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Yes No Thinking in Near Future I'm not Interest
Hello, I can't link my desktop MT4 to my android phone. Every time it says "Authentication Failed", has anyone had or solved this issue? Thanks - Michael
  mql5 vps (2)
How many mt4 can be loaded on the vps offered by mql5? Also, can mt4 platforms from different brokers be loaded onto the single mql5 vps
Hello, I have a question about Provider and Subscriber Signal Balance. Is it necessary that Provider and Subscriber have same balance? And what will be happen if subscriber has less or more balance than provider. Thanks
I am not able to get the list for optimization, if I tweak a bit, if I add another period could show up or just dissapear, it's pretty confusing. #property script_show_inputsenum fibo_periods{MAper_5 = 5,MAper_8 = 8, MAper_13 =13,}; input int MAper = 13;
Hi, I'ld like to add an image to my graphs' background just like the indicator ChartWall did in MT4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6Huf8wU6kg Is there a way to do so? How
  No Money!!! (2)
Hello. I have this EA that selects the position size dynamically. Problem is, the EA has no margin calculation. I have searched all over the internet, even on the forum, but cannot seem to find a comprehensive answer. Some without answers at all!!! Please, try to answer this question as
Hi. I'd like to know how the vps sevise handles functions like ExpertRemove() and MessageBox(). If ExpertRemove is called, what happens? Someone posted that EAs are always activated while in the VPS. If, the message box pauses EA functions to await user response, how can that be possible on a vps
Dear MQL5 Community/Administrators/Developers There is a bug that has been around for a while on MT5 when using multiple monitors. It happens about 50% of the time, it can be reproduced by following the below described steps: Maximize MT5 on a different screen than the main one Minimize MT5 Terminal
  News (1)
Hey guys! Which sites are your source for news or say how you receive the important events of the market
Hi all,Can i ask if my current MQL5 vps is copying signals, can i use the same VPS to exexute EAs? Will it clash n create problems? Tq
how can i open an offline chart for mt5 ? for example a 1 minute eur/usd offline . in mt4 there used to just be a button by the open new charts button that would say open offline
Hi allI have investor password for this 1 account. But running trade/open position has been hide by the account trader. Is there any way i can unhide this? Thanks!
Hello, everyone! Sorry for such a beginner/newbie question, but I'have been struggling against this problem. I'm using a renko chart generator and I need to attach it in a M1 chart and then open a M2(offline) chart. The problem is: I don't know why, but recently the number of bars available is very
  product activation (12   1 2)
in case of a product has been activated on a computer , then for some reason the windows formatted and reinstall , do i need to use one more new activation ? or its only for the hardware
  EST time (2)
Hey guys, Is there any indicator I can use which take current candle time and convert it to EST from GMT and show on left corner of chart? I am backtestingand this GMT time is a bit of issue for me and slows down things. Thanks for all your help :) Sach
Hey, lets get straight to the Point. Somehow i can not shoot screenshots during Backtests... Dunno why… Is it disabled during Backtests? Cause when i run it o a live Chart it works just fine thx in advance
A month ago we released our economic calendar for fundamental market analysis. Now we have prepared a new widget, that can be used to embed the economic calendar on a website or blog. The new service will help you attract visitors, while providing traders the opportunity to instantly receive...
I am facing problem everytime when I deposit funds with my Debit Card. The error is showing 'Desclined' How can i solve this and there is no other way to deposit funds..? Why don't accept Skrill
Hi, Few days back, my server was switched. I managed to move VPS to new server site....by I think the VPS is frozen. Please advise, as to how I can get it back to work. Thanks
  VPS (8)
Hello. I have developed a pretty promising EA and would like to test it on real market conditions. I need a VPSto do this reliably without using my live account VPS for this purpose. Any advise? Or anyone with an external(Not mql5) vps that could help me with this regard? I'm sure we could have a
several months ago I got to know how a decompiled code looks like after I got banned. So I have just been curious on to Jobs that I see in the freelance section with statements Convert ex4 to mq4 and also on the question that do the freelance moderators view files sent via zip files as I have Just
Thanks for taking the time to look at my post. I Need to understand why the results from my Optimization, output in the way shown in the Picture attatched. In the picture there are a lot of plots at the top of the result graph that show the Tester ran a Pass with pofitable settings. There are approx
On May 21, Microsoft officially released a major update of their operating system Windows 10 May 2019 Update (Version 1903). This update affects configurations and encryption keys similar to the installation of a new Windows operating system. In order to protect Market products, the MetaTrader...
As a trader logged in to MT4/5 client terminal, I want to be able to login to my broker account and deposit money so that I can have the money to my trading account and cover my opened positions faster (rather than going to my broker's website, loging to client area, deposit to the master account
Hi, I've been looking for this answer in the forums but most articles and topics are dated since MQL5 accepted only the default class constructor. Now it is possible to have different constructors with different parameters. But, try to inherit a base class whose only constructor has arguments...
  Automated EA launch. (12   1 2)
Hello. Is it possible to attach an EA to a chart through another EA
This may sound like a stupid question, but what is the definition of a good strategy? The ultimate fantasy would be a strategy trades at a massive Profit Factor, with almost 0 drawdown, that has many trades, and works on all Forex pairs on multiple timeframes. But is that realistic? I have found
I use to be able to do this in MQL4, but now I can not do this in MQL5. I found many 1/2 answers or how to's, but none works. If anybody would be so kind as to perhaps so me the full code. Just place text on x,y with color, nothing complicated... Thank you kindly for any assistance. 
This thread about how to fix some tools (indicators, EAs, scripts) which may stop working with new 2265 build The information about new build - New MetaTrader 5 Platform build 2265: DirectX functions for 3D visualization in MQL5 and symbol settings in Strategy Tester