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I have a stupid question from a pupil forex. I've nticed that the same pairs act the same way, for example EURUSD is UPTREND at the same time EURCHF is UPTREND and you can guess USDCHF is DWONTREND Am I dreaming or wat? Are there any Expert Advisor noticed that and took it to a work?
Hi, Is it possible to create a trial version of an EA (for example make it run for 30 days only? Also can it be bound to a particular account number on MT platform to only work on that account number?
i would like to know if someone have one idicator who paint the inside or outside bar?sorry for my english
  Astro... (221   1 2 3 4 5 ... 22 23)
Hi guys, I was wondering if anybody in this forum is interested in searching of connetion among planets,moon and other movements in space. We can share our experiance and learn more and more... All you know that the most famous and successful trader/W.D.Gann/ is used astrology and other technics to...
  Renko indicator and TLB (11   1 2)
Hi All my freinds where can I get this indicator that shown this image . Renko and TLB indicator fot mt4 . plz help me . . tanx a lot best regards Arastoo
  Expert Question and Expert (24   1 2 3)
I been writing this EA //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| Eurobuy.mq4 | //| |...
Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for adding some EA code that will only trade certain times of the day. What is recommended as the better times of the day to trade? Does it depend on the pair you are trading? Many thanks
I watched a video course using the EZ2 wave..anybody know what the MT4 equivalent is? The wave is in this PDF. LINK THANKS
Hi all, when creating a new account, I could not see the MetaQuotes Demo Server from the picklist. Hence, I could not create an account with MetaQuotes. The installation file came from the download section of MetaQuotes. Instead, I see InterbankFX because previously I have installed their version...
hello traders, i want to know Ichimoku Kink Hyo indicator. i already read this indicator article in metaquotes website but i could not understood so please explain me how to use this indicator in daily charts. regards, k.n.v.santosh
  Aroon Indicator (64   1 2 3 4 5 6 7)
hello traders, i want aroon indicator and how to use aroon indicator please tell me. regards, k.n.v.
  Trading Times (3)
Just a small question involving what times of the day is there most movement? What are the different opening times that are the best for trendiing movment? In CET please.
Is there some place we can download slightly older versions of MT4? I am trying to get my hands on both build 186 and 188 to test some expert advsiors and see what differences there are between them and the most recent 190 in the testing results.
  Breakpoints (1)
Hi When are we going to be able to debug our EA's with breakpoints and watch windows? So that we can see the variable while in backtesting ? Writing variables to file is getting so tedious.
Can anyone tell me how I can plot a chart of the E-mini S&P 500 in MetaTrader? I know that I probably have to use off-line chart, but if someone to get me started it would be a great help. Thanks so much, Erik
Change chart time frame from H1 to H4. Get message "Waiting for Update". Init() says it has been called (via a flag that has been set ON) but does not initialise the arrays. Change chart time frame from H4 to H1 then bacck again to H4 and the arrays are initialised and program behaves correctly...
Hello, I want to convert the following code in MT3 to MT4 and was wondering if I need to create and "ObjectCreate" function: MoveObject("Buys",OBJ_HLINE,1,Barhigh,Time[0],Barhigh,SandyBrown,1,STYLE_SOLID); or does this just convert to MT4 as ObjectMove("Buys",1,Time[0],BarHigh) if I do need to...
  STEPMA intro (11   1 2)
Ive recently download stepma_v6. Could someone please tell me the rules for the system? Thanks
According to Woodie at Woodies CCI Club, he has passed on the code for these two indicators your development team. Any idea when we will get to try it out?
  High/Low EA (26   1 2 3)
Anyone know of an EA thats simply buys/sells a break of the high/low of the previous bar, like on the daily or weekly charts ?? I am assuming that there must be something out there as simple as that, but I couldnt find any EA's on this forum or on Strategy builders forum with this idea. I did some...
  Money Management (220   1 2 3 4 5 ... 21 22)
Hi Here is the code I use for my money management. - Actually it shouldn't be called MM, as it is only calculates how many lots can I buy so that when I hit my stop loss I only loss a certain percentage of my account. I think though that is one of the crucial aspects of forex- trading - as it leads...
Hi all, Im looking an Indicator which can auto draw a vertical line at the time market open and close on mt4 (GMT+2), can you one help out , Thanks ex:3:00am est lodon open , 4:00am est , 8:00am est, 11:00est .....
Hi, Sometimes I can not sit in front of my pc and was wondering what would I need to trade with PDA or Smartphone.Obviously, buy one of these devices ,but I am confused what connection to choose,whether buy PDa or Smartphone, which one is more suitable. I will use MT4 mobile platform and would...
I have recently been reading up on how useful currency futures COT data is for determining positions of large speculators and how the FX market moves according to their involvement. There are indicators available for futures traders representing COT data, has anybody heard of or could produce an...
Hi, I am wondering why there isnt a manual for trouble shooting that could guide us thru our problems. Tradestattion has free tutorials, seminars and more and I am stuck even with them. Isnt there an easier way to learn this stuff? I know no coding at all. Should I just hire someone to make the few...
Please help, I need a indicator with 3 lines : High - Low - Center, with the following calculations. High = high - ( high * 0.0024 ) Low = low + ( low * 0.0024 ) Center = ( High + Low )/2 I hope someone can help me , Thank's
Here is my problem: When I draw a pitchfork on one timeframe and then switch to another timeframe the pitchfork shifts and is not accurate anymore. How can this be fixed? Please view pictures below: Picture1: 1hr timeframe line of pitchfork meets low of candle Picture2: 30min timeframe line of...
  $41000 in a month (76   1 2 3 4 5 ... 7 8)
made more than $41,000(manual trading) in about 30 days could have made more if i had payed more attention to my trading rules. Happy trading to all.
hi gang, is there anything available like a zero lag CCI or a smoothed CCI? regards gabroo
Previously, when clicking and dragging in the right vertical axis, it was possible to shrink and expand the prices range. Now I can shrink it but I can't expand it back anymore. Am I the only one ?