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The Gold Reaper MT5
Profalgo Limited
4.78 (51)
PROP FIRM READY! ( download SETFILE ) LAUNCH PROMO: Only a few copies left at current price! Final price: 990$ Get 1 EA for free (for 2 trade accounts) -> contact me after purchase Ultimate Combo Deal   ->   click here JOIN PUBLIC GROUP:   Click here Live Signal Welcome to the Gold Reaper! Build on the very succesfull Goldtrade Pro, this EA has been designed to run on multiple timeframes at the same time, and has the option to set the trade frequency from very conservative to extreme volati
Quantum Emperor MT5
Bogdan Ion Puscasu
4.87 (255)
Introducing   Quantum Emperor EA , the groundbreaking MQL5 expert advisor that's transforming the way you trade the prestigious GBPUSD pair! Developed by a team of experienced traders with trading experience of over 13 years. IMPORTANT! After the purchase please send me a private message to receive the installation manual and the setup instructions. ***Buy Quantum Emperor EA and you could get Quantum StarMan, Quantum Trade EA or Quantum Gold Emperor for free !*** Ask in private for more details
FT Gold Robot MT5
Marzena Maria Szmit
4.5 (8)
Introducing the FT Gold Robot MT5, your ultimate companion in navigating the intricate world of XAUUSD trading. Developed with precision and powered by cutting-edge algorithms, FT Gold is a forex robot meticulously crafted to optimize your trading performance with XAUUSD pairs . With its advanced analytical capabilities, FT Gold Robot constantly monitors the gold market, identifying key trends, patterns, and price movements with lightning speed. The FT Gold Robot opens 5 positions every day (you
AI TradingVision GPX
Yu Mei Cheng
4.8 (46)
Strategy Introduction The EA will find the best entry and exit points based on the data trained by the neural network and the current market trend. It includes multiple loss exit strategies to ensure capital safety. Because the market is full of uncertainties, it is impossible to enter at the most ideal point every time. Our EA uses a unique batch entry method, adding up to 5 entry points. Even occasional misjudgments can quickly recover subsequently. Each order has a fixed stop loss (SL) and t
Gold Trade Pro MT5
Profalgo Limited
4.81 (32)
LAUNCH PROMO: Only a few copies left at current price! Final price: 990$ Get 1 EA for free (for 2 trade accounts) -> contact me after purchase Ultimate Combo Deal   ->   click here Live signal: Live Signal Set Prop Firm Set File JOIN PUBLIC GROUP:   Click here Parameter overview Gold Trade Pro joins the club of Gold trading EA's, but with one big difference: this is a real trading strategy. What do I mean with "real trading strategy"?  As you probab
GoldPulse AI MT5
Babak Alamdar
4.8 (20)
Buy not a backtest, but a real trading system:   Live Signal 1     Live Signal 2 This price is temporary for the duration of the promotion and will be raised shortly Get 1 EA for free -> contact me after purchase There are only a few copies left at the current price, the next price is -->> 1480 $ Welcome to the GoldPulse AI Hey, I'm GoldPulse AI! This is the first smartest robot that trades gold or XAU with full pairs like XAUUSD, XAUEUR, XAUGBP, XAUAUD, XAUJPY, XAUCHF, XAUSGD, and XAUCN
Hercules AI
Aleksandr Chebotaev
5 (7)
Hello, my name is Alexander. I would like to introduce you to my new development, the Hercules AI advisor. The advisor is synthesis of Price Action Method and Artificial Intelligence technologies.  It doesn't use  any indicators. The EA works well on Gold  pair. The advisor has shown stable performance for more than 10 years. It does not use dangerous trading methods such as martingale, etc. All transactions are protected by take profit and stop loss. I tried to make the advisor as easy to insta
Aura White Edition MT5
Stanislav Tomilov
4.97 (31)
Aura White Edition is unique Expert Advisor that continues the Aura series of advisors. The Expert Advisor is based on the engine of Aura Black Expert Advisor , but with a number of changes and author's settings for currency pairs. Innovative methods of the programme's approach to trading, and promising performance results are possible thanks to the use of modern technologies and methods. Aura White Edition is a fully automated EA designed to trade currencies only. Working pairs EURUSD, GBPUSD,
Gold Trading Algo MT5
Ho Tuan Thang
4.86 (58)
ONLY 2 COPIES OUT OF 10 LEFT AT $299! After that, the price will be raised to $399. - REAL SIGNAL: Default Setting: 5k Fixed Lot: Limited price $299 is only for 10 first sales. After 10 sales, the price will be raised +$100. Final price for Gold Trading Algo is $1999. IMPORTANT! Contact me immediately after the purchase to get instructions and Manual Guide to set up EA. Forex EA Trading Channel:  Update the late
Trade Assistant MT5
Evgeniy Kravchenko
4.4 (172)
It helps to calculate the risk per trade, the easy installation of a new order, order management with partial closing functions, trailing stop of 7 types and other useful functions. Attention, the application does not work in the strategy tester. Manual, Description, Download demo Line function -   shows on the chart the Opening line, Stop Loss, Take Profit. With this function it is easy to set a new order and see its additional characteristics before opening.   Risk management  - The risk
Brent Oil
Babak Alamdar
4.5 (4)
“Two Expert Advisors, One Price: Fueling Your Success!”  Brent Oil Scalping Expert + Brent Oil Swingy Expert in one Expert Advisor This price is temporary for the duration of the promotion and will be raised shortly Final Price: 5000 $ There are only a few copies left at the current price, the next price is -->> 1120 $ Welcome to the Brent Oil Brent Oil expert advisor is a powerhouse, engineered to master the volatile energy markets with precision and agility. Brent Oil is not just a syst
Gold Garden MT5
Chen Jia Qi
5 (3)
Deep learning is reshaping gold trading, with intelligent assistants tending to trading gardens like skilled gardeners. The "Gold Garden" EA employs deep learning intelligent technology and 20 years of data training to significantly enhance strategy performance. With it, trading becomes more effortless and intelligent. Let's join hands to usher in the intelligent era and transform trading into a blissful garden. This will be your exclusive Gold Garden Steward. The MT4 version: Gold Garden MT4
