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[in a freelance project] , when the client accepts the demonstration and the coder sends the source code , sometimes the clients forget or ignore the last confirmation step - they cant see the notification , dont know it exists , or check the source code and forget to confirm,and the occasional -but
Good day Could anyone please help me find my full day's journal? I was using the MT5 app on my mobile on Monday and I'm trying to find a specific stop loss I set but I can't find it because the day's journal truncates long before it. Is there anywhere I could even hope to get it
I noticed that the pips range on the right side of the chart keeps changing from time to time. Is it possible to track it somehow inside my EA code? Also what is the reason behind it? Why does it change
Hello everyone! Is it possible to use webrequest function of mt4 to enter a X website with a login and pw and get a signal (buy/sell/hold,etc) from that request? Is there any example, besides the image upload example? And do I need to have all the url listed in the option section? Like, if I'm going
Hi Everyone, Today I faced a problem when trying making optimisation backtest. First I ran the optimisation using 5m and get these results (I'm using custom result for optimisation): Look that I'm obtaining 10450 of profit, that's ok, but I run the single test and I got this: Totally different on is my broker and they don't support copying signals. is there a way I can manually create those signals. I have subscribed one but not able to get any signals
Hello, Does anyone know if the servers are down for demo accounts? I have a "no connection" sign at the bottom right, but my Internet is working just fine. Anything I could do differently? Thank you. Mike
Hi, I noticed this with some other indicators too. They seem to have variable length between ticks. Lines drawn on the chart are of different length with respect to timeframe. What is the reason behind it? How can I measure it
Need help. When I migrate my mql4 lib to mql5, but come to a problem I can't solve. here is the code that recreate the problem. template<typename T>class Foo{};template<typename T>class Bar:public Foo< T >{};void OnStart(){ Bar<int> b; Bar<Foo<int>> b2; Bar<const Foo<int>* > b3; Foo<const void
Hi~ If my Signal provider order volume is "0.01",can I change to volume "0.1" or another price
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Hello all,  I was hoping to get some insight, I was/am looking at a program that promises results (?) and coaching to use their indicators and algorithmic system but its crazy expensive. I am planning on trading forex, does anyone have any thoughts on this or a better way to get trained and using...
Hi May I know if I purchase a EA the version is 2 can I use the older version of the EA
i bought an indicator and its not working at all, , its been 2 days , how can i get a refund . ? thanks
I'm Unable to download free indicators for MT5 from the MQL5 market, does anybody know solution the problem. The market icon is not displaying on all the mt5 platform toolbox on my computer. Attach is the screen shot of the mt5 toolbox Thanks Can't
Hi all, As a scalper (of course an amateur one) even when I open my positions on Swing Tops and bottoms aiming to get 500 points I am inclined to close my positions just after 100 points profit (as I always do in scalping) What do you think? How do you describe this habit? - Primitive? - Noob? - Too
how can i contact the Mql5 service directly by phone call
Hello, my name is Cheng Wang. It's not Cheng Qian. Can you change it. Thank
Excuse me experienced traders, Could you kindly teach how can I solve signal problem below: 2020.03.16 23:00:05.409 Signal 'XXXXXXX': cannot update position, symbol EURUSD# not found 2020.03.16 21:22:59.843 Signal 'XXXXXXX': deal #XXXXXXXX sell 0.15 USDJPY# at 105.924 skipped as no symbol found
I have probably misunderstood the documention for the ArraySort() function in MQL5. states "Sorts the values in the first dimension of a multidimensional numeric array in the ascending order". When I use this function, my arrays are sorted with Array[0]...
Hello guys, this function is not inserting any values to database: void db_test(void){ uint flags=DATABASE_OPEN_READWRITE | DATABASE_OPEN_CREATE; int hndl=DatabaseOpen("testx.db", flags); if(hndl != INVALID_HANDLE) { string test_table="CREATE TABLE IF NOT
I have created subclass "CMyAppDialog" as following, so I can manage instances. //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| MyAppDialog.mqh |//| Copyright 2020, MetaQuotes Software Corp. |//|
Hi, My signal is not showing in the public section for people to subscribe. Just placed first trade today and it shows as Copy my trade for XX amount when i open the signal. But when i search under the all signals, i cant see mine. Am i missing something? Thanks
Hello Mod, I'd like to know the place within this Trading Forum that is most appropriate for posting a link to my YouTube live stream channel. Regards
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I just opened an account, yet when I go to deposit it says that this is a demo page
Hi all, How can I calculate absolute strength of the Pairs? Considering momentum of the pair against all other major pairs
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I am trying to rotate my axis to where time is displayed as the y, and exchange rate is displayed as the x. how would I go about doing this? I am looking at the CAxis class header and I think it happens somewhere here. thanks in advance
Hi guys, Does any one have knowledge about Indicators of the Economic Events and their values on the chart ? I posted an order on Freelance page. No one seems to have the skills to apply. Any recommendation would be much appreciated
Hi Does any one still Be Free MT4 Premium Version 8 EA My system down and now I can't find this EA on the Market
Hi, Is there a way for signal providers to manager the subscribers on their signals. This is what I have in mind: I would like to switch to a performance-based subscription fee facilitated by MQL where by at the end of the month, a percentage of any positive monetary growth on the subscribers
My backtest speed with MQL5 is quite slow. Is there anyone with ideas of how to go around this problem? It takes hours to backtest 2 years worth of data. Or could it be my code which is inefficient|