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  Broker (1)
Please,how can a firm trade in the Forex Market without passing through a Broker? And if this is possible what are the requirements to trade in the Forex Market directly
hi, using MT5 b507 and now i get this error when the expert: exp_tema.mq5 on EURUSD_H8 2011.09.16 12:34:55 exp_tema (EURUSD,H8) cannot load indicator 'Triple Exponential Moving Average' [4302] dont see why this is happenning now. https://www.mql5.com/ru/code/450
Dear all, From your experience, how long it takes until the service desk answers? I am waiting for more than a week now. Thanks
  I can't pay. (1)
I can't pay. Attempt to proceed with vps payment. But it looks like the picture below. No more progress. Not terminal Can't pay by other means? I want to pay by PayPal
Hello Metaquotes / Metatrader, Is it possible to create metatrader 4 and 5 MULTITERMINAL apps for the mobile phones (android / iphone etc)
Hi THere ! I hope this is the right place to ask. If not please let me know where to go and find a solution My problem is that I have installed the MT4 FBS platform and tried to connect to my MQL5 account but it doesn't seem to get the connection and I cannot see my product purchase in the interface...
I have opened a position with no stop loss. Then using the trailing I am setting the Stop Loss of the Positions. But the trailing sets multiple stop loss as the condition is met. I want to know whether there is possibility to check the previous stop loss of the opened position or not? If yes then
Hi Guys, I am really struggling with the size of the font of x- and y axis in Metatrader 5. There is no obvious way to increase and decrease the size of the fonts. Please suggest the resolution. Thanks and Regads Tushar
I have open CMC Market MT4 Demo account and subscribed to a free signa. I am getting message "2019.12.09 18:21:43.240 '18190690': Signal - connect to through proxy failed" I have done step 3 setup as per your screen. But it failed. Please try to help
I heard this expression so many times, "ignorance is bliss" but when it comes to financial services industry, oh no, it is definitely catastrophic and costly never a bliss. What do you think? Share your nightmares of not reading terms and condition fully
Hi, after recently the MT5 update, one of my EAs starts to consider points instead of pips. This is an major update and causes me a huge loss. Once my stop was optimized for this strategy, and suddently it was reduced by 10 times. I guess that this kind of update should be carefully schedulled and
  Unable to send messages (14   1 2)
Please can a moderator or someone help me. I keep having issues with messages. I was sending messages to people who left reviews to a signal service that I am interested in and suddently if I type in a text and send it the text simply disappears. Can someone help? I don't know what it could be but
I have been breaking my head over and over to try and find out why my admiral market demo account is not updating live data feed can anyone help me
Since the update to build 2265 and after executing the following lines in my code graph[0].CurveAdd(PnL_long,infopanel.headers_clr,CURVE_HISTOGRAM,"PnL long ("+IntegerToString(magic_id)+")");graph[0].CalculateMaxMinValues();graph[0].CurvePlotAll();graph[0].Update(); I'm getting the error "incorrect
hi, sorry but I need to ask how to find that "MQL5 Wizard" which said can create a EA in my MT4 ? in my MT4 's meta editor ,, there is only MQL4 no MQL 5 thank you
Hi everyone, Just wondering if you could please point me in the right direction. I have got an EA that I am editing. Its based on SMA Crossover strategy. I want it not to trade if last 15 candles there was a cross (to avoid range market). Is there anyone who could please help me with this
I've noticed that after copying history with CopyRates MT5 keeps copied array in memory. It's ok for cached access but when I run through lots of symbols my memory ends fast. And memory stays occupied until MT5 exits. Is there any way to forcibly release memory occupied by CopyRates cache
before it is to late .. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-12-06/robots-in-finance-could-wipe-out-some-of-its-highest-paying-jobs
  PATTERN 123 (2)
I bought pattern 123 for mt4 but i need pattern 123 for mt5,do i pay again for pattern 123 on mt5
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Comments that do not relate to the"Withdrawal", have been moved into this topic
hi, can you kindly explain what is "max. deposit load" and how does it effect trades. was are the significance if this load is too high or too low? thanks
Can anyone please send me the mt5 buit-in source code for trailing stop loss please, or any trailing stop loss code please, thank you in advance
Good evening everyone! I am new on here and I spotted couple signals/EAs that look good, their stats make sense and everything does seem in order. I wanted to call in everyone with experience to ask you guys what do you look for when considering putting your hard earned cash into someone's pockets
I have an older ipad that I would like to use for trading but having an issue signing/logging in. I downloaded the mt4 from the app store and it opens and seems to be working. I am unable to open my demo or live accounts from my brokers tho as it doesn't open or list my other brokers like my iphone
I am unable to send private messages, there is no send button after I type in the text. Also it seems like the whole website il laggy and incomplete. Anyone else experiencing the same? I tried with different browsers too! Thank you in advance
Hello I want to plot RSI and CCI on the same chart. I tried to use "ChartIndicatorAdd" as described here https://www.mql5.com/en/docs/chart_operations/chartindicatoradd but it seems not working: RSI and CCI still appear on two separate windows. Here is the code I run: int OnInit(){ RSIdefinition =
We have finally completed our work on the new Freelance layout and are pleased to present it to you. Now, it has become easier to create and track an order execution - we have expanded the Categories, added popular skills and made passing the steps more convenient and comprehensible. We have removed...
If one were to use the trade copier feature and enable another trader to have my trade executions automatically happen in their account, would I NOT be violating SEC rules and regs if not licensed to manage another person's trades? What is it about the trade copier that exempts one from being
Does anybody know the VAT number for Metaquotes LTD
When I install <Deleted> indicator in my terminal, It show No activations left for it. I check all current terminals. Don't have this indicator installed