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Hi, I right-click the agents "MetaTester 1" or "MetaTester 2" in the services tab, but the screen just greys out for awhile and then doesn't do anything. How do I get it to start
Hello is anybody nows how to force Metaeditor5 works at the debugging program when it stops? it looks like it whait for tick in function OnTick in EA after passed OnInit function. MetaTrader terminal works normaly. Any help
please help me. I cannot change my phone number on MQL5. My phone number +84832840123 is lost. I cannot change my phone number. please help me.I still have Gmail . thank you
Is there some MT5 function or plugin that can draw a chart of the evolution of profit / losses from my account
I'd like to compile my code without warnings but the complier give me this warnings: It looks like PositionsTotal() and IndicatorRelease are depracted
Hi all, I am wearing glasses and sometimes I have problems reading numbers in the trade, history tabs and on the axis of the charts. Is there a way to increase the font size of the interface or can it be implemented by the developers? How can i get the developer attention about this problem? Thanks
Hello All, I am developing autometed trading systems on Pyton and R. I have a live real account  on MT5 broker. 1. Is it possible to call MT5 Order Managements functoins by MT5 APIs (if there such APIs, where to find them) through Pyton and R ? 2. Is it possible to call all MT5 funcitons within...
Hello, Is it possible to make an indicator or an ea that create a window, which one can be undocked from the chart, and dragged in an other monitor? I am searching like 2 days now, and i can't figure out how to do this. Thanks
Hello I a m using Metatrader 5 on Android system I can't add indicators on the graph, the icon "F" to add indicators is not present !! I tried to reinstall MT5 this is not better Help please
  Live speech (6)
Hello everyone, I would like to know if anyone knows how to see live the speeches of the central bankers. Example today there is Jerome Powell who will talk and I do not find or see it live. thank you all
  VPS Question (1)
Hi, I'm planning to get MQL5 VPS and I have a quick question before I make my final decision. I'm not going to subscribe to any signals or run EA. I'm getting VPS so that I dont run out of activations for my paid indicators and faster execution of trades. Is this possible using mql5 vps? Also, Can I
Has anybody thought to have their own forex company? If yes what capital is needed
As subject said, please teach in details how to withdraw all the funds in my account balance if I were not a seller? PS: The funds that I deposited was by my credit card at that time Thanks
Hi, after build 2170 my code is not compiling anymore. I am getting erros on the usage on enumeration, it is not recognizing an include of a custom enumeration. Example: //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| ClassA
Why Overview, Reviews, Comments ... sections of a product page are always opened with a 1-minute delay after a click? I tested it on different browsers and got the same result. It's not an internet speed problem, I can download 10 MB per second. MQL5.com opens fast and no problem with other pages
In every Currency i which i have tried the ea suddenly jumps off without any errors in the journal. Ticks lack an hour (23 PM). it even moves on writing the wanted file and says "File successfully created" though the file should be finished 2 years after. Problem occours on every EA. Since i had to
Hey, i wonder which Markets are similarly afforable compared to Forex CFDs. I dont kow about the general pricing of other instruments, though ive looked into futures for a moment... therefore i am asking whether there is something similar, which can be traded on a regular short term basis . thanks
After updating this evening, I searched for Market to buy an indicator but there was no tab of market in the toolbox section
It seems that my MT5 interface is half English and half Swedish - it was not so Before, if I am not mistaken. How do I make it all English, so I don't have to have this half-half solution? It detracts my attention from more important issues. Johan
Hi, Few weeks ago after updating windows my paid indicator stopped working. Now I dont have any more activations left. Can anyone tell me how I can get more activations for the indicator? PS: I used up all 5 activations. Thanks
1. When using VPS, do I need to keep my computer on? 2. When does the log file begin to populate? I've been on for 30 minutes and nothing in the log. 3. Anyone have any experience to share
hi, all, I am new to metatrader, I need to get all price bars for symboal XAU/USD, so I can analyze it further, any way to do this? any document , an example would help me a lot
it says Unfortunately <product name removed> is unavailable i paid $$$ USD and the provider just deleted it ?!!!! can i get a refund or the EA ? please
Trying to grasp the use of ObjectGet. Trying to get values of fib levels. Not sure I'm using it right. Just getting zero for returned value. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! ObjectCreate(objname,OBJ_FIBO,0,dt2-2200,vHigh,dt2,vLow); ObjectSet(objname,OBJPROP_RAY,false);
i can't login with my google account because mt4 pc terminal not have google login options how can i login with G account in mt4 pc terminal? ( i try many name options but cant login) , if i try new account option, system said me "this account in use)
After downloading MT4 as instructed, I tried to download a Free Demo of an EA - written in MT4.  But, nothing happens?  I think this is an MT4 issue, and not related to EA. What are the steps/procedures for correctly downloading a Free Demo EA into MT4? Thanks,  Bill
Hello, can someone explain to me if it is possible to insert indicators in the metatrader5 app for ios is android? Thanks
Hey all, i had the plan to use MT5 with mysql but looks like it turns into more work as expected. There is a howto from Eugeniy ( https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/932 ) which explains it very well. But when you try to load his MQLMYSQL.dll it fails because it is not a x64 binary. My plan is now to...
Hi, I'm looking for an ea that trades one order at a time and has a large consecutive wins rate. I tried searching the market but it's search engine is not that good.If you don't know any ea could you then please guide me on my search in terms of what type of ea would be a good fit for the criteria
Guys please help me with the following questions: Does anybody know why binary options were banned in the US? Is it possible that IQOption can manipulate the outcome of a binary options trade ? Thanks in advance