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  Refund policy (1)
I have bought an indicator form mql5 and use for less than 30 days. Can I ask for refund if not happy with it
i was a approved seller and i just got a email msg saying my applications rejected and my products are out of sale,and i have funds waiting to withdraw and now i can't because it require verified statues,and i got messages from some of buyers that they can't no longer access indicators
Hi all, I'm wondering if the ticket number (XXX) of a pending order will change when this pending order becomes real position ? If yes, how can I catch the old ticket and the new affected ticket to make the link ? And additionnal question : is this behaviour could change between several brokers
my account has been moved to archive how do i contact moderator to make my signal available to the public i have resolve the issue caused by my vps provider  
  Signals - Reliability (21   1 2 3)
How do I understand the Reliability Index for Signal providers. I have seen two recently that give HIGH returns but 1 is High Reliability and the other (better performing) is very Poor.   The Poor provider has more followers than the Good performer. The Poor performer is 94% algo whilst the good...
Hello dear moderators, Is access to my Seller account from server allowed?? I currently use Chrome browser in the German branch VPS to access my account on MQL5 site and of course the IP is Germany ... and this is because of a problem I have in browser version on my computer, so I can not access
Long-awaited release of the platform which incorporates brand new features. Be among the first users to share the new experience. The beta version of the updated MetaTrader 5 platform will be released on 6 December 2017. We will update our public MetaQuotes-Demo server located at access.metatrader5...
  Forex Brokers (1)
Hello there! I am looking for a website where i can see all brokers list. Its about one month i am searching such site where all forex broker names avail but unfortunately i am unable to find. Many websites i found were telling about 100-200 brokers names. I believe there are more then 1000+
I know this is probably ridiculous..but I am trying to back test some expert advisors and here it is..If I back test the 4 expert advisors listed in the "expert advisor" drop down menu under the navigator tab, I get results.. Number of bars tested, initial deposit, gross profit, net profit etc , all
Hi there I rented a vps for metatrader 4 and the vps is based in the netherlands, but after checking the ip of the Irish trader it is a server in USA. im located in netherlands, spain or bali So now what? To reduce latency i figured i could move the vps to datacenter near to the trader server, but
Hello dear support team and also everyone, About a week ago I made a mistake in my seller account, I will never forget it in my life. The mistake I made is that I used several of my social accounts to support my product reviews, and about a week ago my product was hidden from the market by MQL5
Hello community,  I have an expert advisor in debug mode.  I would like to progress this advisor to release mode in order to upload a product file at Market.  After compiling there are no errors and no warnings.  How can I transform my expert advisor from debug...
Hello, just logged in today to find my profile rating at 48,000 while I had hit over 150,000 rating. What happened
just like subject to say , I can't connected to server of MetaQuotes. And two other server of metaquotes : they can not be connected as well. So, I want to know, Is there other server to connected
Hello. I'm trying to create and EA which check M1 TF AND M5 TF. EA calls two indicators who adds Indicators windows to charts. And on strategy tester I'm getting this error: M5: unknown subwindow number -1 for ObjectCreate function I think its because there is an conflict between m1 indicator
Is there a simple way to get an EA to only open one trade per bar? I keep coming across looping problems, especially when I open a trade based on the current ask (rather than a candle close). If the exit conditions occur in the same bar it will open and close continuously. I would like to know if
Gentlemen of analytics and traders! A study of the forum revealed that Duke's quantum analysis little attention is paid undeservedly. The author of this method, Andrei Duka, a former professor at St. Petersburg University, has proved the effectiveness of his theory with his personal biography
Hi, Just a quick Q... When you do a first full migration to the Meta VPS are the inputs settings that you are currently using on the EAs attached to charts carried over? I couldn't see anything specific on the VPS journal. I am presuming that the VPS doesn't need the settings save file because it's
I am relatively new to MT4, and I have looked and search for a particular indicator, but nothing quite does it. It is not complex, as far as what I am looking for, as it is simply a Fibonacci indicator that I can set the various lines to individual colors and have them with a word(s) of my choice
I can't draw lines or shapes correctly because after every weekend the chart moves erasing two weekend days and thus also erasing everything that is drawn there. When the market restarts after the weekend I must draw things all over again or move them because of this two days weekend "gap". Any
Hello Guys, As a trader, I would like to use only my broker MobileApp and be able to trade so that I do not need to download MT4/5 Trading Platform Application. Some solutions i am thinking of that could be implemented by the broker are: Create a trading panel (an interface like EA with the basic
HI , I am having a bitter experience trading. I am new with only a few months experience and am unable to take full advantage of the features in MT4 simply as I am still new and secondly because of the broker as they are discouraging to use MT4. They allow to download from their website only,and not...
Hi, on a VPS I am using a modified dark/high contrast color scheme. Whatever I try, the labels of the timeframe buttons stay invisible, while everything else is visible, also other applications. These are the settings: I guess this is a bug and not wanted that way. And by the way, this isn´t also
Morning traders, Thomas here, FOREX trader for Freedom Day Trading. Been using a new approach to scalping and have been noticing an issue that has caused trades to go south. Today, I put in a T/P line of +3pips short in GBPCHF @ 1.27750, T/P 1.22720. The price dropped to a low of 1.22716 yet did not
Is the Service Desk manned? Have left requests for two weeks and still no response. All of the article's, website etc say the VPS cost is $10 per month, but when signing up that jumps to $12 per month. Is this just a cock up
Hi I'm a total noon and am playing around on some demo accounts with various EA and their setting. One setup has been running a few weeks and I notice big changes in profits and loss and I woukd like a clear view on it. Does anyone know of a analysis tool for trades? Per example It seems that within
Hi, can someone please advise how we can delete messages in the message system? Thanks!
Good morning everyone!!! Sirs, I saw a post from one of the developers of MT5 stating that it is possible to use OpenCL for optimization of strategies and backtesting with the use of GPUs. My question: Would it be possible to develop a script to provide computational power from GPUs to Agent Tester?...
I can not see my pair because the spread is on the upper left hand side of the screen on top of the pair, how can I move or remove it? Please and thank you
  MT5 Server Address (21   1 2 3)
Hi, all Does anybody know the MT5 server address. I know in MT4 is in the directory of "./MetaTrader 4/config/" and it's in the format of .srv file. But I can't find the conresponding one in MT5. Thx in advance and waiting for your reply. ClementMiao