Way To Stars is a night scalping EA specifically designed to trade during periods of low market volatility to capitalize on low-risk opportunities. This night scalping EA focuses on capturing small price movements for frequent trading, thereby accumulating profits over time. It employs strict stop-loss measures to limit potential losses per trade, ensuring effective risk management. Way To Stars is a genuine and honest trading system that does not rely on purported neural networks, artificial i
Bitcoin Robot MT5
Marzena Maria Szmit
4.58 (19)
The Bitcoin Robot MT5 is engineered to execute Bitcoin trades with unparalleled efficiency and precision . Developed by a team of experienced traders and developers, our Bitcoin Robot employs a sophisticated algorithmic approach (price action, trend as well as two personalized indicators) to analyze market and execute trades swiftly with M5 timeframe , ensuring that you never miss out on lucrative opportunities. No grid, no martingale, no hedging, EA only open one position at the same time. Bit
Bonnitta EA MT5
Ugochukwu Mobi
3.11 (18)
Bonnitta EA  is based on Pending Position strategy ( PPS ) and a very advanced secretive trading algorithm. The strategy of  Bonnitta EA  is a combination of a secretive custom indicator, Trendlines, Support & Resistance levels ( Price Action ) and most important secretive trading algorithm mentioned above. DON'T BUY AN EA WITHOUT ANY REAL MONEY TEST OF MORE THAN 3 MONTHS, IT TOOK ME MORE THAN 100 WEEKS(MORE THAN 2 YEARS) TO TEST BONNITTA EA ON REAL MONEY AND SEE THE RESULT ON THE LINK BELOW. B
Quantum Algo Trading MT5
Lo Thi Mai Loan
4 (4)
The current price is the promotional price and will soon increase. The final price for the product is: $5566. There are only a few copies left at the current price, the next price is $566. Check out the live results here: Personal live signal:   [Click Here] Prop live signal:   [Click Here] $50K   personal fund live signal:   [Click Here] MT4 version here: [Click Here] Payout proof and Ultimate combo deal : [Click here] Welcome to Quantum Algo Trading MT5 EA. This EA is designed to be more
Aura Black Edition MT5
Stanislav Tomilov
4.2 (25)
Aura Black Edition is a fully automated EA designed to trade GOLD only. Expert showed stable results on XAUUSD in 2011-2020 period. No dangerous methods of money management used, no martingale, no grid or scalp. Suitable for any broker conditions. EA trained with a multilayer perceptron Neural Network (MLP) is a class of feedforward artificial neural network (ANN). The term MLP is used ambiguously, sometimes loosely to any feedforward ANN, sometimes strictly to refer to networks composed of mult
Trade Fusion
Tajammul Hussain
4.14 (7)
Live Signal available here:  (high risk 7.5% from 29th of April till 1st of May. After that it's been 2% with the rest of the settings being default) Dear Traders, I am thrilled to present to you our revolutionary new expert advisor, "Trade Fusion" - a cutting-edge solution that is poised to transform the realm of automated trading. Trade Fusion is the result of months of intensive research, development, and rigorous testing, combining state-of-the-art t
Quantum StarMan
Bogdan Ion Puscasu
4.9 (71)
Hello everyone, let me introduce myself: I am Quantum StarMan, the electrifying, freshest member of the Quantum EAs family. I'm a fully automated, multicurrency EA with the power to handle up to 6 dynamic pairs: AUDUSD, EURAUD, EURGBP, EURUSD, GBPUSD, and USDCAD . With the utmost precision and unwavering responsibility, I'll take your trading game to the next level. Here's the kicker: I don't rely on Martingale strategies. Instead, I utilize a sophisticated grid system that's designed for
TrendMaster FX
Chen Jia Qi
4.56 (71)
Introducing our MT5 EA: Designed with advanced algorithms and utilizing deep learning technology, our Expert Advisor (EA) is crafted to assist you in the intricate world of forex trading. The system analyzes market behaviors and conducts transactions based on specific criteria, empowering you to engage with market trends more effectively. With the backing of nearly a decade of data, the EA employs deep learning to examine past market conditions, aiming to provide enhanced decision-making. Recom
One Gold MT5
Stanislav Tomilov
4.6 (20)
Welcome to the world of next-generation investments with our unique trading robot for gold on the MetaTrader platform! Our proprietary developments represent the pinnacle of advanced data analysis computational platforms in the world of trading. One Gold EA is a genuine smart algorithm, operating at a level beyond human traders' reach. Its unique method is based on the principles of a neuroscanner and and advanced technologies in neural networks, EA is capable of analyzing historical and current
Atomic Analyst MT5
Issam Kassas
5 (13)
First of all Its worth emphasizing here that this Trading Indicator is   Non-Repainting ,   Non-Redrawing   and   Non-Lagging   Indicator, Which makes it ideal from both manual and robot trading.  User manual: settings, inputs and strategy . The Atomic Analyst  is a PA Price Action Indicator that uses Strength and Momentum of the price to find a better edge in the market. Equipped with advanced filters which help remove noises and false signals, and Increase Trading Potential. Using Multiple la
Forex Trade Manager MT5
4.98 (428)
Do you think that in markets where the price can change in a split second, placing orders should be as simple as possible? In Metatrader, each time you want to open an order, you have to open a window where you enter the opening price, stop loss and take profit, as well as the trade size. In trading the financial markets, capital management is essential to maintain your initial deposit and multiply it. So, when you want to place an order, you probably wonder how big a trade you should open? Wha
Oracle MT5
Stanislav Tomilov
5 (9)
Oracle Trading Expert the Quintessence of Modern Programming Technologies Expert Oracle for MetaTrader, trading on GBPUSD and Gold, represents the quintessence of modern programming technologies. Our unique proprietary methods and developments are based on advanced machine learning concepts, making our trading expert truly one-of-a-kind. We offer cutting-edge modules and neural architecture that embody innovative advancements in financial programming. Our algorithms rely on in-depth data analysi

