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Is Asset Management is one source for all formulas?
i have downloaded a demo account but I cannot figure out how to access my live account and make a deposit. I just registered for my live account but cant seem to figure out what to do from here or who to contact to find out? can anyone help me?
Steven Englander, global head of Group-of-10 currency strategy at Citigroup on the US dollar if Trump & Congress carry out most of their stimulus programs while the labor market strengthens Could easily send EUR/USD lower than 0.90 & USD/JPY to 130 yen(Didn't give a timeframe) "We can see a huuuge,...
Hi, can it be that mql5 vps are always automatically being searched close to the broker? Or where are MQL5 VPS located? It says Amsterdam. and to London I got 10 and 23 ms, but to Middle America I got 0.69 ms ping. Why? Regards Chris
Why sometimes Profit factor in optimion empty???
Hello All traders.. hope you fine Please, i need these indicators  Multi time firme as see in picture Thanks a lots
  MT4 Signal (2)
Hi Guys. How to search for the specific signal in MT4 platform. instead of scrolling back and forth is there any option like I will type the signal provider name and it will come-out in my MT4 signals tab. I have noticed that only the top 20 or 30 signals are shown in my MT4 platform.
Bolinger BandsRSIMoving AveragesBarabolic SARMACDStochasticIchimoku Kinko HyoATRCCIWilliams %FractalsOther (Please Speicfy in Comments)
Hi, what is the effect of different leverages? What happens if I use 1:3000 instead of 1:500? What are strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats? Kind regards.
hi, pleasure are Musso Giovanni, it is the first time I ask an info to the whole community. I'm about to become a selling signal, I wanted to know if it was possible to show the historian to My Profile. thank you to those who will say,   
Repeating 2016? Investors are trying to learn from historical developments. Therefore it is understandable that market participants talk about the risk of getting caught up by a USD downward correction, such as that seen from February to May 2016 when the Fed's broad USD index weakened by 6.5%....
Reconciling the different developments, we believe the consensus long-USD trade is entering a more mature phase. The subdued start to the year for the greenback suggests markets have been caught with an overly long position and will now turn more selective with respect with entry levels and exposure...
  MT4 VPS (2)
Hi, I have a signal set up on the mt4 vps and the trades aren't copying?  does anyone have any ideas? I have put two requests in the service desk and had no response.  I have other signals copied using the vps and they seem to be working so far, so its only one signal that isn't. Any ideas would be...
Sajeewa Dikovita
I have registered as a seller before few days ago. but at that time my broker account was inactive becaze of that mql5 account has been disabled. . I have submitted the necessary documents but it was not enable for copy trader. when i ask about that got an answer i should register as seller. but...
Hi My Metatrader 5 loads up and then it closes immediately. Is there a way to fix this ?
Anyone tried to decode signal on how the enter and exit into your own EA? Mimic them? 
Hi guys! I have to pay somebody to make an EA for me with this indicator. But i dont now with what kind of strategy  .Can you give me some ideea how to use it?The indicator  dont give a target,  only the actual direction of price.In a quiet market works well with verry good signals, but sometimes...
I need an expert advisor provide at least 100 trades a day on one pair but want it at lease 50% win and 50% lose all i need don't lose my capital.
GBP/CAD is going down in Forex market... Our Recommendation: SELL GBP/CAD 1.6370 TARGETS 1.6340 1.6310 STOPLOSS 1.6400 Follow Up: OUR 1ST TARGET HAS HIT IN GBP/CAD 1.6340 KINDLY BOOK PROFIT IN IT. Get live Forex Tips to execute profitable trades with 3 days free trial. 
I have just set up the VPS through the instructions given in MQL5. How can I check and see if it is running correctly? Thanks.
US labour market focus: Yesterday’s release of US Fed minutes showed that about half of the participants incorporated an assumption of more expansionary fiscal policy in their forecasts. In their discussion of their economic forecasts, participants emphasized their considerable uncertainty about the...
Hi,   I have mt5 installed according to the guidelines on the website. However, when i try to download something form the market, i cannot do it because mt5 does not show in the application folder of my mac.   Any suggestions how can i download the experts on my computer and then to put them in the...
  NEED HELP (10)
My Window marché ne fonctionne plus. Il n'y a rien à l'intérieur, depuis ce matin. J'ai acheté un indicateur, mais comme la fenêtre ne fonctionne pas, je ne peux rien faire. Les autres fenêtres fonctionnent bien, mais pas celui-ci. Rien ne paraît.  HELP ME PLEASE 
I have problems with MT5 Strategy tester performance. In same time after optimization is started and couple tasks passed MT5 tester not starting more tasks until all running tasks are not finished. You could find example screen attacked. I have 8 agents in my farm 7 of them are finished tasks and do...
Hi, is anyone using VPS? I have a few questions.  Is VPS same with virtual hosting? or they are different services? I can not find VPS Hi, I want to try VPS,,  but when I click on the green button "one month 10 dollars", it actually comes back to the previous page.  Anyone...
  HELP (1)
MT5 EA program, in the 32 bit system compiled to move to the 64 bit system can not run normally . Whether there is not compatible with the problem?  
My agents are connected to cloud there is traffic both in and out but there aren't any passes what's going on ?? please help thank you 
After being on hold for a year the FOMC voted unanimously to increase the fed funds rate to 0.50-0.75% at the December meeting. The decision to raise the key rate was widely expected. Although the committee decided to make monetary policy slightly less accommodative there were only small changes to...