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Hi Is there a way to obtain a historic Equity Balance for a specific date? Thank you BM
Hello I have tried to copy a signal Provider * From the different broker than me. It is showing me that I am connected to him, Via MQL5 on his Signal Page and Via My own MetaTrader4 Still when he take trades, I don't get them, why is that?
Hi,  Anyone did created a script to get forex data such as this site I only need to retrieve such data from a MT4 and display this on real time on a website. Thanks Rob
  Plugin (1)
Is there any developer in mql5 can do mt4 plugins?
MT5 cann't login and register.
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What are the reasons one should pay for a forex course ? Whereas in some cases, good strategies are used for trading and poorly taught strategies.
I'm considering a signal on here, but the signal provider uses a cent account. The balance for the cent account is around 30k USD, and the account I want to use is more like $300. How will the signal correlate the lot sizes? The signal provider told me that the minimum I need is $100-150, but I'm...
Hi, I'm looking  for a list of brokers that offer "Netting Mode" trading for real accounts. Thanks! BM
Hi There, I am testing my EA using Strategy Tester (mq4) and I get 0 when I try get ASK/BID of the Symbol on the Market Watch. My EA is only getting those values when that Symbol is the one open on chart, but somehow I need to be able to get the values into my currently opened Symbol chart which is...
In a single order, what is the maximum order size that can be executed by retail broker? Is there any such thing imposed by retail brokers? If there is ... is there any way to learn it from my terminal?
hi i have demo account on Al trade platform  after 3 months >> altrade disable my account  please there is any way to re activate it ?
He for all ... How to know that high or low is the first on a chart thanks
Hello  I wonder if I can have 2 accounts with the same broker on one MQL5 VPS ?  One account will be with signal provider  One account will be with EA  I want them separetly but wonder if I can have one monthly VPS payment ? 
Yes. No. Maybe. I don't care.
  Debuging (1)
Write me please  how to do that to in MetaEditor button Debuging Ctrl+F5 be functional (active). Setting in Tools / Options... / Debug is according to instruction.    Thank you  Chvojka Martin 
i think here we have many signal provider who r worked together . i mean as a syndicate. what i found is those signal provider start an account with very low amount like 5-10 used, and for create trading records for 3-5 months having few thousand % growth in every month and then add their acc here...
Hello Please forgive me if someone has asked this already. I am completely new to EAs and programming and had a good look on this site but cannot the answer to my question - hoping some kind folk can help me:) I am basically looking for a sample EA that flags up when a currency's previous (1hr) high...
Good day all. ‌‌I have question regarding the activation of an indicator. I'm planning to purchase an indicator that has 5 activations. I'd like to know if there is a way of not activating the indicator so I can keep it to 5 activations. I do my trading in an internet cafe which means I will be...
Hi Guys, I am new to this. I am subscribed to a signal,have money in my account. I have left my computer switched on, with platform connected to server but my platform has not copied the 3 trades my signal supplier has made today. What are the most common reasons for this? Is there a tutorial or... support? (13   1 2)
Does anyone know if there is a support email? I think there is an update problem with one of the signals that I am following. Who can I contact about this?
There is in my android phone MT4 application.I use my metaquotes demo account, however some broker send me messages.I do not this. I do not want to broker send me messages or email to me on Android MT4. I sent email and told to him to not send me message. But they still send to my android MT4. I...
I have contacted Service Desk about a serious flaw/problem of the signal monitoring system here in If a signal provider deposit some money, open a bunch of positions, withdraw the money (that previously deposited) and then close the positions, the profit (or loss) will be recorded taking...
Hi, I am interested in Renko Street indicator.  Is it  good for trading? and why past data of indicator change automatically? Example if we set parabolic Sar it will show correct place of itself of past data, but Renko automatically change? WHY?  
Hi, How can I make the platform as black as possible? I want to lower the pressure on my eyes as it's many hours in front of the screens. The charting background and Metaeditor background are ofcourse black, but what about the frames and "navigator/toolbox" areas? Searched but did not find. Would...
I used to have mt4 without a problem. I installed an indicator and after that I could not open the platform again. So, I uninstalled and downloading everything again, but nothing change. Now after many times of the same process. I can't donwload it. You can see the message I got every time I try....
I need to remove tabs from text file. The best is to replace tabs with spaces I think. Can anybody give me working code what replaces all tabs in string with spaces? Thanks!
Can expert advisors work on android or iphone?
Hi, I am using ActivTrades as a broker for MT5, but I am not happy about the quality or amount of provided historical data. What broker do you use? How long in the past do you have a hictorical data with high quality? Do you have any expirience? Which broker whould you recomend? Thanks a lot ;).
Hi   I seem to be struggling with the MQL5 Reset functionality and am getting absolutely no support from the support mailbox. Re: the reset functionality - I have tested this on MQL4, and the password reset works fine. On MQL5, it tells me an email will be sent, but nothing arrives, does not arrive...
Get error message: " failed create temp file for downloading product 'xxxx' ?