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London, UK
51.5235, -0.636
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New York, US
40.7765, -74.072
Equinix SP3
Sau Paulo, Brazil
-23.4663, -46.8634
Equinix HK1
Hong Kong
22.3656, 114.1171 AMS1
Amsterdam, Netherlands
52.3918, 4.665 MOW1
Moscow, Russia
55.736, 37.721
Falkenstein FSN1
Falkenstein, Germany
50.4788, 12.3327
Interxion FRA3/FRA8
Frankfurt, Germany
52.3918, 4.665
Aurora 1
Chicago, US
42.0011, -87.9571
Mumbai, India
19.1131, 72.8925
Johannesburg, South Africa
-25.9305, 28.1362
1.3226704, 103.9186452

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30 - 40 USD
Hello. Please find file attached. All described there. This is an averaging down expert advisor which is already completed that needs to modify. Hope you can help me with this
2 Applications
MQL4 Experts Forex
50 - 100 USD
Hey just reached out if you can code for mt4, mt5 ctrader, you must be skilled in developing a well automated algorithm trading robot for those platform, this is very important job, I am sending the full specifications in comment section thanks
0 Applications
MQL5 Experts
500 - 1000 USD
We are seeking a highly skilled Node.js developer with experience in JavaScript and TypeScript to join our team. The ideal candidate should have a strong understanding of Node.js and its ecosystem, as well as proficiency in JavaScript and TypeScript. Knowledge and experience in crypto trading would be a major plus. We currently have a fully functioning crypto auto trading bot developed. We need assistance with
0 Applications
Java Other JavaScript
75 - 150 USD
Hey I am writing to a proficient algorithm trading bot developer who is well vast and can program EA for various trading platforms such as MT4, MT5, CTRADER AND TRADINGVIEW, I've been discussion the project specifications with an expert specialist here in few hours ago and that's when I first posted this job as it's very important job but suddenly an error occurred and job got automatically deleted while the
1 Application
MQL5 Experts
30+ USD
OLA /// a minha estratégia de operação automatizada seria assim onda de impulsao com correcao no nivel de 38,2 % com stop 14.6% ou seja fibo de 0% ao 100%
30+ USD
Robot Magic - xxx Direction - buy and sell, or buy, or sell. Lot size - 0.1 or more Use SL - true / false SL - xxxxx Use TP - true/ false Tp - xxxxx Close trade on opposite signal - true/ false Recovery SL/minus = lot size * C, N times C coefficient - xxx N times - xxx Use trailing stop - true / false Trailing stop - xxxxx Use trading hours - true/ false Trading hours - start xxxx - stop xxxx trading on Monday

