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I ordered a EA . From no where the arbitration took place and I had no opportunity to answer nor I given the opportunity to anwer. The developer <Deleted> basically submitted some garbage code that does not even run and said that he will warranty it of defects and malfunctions. Nothing of what he
Good Morning everyone.... Anyone knows how do I put the percentage indicator at the Market Watch column on MT5? Ex: Symbol / Bid / Ask / % <--(?)
Hi everyone, i just purchased a EA product from MQL5 market and activate it on my broker MT4 platform. The original number of activation of the products is 5 and after installed it on my pc on account #1, it remaining become to 4. 1st question is let say i installed the EA again on the account #2
Hi! How can I run multiple EAs on different accounts via 1 MT4 terminal? If I do that now, the account balances will be added together and then only 1 EA will work, so the others will not. Does anybody have experience with this? Thanks in advance
Now, my singalPrice is 1600.00,if breakOut,Bid is 1600.10,we can get a singal. but and this time there will breakout 1600.00 even more than 60 timer at one miniute, how can i get the first one singal
double AccountWeekProfit() { int netprofit = 0; datetime starttime = iTime(Symbol(), PERIOD_W1, 0); for(int i = 0; i < OrdersHistoryTotal(); i++) { if(OrderSelect(i, SELECT_BY_POS, MODE_HISTORY)) { if(OrderCloseTime() >= starttime ) { netprofit += (OrderProfit()
Hi, What is the difference between Experts and Utilities in the Market please
Hi there, I have been trading using mt4 for a while and I have bunch of really usefull indicators that I use on a daily basis. Recently I wanted to mitigate from mt4 to mt5 terminal, mt5 brokers are offering way more instruments and it would really be beneficial for me but I need the indicators that
Hi guys, I have an issue in MT4/MT5. When I click on 'Open an account' and search a broker, I cannot find it. I tried plenty of them: <Deleted> , <Deleted> , <Deleted> , <Deleted> . The button 'find your broker' just doesn't return anything. I just installed the latest version of MT4 on a windows 10
Hello, I created a custom symbol following the tutorial here (https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/3540). In the "Bars" tab, I click on "Import Bars", select M1 period and import a CSV file. I click on "Ok", the windows closes. Then I find my symbol in the "Market Watch" window, right-click and choose
Greetings, I am not able to use Xvolume_htf on MT5. I have tried copying the file into MQL5 / Indicators / and then trying to attach the indicator to the chart, but nothing appears on the chart. I've then tried compiling the file on MetaEditor, but it says "implicit conversion from 'enum
Is it that I operate too frequently and cause Forbidden? How long will it recover
  VPS (2)
Hi, once migrated to VPS, do i uncheck DLL, and how do i know that the VPS has taken over? Do i switch off my internet
Right now I am looking at a VPS for my MT5. The biggest concern I have right now is how much RAM will my trading system and all my EA's/charts take up. How many charts/EA's could you have have open with only say 4GB of RAM? I read that an MT5 VPS can have up to 3GB of RAM. Any info helps thanks
Who covers for VAT? Did it start today
Dear, I have the following problem with my demo account 1501321. The following: when I click on a new order nothing happens in my screen so I cannot open the order window. if click on the direct buy buy the program directly but I cannot change the takeprofit or I do not see the order window open to
double initial_deposit=AccountEquity(); extern int ProfitPerc=10; i have defined this in start of the trade. Then i have the following line for closing the trade of earning 10% Growth in Equity. I want to if ((AccountEquity()-initial_deposit>=(ProfitPerc*initial_deposit)/100)) { if
EURUSD pair is grayed out and trade is disabled in the Market watch (MT4). How do I enable trading on the pair
Hello, Need buffer in indicator - DonForex Anyone Can please help? Thanks
  MQL5 calendar (1)
what does this error mean?Deserialization of the MQL5.calendareventfilefailed
I have open order by some EA which change the magic number each order. How to find the magic number for this already open positions
Anyone now how to do synchronization on a MT4 ? My new VPS says it is not synchronize. I watched the instructional videos but it doesn't have the same options
if (rt[0].close>=iHigh(_Symbol,0,H)) { if (m_position.Select(_Symbol)) m_trade.PositionClose(_Symbol); else //if(OrdersTotal()==0) m_trade.PositionOpen(_Symbol,ORDER_TYPE_BUY,Lots,SYMBOL_BID,0,0,"Buy"); } Error:'if'-Semicolon expexted
when i test my mt4ea use period M1 ,then DATETIME IS :2015-01-01 TO 2015-12-31,then singal Arrow can show correct . then i switch M15,the chart show after 2017-05-23 timeframe bar. but in my char,m1 and m15 is high quality. this is my test png. y
I need a help how to lock my EA/Script based on my login account number and one broker only such as "FXDD" ? example: my login number in my broker "FXDD" is 12345 , and I want my EA/Script can run only inthat login number and FXDD broker. please help NOTE: better if you can give me an example...
Hello, I updated my product on December 7th and since then it is not possible to download it. EA has been validated as usual without any errors and is available on the MQL5 Market, however the download produces the error: "MQL4 Market: failed download product '' [500]", as you can see in the image
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I'm a hard working individual looking for a mentor. I've read many books and learn all the coding I could by myself. I'm trying to create a winning EA. I'm writing this message with little hope of help but I would very much like somebody to mentor me and he will get an access to all the programs I
Hi, can anyone pass me the classic super trend for mt5 in the form of EA
hello here is the mql5 code i am getting 4001 error continuously and i am running this OnCalculate bool PlotTrend(const long chart_ID=0, string name="trendline", const int subwindow=0, datetime time1=0
Hello mods , i literally had a prospect ask me where the screenshots are -right under the screenshots i posted-. -Are images not visible to clients ? is this not allowed ? are they obscured due to past usage ? or its a possible slow connection which wont show any images until all of them load