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How do you get the detailed report chart to show both equity and balance? I only have the balance charted. Thanks
Could somebody please help with the idea for the adx cross ea. I have attached a sample ea system and would like for the system to buy back the open order at the next adx cross instead of at a buy i have sold at negative cross and would like to buy back at the next positive cross. Thnx in...
Could someone please help with the attached indicator I would like four horizontal lines drawn from a certain % from the current day open 00:00 gmt. This is the closes indicator I could find to that. Thanks in advance
Isn't possible to have more than 8 buffers on a indicator? Thanks
Hello everyone Does anyone know if it's possible to open an offline chart and select specific From and To periods (instead of the whole lot)? I just want to be able to select - say - EUR/USD Offline From 2002.02.23 To 2004.04.23. Thanks Max
Does anyone know how can I unsubscribe in, I am in hurry... Please help me.
  How to...? (3)
Anyone here knows how to use MT4 platform in Non-MT4 Brokers? Any input would be appreciated... Thanks, LF
Can anyone help me to locate back data for EURUSD or USDJPY? Actually, any data will be helpful for me right now. Thanks.
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hi friends, i have one idea for g/u, how ppl can help to create it to ea. my idea is : 1. ma 20 simple ma 9 simple 2. macd 5,20,1 3. rsi 4. stochastic 5,3,3 ---------------------- lot= 0.1 takeprofit=20 1. signal BUY IF Ma 9 cross to ma 20 and macd cross to 0 and (rsi cross >60 or stochastic cross...
Hello, anyone know where I can download Firebird indicator or iFXAnalyzer Thanks
hello, i would be really grateful if you could help me find the answer of the following questions: i have read it on forums like this one that about 98% of people in this forex business loose. but what are the characteristics of the remaining 2% i have also read it on the web that even the best... a 500$ scalper indicator from john carter from (trade the market)
I have manually tested this Ema Cross and it has been very profitable, I just dont know if done in EA where you can test even as far back as 2000 perhaps if it will be profitable as well. ------------- The cross is simple 12 EMA crossing the 157 EMA if 12Ema cross up the 157 then BUY if reverse then...
How to start metatrader when my computer start up from ddoc
I am looking for a breakout advisor I used before but cannot seem to find it. The strategy is: You set it to look back 15 candles on a 15 minute chart and see if the Highs and lows do not exceed 30 pips. If that criteria is met then it puts in a straddle (buystop, sellstop) 20 pips above and...
  Simple Gap Finder (17   1 2)
I made an indicator that can identify gaps that occur between the open and close of bars. I seem to have lost the original source code, so all I can provide is the EX4 file. Everything should be pretty self explanatory.
  Stocks SERVER (1)
Hello' Is there a server that can show stocks in meta trader 4 except forex? Thank you Haim
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Hi Metaquotes, Could you please ask your clients to have less flashy advertising on this forum, it's really boring an can be dangerous for epileptic people. Thanks
My EA is trying to open a trade and it's showing an error in the journal that says: "trading attempt in investor mode". What's wrong?
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Hello I have Demo tested this indicator for 1 week and a very good results. Is it possible to make an EA for this one anywho? Here i clarify the rules, you have to translate this to mql: Long: If Blue line cross Red line and the Blue is below the Red exit Long if Red Cross Yellow and Red is above...
This is an indicator which simply displays the previous weekdays high and low as horizontal lines, the length of which is input by the user. The indicator is working about 90%. Sometimes when I switch from one timeframe to another a "shadow" horizontal line appears to the left of the correct...
Hello, I want to conduct a exhaustive forward testing on available EAs. Since I do not have more than 3 PCs, I would like to test them all on available PC, regarding that, I need to ask: 1) Is it possible to FT (forward test) more than 1 EA on single installation of MT3/MT4? 2) Is it possible to FT...
Hi all. I am trying to code a very simple alert function. All I want is to be alerted when one of the three major FX pairs goes up in price by an average of .01% per minute. I have looked at some of the basic code examples and came up with the code below. I think there are some problems with it...
Hello, Is there a keyboard shortcut which will put the active focus into Terminal? So I can cycle through orders and close them with keyboard? Or is this a limitation set by brokers? Thanks
Hello, I've noticed so many posts that ask the question "does X indicator repaint?" I have come across many and I notice people keep coming across the same ones again and again. It also seems that more are being introduced all the time that repaint. I'm asking that anybody that has any REPAINTING...
Does anyone have it, would appreciate it! Dave <<<
Hello, Every time a Vertical Line is placed on the chart, it creates a 'timestamp' in the time bar at the bottom of the chart. But if you have many vertical lines then the many timestamps can make it difficult to see the other times. I do not think there is any way to place a vertical line without...
For me this is complex programing. I need some help with code. what i am looking to do is have an my EA look and the LAST 3 candles on a chart and get the average price movement (either it's moving up or down at the time).
This is my first martingale EA, works good on trending market nice result on GBP USD 4hr I hope there will somebody forward test it Pj