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Advanced Trader
The EW oscillator is an indicator for the MetaTrader 4 based on mathematical calculations on the price chart.
Forecast and Levels
EUR/USD Weekly Forecast Daily price broker 200 SMA to above for the primary bullish reversal to be started. The price is trying to cross the symmetric triangle pattern for the bullosh reversal to be continuing.
Mr T
Mr T
Happy Sunday guys hope you have enjoyed your weekend..... and now are prepared for next week's trading ........ am still holding my Silver XAG_USD sell trade....... Let's win together
Modern profitable indicators and EA
StatZigZag Its indicator that allows you to get real sustainable profits in long-term trading. The algorithms of this indicator are unique and developed by their author The StatZigZag indicator also build
Trend Scalper
The Spread Pulse MT5 indicator is an effective tool that provides traders with information about the current spread on the chart. Spread is the difference between the purchase price and sale price of an instrument. The indicator is presented in the form of
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Google Search Without Ads or AI: How to Get Just Links in Your Results -
Market News
Market News
Promotional Price: Discounts up to 40% on all products. (limited time offer) Act quickly! DreamCather EA MT4 ©: DreamCather EA MT5 ©: Alphabet AI MT4 ©: https:/
Legend Edge Router Empire Pytechfx Academy
​​THE LEGEND EDGE MILLIONAIRE SNIPER TRADER OFFICIAL TESTIMONY PRESENTED BY: P-YTECHFX ACADEMY Hosted by: @Patrick Eric Desmond Sunday, G.O.A.T SUCCESSFUL TRADE EXECUTION We are delighted to announce our latest achievement in live Forex trading, sh
BUY 1 GET ALL TRADING ROBOT FREE Are you serious about trading? Do you think one tools are not enough for your trading strategy, now get access to all our trading robots totally FREE Don´t miss out on this great opportunity and improve your trades! Stra
20% OFF on HFT PROP EA Offer is closing soon in few hours so hurry up !! HFT PROP EA is a highly rated HFT trading bot for passing HFT prop firm challenges within few min., It is highly known for its outstanting performance and high end customer support.
Prospect FX Signals
5 reasons to use algorithmic trading Algo trading are applications for your MetaTrader terminal. They can save you time from routine operations and from computing huge amounts of data for analysing charts and making trading decisions. Algo trading open a

