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Thank you for the references
Hi. What means that signal provider trades a lot of the same operation? for example, <Deleted> in his history of operations, he has the same open and close trades, a lot of times. That's probably a scam technique or is just his personal style to trade
Hello everybody, I need to write a simple code to let my indicator identify what timeframe is used on the chart where it's opened. I mean, i need my indicator to be able to recognize what timeframe is used, when I drag and drop it on a chart or even when i change TF. Can you please help me write
Dear All, I have installed MT5 in macOS High Sierra but platform doesn't work properly (especially when you are in high time frames 6H, 12H, D, 1W, MN candlesticks/bars don't scroll properly to the right side of screen), even thought ticking "scroll the chart to the end on ticking income" and "
Can it run EA and MQL5 signal same time in one account
Hello, I know that high frequency notifications will fill and crash queue. My use case is that I have 16 charts running on 1 minute chart and signals sometimes happen from multiple charts at once. I know there is some limit on sending per second or minute, but it seems that the platform is not...
  Slippage Tab (3)
Can someone explain the slippage tab to me?  After the broker name on the slippage tab, there is a pips number that is multiplied (X) by some other number.  What is that other number that follows the "X"?‌ ‌Thanks
this wasnt the case on the galaxy s10+ but i moved to the oneplus 7 po which has a slightly larger display and it always runs in tablet mode no matter the dpi or resolution. similarly having a phone screen size about the same as the 10+ it runs like it should on a phone with mobile ui. The note 10+
Can someone maybe help me with the following. *If you install an EA on a pc you will use one of the assigned activations. After updating the pc and rebooting, the EA was not working/showing  correctly on the MT4 charts. I had to delete the EA from the Market folder and re-install. Is it then normal...
Der All, I have question to ask and hope someone can help here. I am struggling to find a indicator or programme or whatever you wanna call it to change base currency as per your choice. We all know there are 28 top currencies to trade, and most of them are fix as pair, (EURUSD, EURGBP, GBPAUD
I have been registered as a seller last 2 years, but last 2 days it looks like i can not use Freelance service. I can proceed deposits/withdrawals, open new signal, add product to market, send messages etc, not obvious ban reason. I have access to Freelance session, but "Open new Job" and "Take...
Hi I use example from MQL4 help file in my code (the same as https://www.mql5.com/en/docs/constants/structures/mqltick). It prints correct time, correct bid, correct ask, but volume is always zero. I even tried to insert 10 sec delay so that there were several price changes between calling...
Hi guys, First, thanks for making this forum so lively, it looks like a gold mine full of information for MetaTrader new starters! This is my first post, so sorry if I am posting in the wrong section. I have been doing "manual" trading for some years (mainly cryptos lately), and I feel like I need a...
Hello , i noticed if i navigate to my profile and click on productsi can see my product page ,but , if i do the same on anyone elses page a 404 page not found is returned . Thats on Opera , let me check with a normal browser too.(Win7 professional 64bit) *From the Desktop Browser that is , will test
Anyone know where to get a bloomberg style keyboard but for MetaTrader 5 that has the shortcuts etc. Thanks
Hello. I have coded a multi currency ea for mt5 and when i try to test it the indicator lod but it doesn't appear in the tester chart and don't show data. and when trying on single currency it didn't work either. here's the code any help? the used indicators are attached
I wish to send my MT4 EA notifications to my cell phone via text message or email if text not possible. Any help appreciated
Hello my dear fellas. today somebody asked me if there is a way to calculate how much has been traded in each price per lot? I didn't know so I though I ask you guys about it. can we calculate how much lot has been traded in each price let's say in last hour? I am not pretty sure but it can mean
Anyone managed to use MetaTrader in MAC OS Catalina or know any solutions for this compatibility issue? reference for the issue : https://admiralmarkets.com/about-us/news/metatrader-mac-catalina-issue
Hello I would need a programmer/coder
Hi i have been using Slope direction line and Buzzer indicator for a long time and found that Buzzer is more accurate and does not repaint and i made a strategy wr u can win 100 trades of 100 . i am using this Strategy for more than 1year but manually can anyone make EA so that it will be...
Hi all , where i can get forex data history i want 99% Modling Quality Tick Data for MT4 ------------------------- <Deleted> if anyone can provide for 10 years . i need 12-15 currency pairs
ım buyed new indicator and its sid financial operations limited damn it......... ı need help ı want come back my money
I have mql5.com account. I started Metatrader VPS, I got 24 hours free for start. I connected it to my DEMO account at broker IC Markets. I have also REAL account at IC Markets. So I want to get another Metatrader VPS, which I would use with my REAL account. BUT, when I want to register VPS from MT4
checking with my EA this week using testing tool and I see this mistake, do you know why? conditions are the same, only change timeframes. if I use forward testing with visualization signal differs from original one and results are pretty different too. and this one looks more like original one with
Hi, I was wondering ,The historical data that I downloaded from mt5. the program download these data from the broker or Metaquote like metatrader4? Thank for answering
#property indicator_chart_window#property indicator_buffers 5#property indicator_color1 RoyalBlue #property indicator_color2 LimeGreen#property indicator_color3 LimeGreen #property indicator_color4 Goldenrod#property indicator_color5 Goldenrod//-----------------------------------extern int bars_back
Hi All, I have a set of scripts that run the MT5 terminal automatically in optimization mode and output the result in xml format. I'm able to run the backtest without issues, but automated forward testing(using the script) is generating errors and unable to complete. The odd thing about it is
Dear Experts, if I want to plot graphical objects like pivot points, labels etc on chart then is it okay to code them inside EA or I must code them in Indicator??? What would be the impact of plotting such graphical objects from EA and Indicator? I mean will there be any difference in terms of