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Hello, I have this situation: I want to copy trades from a signal. My capital is double the capital from the account that I am copying. Therefore I want to be able to open double the volumes that the provider is opening. What settings do I have to make to accomplish this ? Dan
Hey, I have an issue using the function ChartSetSymbolPeriod() Before my EA starts I want the chart to have a certain period (value of ENUM_TIMEFRAMES). So I use the ChartSetSymbolPeriod() in the OnInit() function of the EA. When applying the EA to a chart in a MetaTrader account that is in demo
hello to all. before to all, thank you for your time in this my topic. I searching for tick data for mt5, on the web I meet some site but the data tick is not good. Where I can download best quality data forex? can someone help me
The Inclusion of Local Traders Time Zone, with Server Time Zone, along the X axis - a horizontal row for each Time Zone, adjacent to each other, one directly above the other
Anyone know how to edit Symbol properties in MQL4 . For example, to change MODE_SWAPLONG to be zero. Thank you
Hi, I'd like to unterstand how to buy/sell if the bar closes on top/bottom of the envelopes indicator If u can help me with this let me know, we'll work together! Thanks you
Hi Does anyone know if MQL5 Cloud Network is down? I see agents are available but I'm stuck in "connecting" status for the past 2 days Thanks, BM
Dear experienced traders, Do you know the meaning of the sort for popular list in Expert Market? I think it should be one of below, do you know the right answer? A. Number of buy B. Number of running in real account C. Number of running in account include demo and real account D. Number of download
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Hi Today my account was banned (supposedly by spam) and later it was automatically unbanned. Has the same thing happened to someone? This is the first time this has happened to me. Regards
Dear Experts and Traders, Don't know if it is right to post this issue here........... but since couple of days, I have noticed some suspicious activity happening in one of my MT5 Trading account. The problem is that my positions are getting closed with stop loss hit on them while I did not put any anyone knows how to setup?
I was looking at some comparison articles about MT4 vs MT5, so I wanted to ask developers of indicators and EAs on their thoughts. Do you prefer MQL4 or MQL5? Why do you like that one more? What features does it have that the other doesn't have? Why do so many people still use MQL4 than MQL5? Thank
I'm communicating with a server (send & receive) the data sent to my server as integer (0,1,2,3,4 .. and so on) this OrderSend function takes some data as MqlTradeRequest) this MqlTradeRequest requires attribute called ENUM_TRADE_REQUEST_ACTIONS action; I have this ENUM as interger (0,1,2,3,4)
Hello Trader/MQL4, I have purchased an EA in .ex4 file and wanted to know how to download/upload it onto my MT4 Trading Platform . Any advise or instructions are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance
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Hello Is there a stock market broker working during the vacation period for the purpose of testing on an expert
Dear, Some information are not clear on Optimization back testing. If anyone answer me then it will great help for me. Q. What is Tasks and what is Passed? Q. In the image you will see my backtest should be more then 10496 but always backtest show max testing 10496, what this value mean 10496 why
Hi, I am an Italian boy, I am interested in replicating my operations to friends or in any case people who follow me, I have seen that with MT4 I can be a seller of signals, I have already registered as a seller, I have created "new signals", l I associated with my account, only that it doesn't go
Hi All How do I add the NSE Indian Market- Stocks and Futures into the MT5 market watch. Thanks a ton for your help. Regards Praveen
I have recently noticed only in the last 2/3 weeks that MetaCOT updates only on the new market week Monday open and not as previously on the markets Friday close. This is a big problem because before the new COT report positions showed on Friday night so I had the whole weekend to work through the
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welcome everybody What is the best way to manage capital? Thanks to all
I'm trying to code moving average filter into CCI giving me difficulty does anyone here has a CCI EA with moving average filter for both mt4 and mt5? Like when the CCI crosses the zero line from the downside and the price is above the moving average it takes a buy same thing if price crosses the
Hi. I am a developer. How can I edit my skills
Hi, experienced traders, When I want to follow a young signal, I have to search it in the website, because I can't search it in mt4. And, when I start copy it, I have to open mt4 from the website, and it often open the newest installed mt4. Do you know how to open an older mt4 from the website? P.S
Good morning, I have been trading with cryptocurrencies here in Brazil, but none of the Brazilian Brokers support MT5 (which is the platform I use for graphical analysis and Expert Advisers). I have been looking for days for a Exchange that supported MT5 and provided information and graphs for BTC,...
Hi I wrote a test ea and while back testing , MT4 stops and i see this message in the journal tab: Access violation read to 0x00000003 in 'C:\Users\H\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\E05C74117B3E2588F72872BDDB509419\MQL4\Experts\2020-Test.ex4' after that if I click on start button again MT4
Hello, I have been trying to get the price in an array like I have managed to do with the RSI. I can only seem to get the current price, but I would like to call it with price[i]. Is this possible? //+------------------------------------------------------------------------------+//|
DearFriends, Please help me on this. I have limited knowledge on scripting. I created my EA robot based on the internet findings. Kindly advice me on below: 1.When i test my EA on tester its immedietly enter new trade once existing trade closed (which not make sense for me). By right once existing
I know how to send a POST Request in MQL5 and how to pass the data but I would like to send the body with a certain format what I mean , I have these values int x = 0; int y = 1; I would like to have the body in this format (you know the REST API accept JSON body) { "singalData" : { "x"
I am trying to migrate some of my work to MT5 (from MT4) and struggling with the 'Period Constant'. I want to pass the current chart information to a routine and return a string containing M1 or M5 or H1 etc to match against other data. //int ipc = PERIOD_CURRENT; //double dpc = PERIOD_CURRENT;