepad but a error message appear when I click to DEMO see attached file. Thx Jeff
I have been wondering before that if an account buys a signal from a trader then he cancels it. Will his account be allowed to create and sell signals later
Hi, I can't pay my developer anymore even though I have enough money in my wallet. A few days ago I deposited 100 USD to my account @ mql5.com using PayPal and actually can see this transfer listed in my respective history. I've never faced such problem before and Service Desk doesn't respond to my
Hi! I just need help. I register and subscribe for a vps. VPS is not working and says it needs migration. when I right click the VPS server in the MT4 terminal, there only to options appeared "details" and 'Journals". I do know how to fix it. You're help is really appreciated. Thank you :)
Someone knows how to obtain the informations about type 'direct' orders using MQL5 language
Hi, I would like to run strategies in Python and execute orders in MT5. Is it possible to install third party softwares like python, zeroMQ in server
Hello. I made a simple script that prints information about positions and deals. I noticed that PositionGetDouble(POSITION_COMMISSION) does not return comission data, and HistoryDealGetDouble(_ticket,DEAL_SWAP) does not return swap data. Is there an easier way to get these data or am I doing...
Hi i found interesting the VPS kind that Metaquotes offers; i think because of its nature it cannot crash but i wanna have an opinion of people who used it regularly. also i think it doesn't need reboots or updates ? thanks for help Jeff
I want to post comments or reviews on the signal of a certain seller, how to do? Does anyone have specific instructions? with pictures, the better. thank you. I did not find the item to comment
Suddenly I stopped receiving notifications. MT5 Journal is returning Failed connect server - notify.mql5.net. This is happening on my Google Cloud Instance. Testing with my own computer was successful, so I believe GCE blocked it. Anyone faced same problem? If yes, how to handle it
Hi all.. when I try to access my MQL account from MT4 I get the following error message .. any idea why
IM looking for a Market Terminal similar to the ones offered by alot of brokers that manage trades and have a user definded watchlist/order terminal for metatrader 5. Here is an example https://prnt.sc/pepvby
Hi, I have recently re-subscribed to a signal. The signal is USD30 but I was charged USD36. I am based in the UK. I have put in a request for an answer from MQL5 yet no response. Has anyone experienced the same thing. Thanks. Irene
Why do signal providers often deposit and withdraw amounts of money that are big relative to the account size. Is it for manipulating drawdown results or profit results
Can we use the VPS server remotely? I could not install mt5 in my office laptop, and i cannot carry my personal laptop to office. I am using the tool given by forex broker that works only in laptop. And for mobile messages, mt5 has to be kept connected always. Can you pls reply
Please help! I've been trying to do this for weeks now
Hi, Is there any admin support to assist? I want to purchase EA but it show "Financial operations are limited" i have already contact MQL5 but nobody get back to me since 28 September 2019 till now
Can you please allow formatting the panel so that: 1. Trades that are profitable appear green, and trades that are in loss, appear red 2. Instead of -3.5, number format can be (3.5) 3. MFE and MAE both appear in columns for each trade 4. Margin held by each trade--in dollar terms--appear in a
How can I update my phone number. It requires me to have my old phone number as well as my new one. Doesn't make much such.  Thank you, Ken
Hello everyone, With some recent update MT5 Editor recieved new styler format. I got used to old format which wasnt changed for years and I find it very userfriendly. I honestly do not like new version. It extends the code by many more extra lines. When you have 5k lines which turns into 6k lines by...
The driver's license was submitted and accepted When you upload photo with the QR code All my attempts are rejected What exactly is required
I am just reaching out to see what other stop losses are available for trading. Currently I am just using a simple 20 point trailing stop but interested in trying to capture larger moves. The only issue is some of my trades are fairly short and only have a small profit window before it will go in
  VPS and mql5 Storage fail (15   1 2)
Can anyone tell me why i have no "vps register" option when right click on my account? Also i cant activate mql5 storage while i have loggen in in mql5 community. I use mql5 of fxchoice broker
Hello everyone, I have a simple problem (not for a beginner like me. LOL). I want to create a function that calculate the average of any of the OHLC values for a N period, and be called within the "OnCalculate" function . The Function i programmed is the follow : void Average(const double
  BOX breakout (4)
Anybody can tell me how to verify in an if statement when price is out of rectangle/box object ? Thank you
Hi, I just subscribed to an automatic signal. How can I increase the lot size so it suits my balance? Thanks for any help
  growth chart (3)
hi guys i will know why 310 is not blue
I accidentally deposited money into this MQL5 account thinking I was withdrawing the money that I had earned by providing my CPU for agents. Is there a way that I can get this back? Also, withdrawing gets me to a 404 page not found. How can I withdraw my money? I tried contacting the service desk
Hello, As the subject states my automatic move to break even function is only working on buy trades. It is not working on sell trades and i can't see what i'm doing wrong. I'm probably just too close to it but any pointers would be helpful. This function is doing 3 similar things at once. Extra Risk