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Hello ‌In th‌e init section of an EA Im successfully opening a chart of a different timeframe. (The chart opens). However, ChartOpen is not returning the chart id, which according to this it should. Instead it returns 0, and printing GetLastError says "internal error"‌ After opening the chart I want...
Hello! I'm using MT4 on Mac OS 10.13.6 and I can not receive notification on my mobile device. I keep receiving the following errors MQL5.community: authorization failed Notifications: failed send request [0] notify.mql5.net:443 failed Someone can help me
  Candle Change (1)
Hi everyone, I'm looking for a push notification after the current candle closes opposite colour of the previous candle (ie. bull to bear or vice versa). I've searched but cannot find one for MetaTrader 5. Thank you
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I had to delete and download mt4 platform again however I can't find my id and password.... How do I recover my id and password and id? Thank you
I have a Moto X on LTE / wi-fi. When I open MT4 and go to Settings > Messages > MetaQuotes ID it says "Failed to register messages receiving service. Check your Internet connection and try again." Everything about my network connection seems good, I can use MT4 live like normal on my Android...
i have more than one MQL5 account and i want to unsubscribe the extra accounts
Dear friends/Brothers/Sisters, I want to start this post regarding Price Action. I want people to help about what I know. Please Respond this post, Share the way you know and learn the way I know. I am not a master but a trader like others and also like to know how others doing. Reply and Keep in...
I'm keen to develop a profitable EA, but so far my personal EA's have not proved profitable enough to move from my Demo acc to my Real account. They need more work. I was thinking about "copy trading" until my EA has proves itself reliable enough. I'm interested to know what experiences people here
Hi, I followed all the instructions and setup my 12 core: My questions are: 1. what is the password for if i am sharing it?? 2. do i need to make sure i have port forwarding into this machine on these ports? as its on a NAT network.. also, i think i did it right as i can log in to my MQL5 account...
Hi. I have recently installed a linux distro and installed mt5 using wine. Problem is, my custom indicators and EAs are not showing on mt5, but are there on metaeditor. I cnnot figure out the issue behind this. Indicators become visible after running them on strategy tester. I'm confused. Someone
I already have subscribed a VPS for one month period and I activetd in my account mt4 platform but my EA still don't open any trade sense one week now Any help in that please 
Hello, I'm trying to use an EA on strategy tester but I want to enable SWAPS to get a true calculation. As you can see here (https://prnt.sc/qv5wim) I have SWAPS enabled, but they're not showing up in the strategy test, at least not to my knowledge. I can do a 5 year test, one with SWAPS and one
When setup is started, Metatrader 4, build 840 displays form for proxy settings. Internet works, since setup is downloaded from internet. Setup also opens MQL5 community page on start. This happens also with Windows firewall and antivirus turned off. Windows 7 Home, with UAC, setup started...
The Signal Subscriber receives the message "The platform receives signals about trades performed on the Provider's account and automatically copies the deals to the Subscriber's account only when the platform is connected to the server." Can someone, please explain the full implication of this. 1
Hi people, After updating to latest build 2307 strategy tester stopped testing all market watch symbols. Instead it is testing a few of them multiple times. It did not do it with previous builds. I have not changed anything in the code of expert advisor. The attachment shows the final result
There is no entry in the my members menu on the left side of the page for service desk. How do I contact them, as I need to speak with them regarding finances. Thanks
On the signal details page, on the Growth tab there are percentages on the right in the YTD column.   ‌‌Lets look at [name of the signal was deleted by moderator] signal as an example: ‌ F‌or 2017, how do you get 20.89% ?  It can't be just the sum of Jan, Feb, Mar since that totals 19.78. ‌‌In the...
Dear all I hope that you can help me My account to get signals is showing 50 USD with 41 USD LOCKED. I cannot get signal can anyone advise what the locked means thank you
Hello, I just purchased <Deleted> EA but when I login to my community account on IC markets meta trader 5, I can see the purchased EA but I am unable to install it, nothing happens when I click on install button. I tried to restart pc and also tried other mt5 trader from fbs and from pepperston
It uses the ADXcrossperiod 14.It is by far one of the best indicators i have ever used and it is so simple. There must be a simple way to have some kind of alert noise or text or email ....something. It is by far the best indicator and its logic works well with mine so please help!! Once this is
The numbers below the chart, not those to the right side
Hi, any idea what happened here? I am subscribed to a signal and use your VPS but when I checked the trade history of that signal on the members page I saw all but 2 trades were closed. I crossed referenced mine and saw all of mine were still open. I opened up my mt4, then all trades closed...! I
I get the popup "Specific Symbol is not specified" when i try to run real time debugging, how do i fix it? Thanks
I have 2 account and need delete one for use his email.    Is possible delete the account from the profile?   Regards, 
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Hello, a short questions to the key event function, i use actual #import "user32.dll"void keybd_event(int bVk, int bScan, int dwFlags, int dwExtraInfo);#import//+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|
Hi guys, I'm having some trouble with my code. At the moment I want to change my string value(also have tried using the bool function, but same problem persists) to "UpTrend" or "DownTrend" , now the comments on the chart looks good with it's values(You can run on the Strategy Tester visual mode to
All I want to do is couple up the volume bars with the price. At the moment the default volume indicator shows green if the current volume is higher than the last and red if the current volume is lower than the last However I would like the volume to match up with the candlestick themselves. For
  signal (9)
Hi . I wanted to register a signal that I got this message: Specified account already being used as a signal I check the relevant section, but I don't see anything
Hi guys, could you kindly assist me. On the strategy tester my EA runs perfectly through the given time period but when I run it on my real account it only opens one trade hit TP/SL then stops running. How do i get it to run continuosly
Hi All...... I need help convert MT4 to MT5 candlestick MTF BAR Thanks