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DRAW_ARROW drawing type in multi-symbol multi-period indicators

DRAW_ARROW drawing type in multi-symbol multi-period indicators

In this article, we will look at drawing arrow multi-symbol multi-period indicators. We will also improve the class methods for correct display of arrows showing data from arrow indicators calculated on a symbol/period that does not correspond to the symbol/period of the current chart.
Building A Candlestick Trend Constraint Model(Part 3): Detecting changes in trends while using this system

Building A Candlestick Trend Constraint Model(Part 3): Detecting changes in trends while using this system

This article explores how economic news releases, investor behavior, and various factors can influence market trend reversals. It includes a video explanation and proceeds by incorporating MQL5 code into our program to detect trend reversals, alert us, and take appropriate actions based on market conditions. This builds upon previous articles in the series.
Spurious Regressions in Python

Spurious Regressions in Python

Spurious regressions occur when two time series exhibit a high degree of correlation purely by chance, leading to misleading results in regression analysis. In such cases, even though variables may appear to be related, the correlation is coincidental and the model may be unreliable.
Developing a multi-currency Expert Advisor (Part 1): Collaboration of several trading strategies

Developing a multi-currency Expert Advisor (Part 1): Collaboration of several trading strategies

There are quite a lot of different trading strategies. So, it might be useful to apply several strategies working in parallel to diversify risks and increase the stability of trading results. But if each strategy is implemented as a separate Expert Advisor (EA), then managing their work on one trading account becomes much more difficult. To solve this problem, it would be reasonable to implement the operation of different trading strategies within a single EA.
MQL5 Wizard Techniques you should know (Part 20): Symbolic Regression

MQL5 Wizard Techniques you should know (Part 20): Symbolic Regression

Symbolic Regression is a form of regression that starts with minimal to no assumptions on what the underlying model that maps the sets of data under study would look like. Even though it can be implemented by Bayesian Methods or Neural Networks, we look at how an implementation with Genetic Algorithms can help customize an expert signal class usable in the MQL5 wizard.
Population optimization algorithms: Binary Genetic Algorithm (BGA). Part II

Population optimization algorithms: Binary Genetic Algorithm (BGA). Part II

In this article, we will look at the binary genetic algorithm (BGA), which models the natural processes that occur in the genetic material of living things in nature.
Learn how to trade the Fair Value Gap (FVG)/Imbalances step-by-step: A Smart Money concept approach

Learn how to trade the Fair Value Gap (FVG)/Imbalances step-by-step: A Smart Money concept approach

A step-by-step guide to creating and implementing an automated trading algorithm in MQL5 based on the Fair Value Gap (FVG) trading strategy. A detailed tutorial on creating an expert advisor that can be useful for both beginners and experienced traders.
Triangular arbitrage with predictions

Triangular arbitrage with predictions

This article simplifies triangular arbitrage, showing you how to use predictions and specialized software to trade currencies smarter, even if you're new to the market. Ready to trade with expertise?
Neural networks made easy (Part 69): Density-based support constraint for the behavioral policy (SPOT)

Neural networks made easy (Part 69): Density-based support constraint for the behavioral policy (SPOT)

In offline learning, we use a fixed dataset, which limits the coverage of environmental diversity. During the learning process, our Agent can generate actions beyond this dataset. If there is no feedback from the environment, how can we be sure that the assessments of such actions are correct? Maintaining the Agent's policy within the training dataset becomes an important aspect to ensure the reliability of training. This is what we will talk about in this article.