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I want to know how many people from Indonesia is joining this forum. If you're from Indonesia, please comment this topic..Thank you..
Please i need help getting windowpricemax for all symbols in multi currency EA. How to get Maximum price chart for each of the symbol and timeframe. double lower_range= WindowPriceMin(0)+ 0.09*(WindowPriceMax()-WindowPriceMin()); double upper_range = WindowPriceMax(0)-
How do you backtest in strategy tester and you can see multiple timeframes?
  Signals (6)
Hello, Can anyone please help me with how I can get the signal page working. I was trying to make payment to subscribe for a signal and the page is not opening. Please, what can I do to get it working?. Thank You
Hello all. Can I run MT5 Strategy Tester agent on multiple computers and all connected to the same account? Thank you. John
Hello friends, does anyone have any simple example of how to use transparency I tried to use an example here on the site, but I couldn't. Thank you very much in advance. Cláudio
Bonjour à tous, Je cherche à créer un signal, mon broker est MaxGlobLimited-Live mais, je ne le trouve pas dans la liste des brokers ?? Quelqu'un a une idée ? Merci
  Possibilities of Canvas. (36   1 2 3 4)
Demonstration of the possibilities of Сanvas in dynamics. The picture never repeats. This script also works on MQL4, but much slower. #include <Canvas\Canvas.mqh>void OnStart()  {   ChartSetInteger(0,CHART_FOREGROUND,true);   CCanvas C;   int Width=(ushort)ChartGetInteger(0...
hello, do you have same issue, or it s just me? since this morning trying not receiving any notification :( how can i resolve the issue
Greetings, Hope this is is correct section to post. I am trying to get the Python integration to work with Metatrader 5, however I am getting this error when execute the pythonscript- NameError: name 'MT5Initialize' is not defined Have made exactly like the tutorial fond here -
I'm trying to develop a integration with Poloniex API (, buy I'm facing some difficulties on doing private HTTP connections. Here's my code, can anyone help me? Server is returning the message {"error":"Invalid API key\/secret pair."} Thanks in advance
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This is about something interesting which we can find here for MT4 and MT5 on CodeBase, Articles and inside the threads. No any signals, market prodducts, external links (to download or any), no any advertising, no any commercial things please.
Is it possible to have more than one row of chart TABs? If not would you consider to add it to MT4? Thank you
hi guys seems i dont get the correct answer out of copybuffer for some reason can anyone shed a light on this plz double MACD_Array[];double MACD_SIGNAL_Array[]; ArraySetAsSeries(MACD_Array,true);ArraySetAsSeries(MACD_SIGNAL_Array,true);int MACD_Handle=iMACD(_Symbol,_Period,8,17,9,PRICE_CLOSE);int
Dear Experts, Could you help me to get the Highest Low of Last 10 candles!! Actually I want to check Last 10 candles and get the Highest Low value of a candle within that 10 Candle!! Thank you in advance for the Help
  Authorization failed (12   1 2)
Hello I can't connect to the MQL5 community on MT4. I get an error message indicating "authorization failed". What should I do? I use a pro macbook. authorization failed I can't install EA on my MT4 and already send ticket to service desk but no one answer me. How to fix it ? Thank you
Hello, Since today, my LINUX VPS server can't connect to MQL5 in order to receive the signals. I've run the MT4 terminal successfully untill now using WINE. I don't believe that my VPS provider changed something and I wander how to fix this problem??? When I open a terminal in my WIN7 laptop...
  Sellers (2)
What can I do if the system keeps rejecting my application to be a seller? I honestly cannot take any better pictures than I am uploading right now. Is there a customer-care helpine
Any body familiar with arbitrage trading , using 2 broker one fast and one slow . and the other methods like arbitrage triangular
I have several MT4 accounts and I would like to quickly browse between them on my Android phone. As far as I know, I can only do that by switching between accounts on the same app, but that is slow and annoying when you need to check often the accounts. I was wondering if there is a way of opening...
Most demo accounts are closer to a games program and are not sensitive to real-time price changes such as the actual accounts and give you the impression of the possibility of making a profit especially during the limited movements of the market and once you move to the actual account you will
I given my phone number. I didn't receive the verification code What is the issue. Is it sending realtime or After some time only it will send ?
How are you running your EA's 24/7? I've used Azure's virtual machine but feels it costs a bit to have it up and running all the time. Is there any better way to keep your EA's trading all the time.  I don't want to run them locally on my computer which then has to be on and plugged in all the time...
Can somebody suggest how I can deposit to my account when the system requires a confirmation code supposedly sent by SMS to my mobile but never received therefore impossible to enter a non existent code. Since when did MQL5 commence this requirement. Supposedly to confirm my mobile number in profile
which resources can one use to understand the basics of programming and then start learning MQL5
Hello everyone would like to know and show me if anyone has or knows a FREE Indicator to show the absolute RSI for all Currency in the same graph. thanks As this picture…
class Symbol_info {public: void print() { Alert("Hello, World!"); }};Symbol_info symbols[3];symbols[0].print(); how do I call this print function from an array of objects? If I were to make an object and call this function from a singular object it would work fine, however I get an exception
MQL pages havent been loading properly for me; see images below. The top one shows what the page I am presently typing these words into looks like. The image below that shows images missing. I've tried 3 different browsers (firefox, ms edge, chrome), 2 different pc's and an android phone. Problem
Hi, In the last few days MQL5 has "locked" my funds and won't allow any withdrawals.  I have sent a message to them but no reply yet. Does anyone have any thoughts? Thanks Gary