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  Trailing file (37   1 2 3 4)
Use this file for the simple trailing stop (created by Kimiv). It means the EA will use this file to move stop loss. 1. insert attached file to the \experts\include 2. #include should be included in the code of EA (your EA) 3. in 'start' function of your EA add the following code: if (UseTrailing)...
Hello, I just wondering if there is any script or anything that you can use to autochange the stop/loss order in an ongoing trade. Let say that your in a: buy order for eurusd 1.1930 and stop/loss order at 1.1915 and limit order at 1.2010 so is there any script or option anywhere that enables you to...
  Trade on ... (2)
Trade on Friday. Indicator from Kimiv. And EA if you like to trade automatically.
If I right click into a chart and click the "Indicators List" button, it´s the 3rd from above, MT4 just freezes and I have to kill it using the TaskManager
If I am using 2 indicatrors, say, an RSI (line) and a stochastic (histogram) I want to overlay them in the same area so that I save screen space and leave room for other indicators. How do I overlay Indicators in the same screen space ?
  How to code? (3452   1 2 3 4 5 ... 345 346)
Hi all: I have a very simple EA based on EMA cross, the profit is a big negative. I would like to reverse the setting code. Anyone can help or tell me, where should I begin? 1. Should I look at the magic number? What is the magic number function? How to calculate this number? or other..... Thanks!
  MoneyTransfer (6)
I am on that looks for MoneyTransfer from PayPal to eGold ? --
  When to trade (8)
i great report inside of day month week
I originally wrote this PlotArrows to analyse the performance of experts I am running right on chart. Plotting arrows and open & close price label on exact open and close times of every trade in hostory allows you to see how your expert perform in different market conditions such as choppy and...
I wrote indicator for linear regression line. I used many different data for calculation - OHLC med. typical etc. but unfortunately line still is not exactly accurate with Linear Regression Canal drawn by MT4 What is the data used to draw Linear Regression Canal ?? Regards
Does anyone have this indicator, or simular, for MT4? If you do can you post it for me as I havent been able to find one anywhere.
  RSX Swinger EA (12   1 2)
This EA comes from: Around 270 pips profit for a month of trading days in live demo account on the eur/usd. setup: SL and TP to 100. H1 chart Put RSX Swinger 1p3 EA.mq4 in expert folder and rsx.mq4 in indicator folder Can be attached only on 1...
  MQL4 bug?? (7)
I wrote a MQL4 program which buys and sells currencies based on RSI indicator. I found a bug in the software, after each trade, it is resetting program variables to default values specified in the program instead of reusing input parameters specified at runtime.
It seems there are hardly any dealers that are fully live on MT4. Some have it, but are only recommending demo accounts because of all of the bugs (their words, not mine). The EAs that I've tried all get errors making simple calls (global variables, OrderSend, etc..) It seems this whole platform...
Hello, I am running an expert and i keep getting Error (146) Tred Context Busy, what does that mean? Also this is causing for the orders not to go through. Please help Thanks
  Qq Ea (28   1 2 3)
This EA was described in Alpari forum from October this year. Author (RamilT) posted the statements (backtesting) all the time and everybody saw that this EA is really great and as simple as good. People asked him to post this EA and finally he did it. So, please find: - The EA (qq). - And the...
  ReshetovExpert (11   1 2)
Any comments? I mean that this EA is too good in backtesting ...
*Update: Ooops...did not realize the strategy tester consumed so much processing power. Mine is peaked at 100% full time when back testing on a Pentium 4 1.8ghz w/512gb Ram. InterbankFX seems to conflict with MS Outlook as I noticed it has problems synching with the server while running back test....
I am struggling with getting my coding to work. If I am using an oscillator with 2 lines that moves around the zero line, how do I programme in MetaTrader4 for the line to change colour when line A is above line B and > zero line and similarly display a different colour when it is < zero ? thanks
Id like to know how can I use or run .mql files. i keep seeing files with extension like this. What are these files for and how can i use this in MT4? Thanks. PS. THIS SITE ROCKS!!!!
Hi guys . pals I want help to now abut the expert how to do my, On strategy . thanks
Hi guys, I've got a question about Vegas Tunnel Method. Does anybody know how to deal with the market chops around the tunnel? What kind of indicators do you use? I couldn't understand how 12ema worked, what its signals were... THANK YOU IN ADVANCE REGARDS
Hi all. I have two monitors and would like to move some charts to the second screen. do you know how to do that? can I detach a chart and move it outside the MT bounds? Another solution could be opening a second MT instance, but it seems that it is not possible. Any thoughts?
I've tried searching for this, but I can't find an answer.... Can somebody tell me how to get the total value of all currently open positions. If I understand correctly, AccountProfit() gives the total profit/loss for the account as a whole. I just want the total profit/loss of open positions...
Hi folks, I've created a dll enable you to save your files outside the MetaTrader 4\experts\files You can download it with the source code (VC++ & MQL4) from here:
I'm new to this forum. I've posted a message, and was a little confused by that i couldn't see an "edit" button on my post. If i want to correct something in future, how can I do that?
I know the logic of Ablesys ASCtrend-1 bars colouring. It's simple. Thera are 2 ways of the same idea: 1. Red bar when Williams' %R oscillator (which domain is [0, -100]) goes below -67% and blue bar when it goes over -33%. 2. 9-period channel (but i don't know which flavour of averaging was used...
I am newbie here. Please be gentle. I want to create one simple arrow (any shape is fine).. on the current candle bar (one on the HIGH and another on its LOW).. I know it could be simple, kindly post MQ4 SAMPLE code. Thanks in advance.
Hi, I want to pass the following string to a DLL. The string is: TB_PlaceOrder("" , "SELL", Lots1tb, "EURUSD", 0 , 0 , "MARKET", 0 , 0 , "", "Rod", "Hurricane", "Euro"); Firstly, can I pass a string to a DLL? Or does it have to be in the form of an array? Thanks for help...
  Tech Problems (2)
Hi!! I have tech problems with my MT4 platform. It says "No connection". Do you know Mig's ( IP? And another one: IP? Do you know what can be done to solve that "No connection"? Thank you! Nina