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I can log in to the MQL5 Storage from the Meta Editor (MT4) and I've even uploaded files to it, but when I try to log in to, it says wrong username and password. I've verified that the username and password are correct because a) I logged in through the Meta Editor today b)...
Hi, How can I copy all the data from the Datawindow of several previous bars in the clipboard?? I place my mouse e.g. on top of the H1 bar from yesterday 09:00 (2018.11.26 09:00:00). Ho do I get the data of this bar (time, OHLC,vol,..,ind1,indi2, ..) in the clipboard? On MT4 I place the my mouse...
Is there a way to withdraw more or is it just $500?
Can someone please help ? I am interested in using the HTF feature that some indicators offer but , I cannot seem to make them work. Everything just shows up blank. I have attached picture for reference. Please let me know , thanks.
Hi all, why on the demo account is not possible to subscribe?  Thanks to help me
  My forex trading Journal (54   1 2 3 4 5 6)
Today i have opened an account in FBS and deposited $200 in it. I have decided to publish my trading journal with this broker. If there is any problem with this broker, I will let you know. I will also inform you how my trades are going, I hope you will like my trades. Day: 30-03-2011 I have...
Hi ! I am currently using MT4 with one broker. I have registered with another broker and want to use them both. How do I login / register this new broker in MT4? Thanks !
Hi I need help, I registered my account to VPS a while ago, and I tried to synchronize my chart and experts. However, it displays an error that it failed to migrate.  On the journal, it also displays that it failed to connect to server: MQL5 New York 4. Please help me on this. Thank you!
Hello everyone, I have modified RSI MQ4 file provided by Metaquotes to calculate and draw RSI rate of change (Let's call it RSI Sensitivity). What I need to calculate follows: RSISen[i] = (RSI[i]-RSI[i-1])/(Close[i]-Close[i-1]) I have done everything according to the book. But I can't get a line (It...
Hi, Is it possible to duplicate/copy the trades I am doing via IC Markets Multiterminal? Or is there any other easy way to copy my trades from the same broker? Thanks
  HELP !!!!! (1)
WHY is it that you cant find certain people on MT5  And why is it that when clicking on someone on here it starts to download the mt5 platform when i already have it on my PC
Hello everyone When I make order at MT5, I can see new arrow mark like attachment photo. But I think this arrow mark disturb my chart, so I want to hide this. I tried to find in option, but i cannot find. Can somebody help me to hide this arrow mark? Thank you very much!
I just got a mql5 VPN that lost his connection without a reason, than it showed on journal connection is working but didn't close the trade of the signal copied and neither open new positions, how I could ask for a refund for the pips lost both on the closed positions and also on the opened? Thanks,...
Hi Guys, Need your help please. I renamed the folder where my MT4 is saved. When I opened the MT4, it seems it went back to its default settings and have to log-in again. But when logged-in, my subscribed signal is not anymore showing. What should I do. Thanks a lot.
  I am using MLQ5 Virtual Hosting. I right click on the server name, select journals and then select terminal. What do I enter into this line. I see the text  "enter the search filter string". I am stuck here.
Hi, I currently have a tax free spread betting account with IG UK with leverage of 30:1. UK and Europe seem to allow only leverage of up to 30:1, not more. Does any other country have spread betting accounts apart from UK? the other ones I've seen are mostly CFD trading with high leverage and not...
Dear How can I change a Long Array[] to a Double Array[]?  Thanks Victor
I am a signal provider and developer , I have been monitoring the Signal Providers market for quite a while to be able to present an attractive product when I launch my own signal which I did a month ago .I have noticed from my 1 year monitoring to the Signal providers/Subscribers behavior the...
Howdy trader! Are you profitable? How much did you lose before turning profitable? What form of trading do you employ. How much profit percent do you make per month. Lets share to help the ones new to trading...  - blaze
Hello, I'm new to Meta Trader, I have installed Meta Tester 5 Agent Manager on my computer in order to earn, but since installation the overview tab shows Test Passed : 0 Time Taken : 0 hours 0 minutes In Service tab I have 4 services with state running, but cloud status is...
This piece of code I believe was working correctly until market closed for the weekend. //server-time distance from GMT double srv_distance_from_gmt() {return MathRound( (double)(TimeCurrent()-TimeGMT()) /60); }//result is distance from GMT & minutes//US session is 12-20GMTbool TimeIsInUS(datetime...
What data does a broker receive from liquidity provider? Is only tick data? or complete data contains: tick data, all OHLC candle for all time frame?
My Signal Provider has Pending Orders and I do not see these Pending Orders. Is it normal to not see these Pending Orders ?  Will only Orders be copied to the Subscriber after the Pendings are hit on the side of the Signal Provider ? Where on mql5 is there info about this ?
I found interesting piece of code, and I don't know if this technique is common in mql5 it beneficial to code like this. Is it common to code  functions in #define, and if Yes  ..then when ?? PS i try to use objects, but if You learn by yourself, the right way is a matter of luck :)
If you have a holy grail at your hand suited for manual trade, would you digitize (code) it? I'm really curious about what experienced network engineers and/or Metatrader professionals would say about this foolish-looking question.
Hello! Is there any possibility to use MT4 to trade on Interactive Broker? Thanks.
Hello, there, I want to insert the Moving Average into the tick oscillator by code, but I don't know how to do that. I searched the internet, but nothing helped me. I would be very grateful if someone could help me. Yours sincerely...
My seller application has not been verified until now and it has been 10 working days since i made it
Hi,how can I get a good ranking in the marketplace?
Anyone know how I can make a refund?