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Anyone have code that displays "stacked" indicator symbols/wingdings. Looking for the indicator to read a variable number and display 1 or more up or down arrows that stack from the same starting point over the candle. Anyone?
Does anyone have a JPercentile indicator for MT4 or know where I can find the formula behind the indicator. I'm currently searching and nothing of use is coming up. Thanks, Mookfx
  Spread monitoring (20   1 2)
Is there an indicator, script, or ea that monitors the price feed and alerts when the spread on a designated pair reaches x amount? If there isn't, can one be made?
  EA settings (2)
Has anybody had a problem when EA doesn't remember the settings and reverts to the ones in the code? I am using FXDD broker. I changed the setting from '1' to '0' but for some reason my EA doesnt remember it, as the next time i opened the settings, it was still showing '1'. And I haven't even...
i am not that good at programming, so i am asking for your guys help. This little ea below takes net profit on all of your open positions. Once the profit lever is reached, it closes all open positions. I was wondering if any one could add a function to this code below so it could close PENDING...
  RSI in Histogram (75   1 2 3 4 5 ... 7 8)
Is there such a thing as a RSI Histogram?? Something like the XO indicator so if RSI is below 14 its red and above 50 its green?? Mike
Hi friend, I need your help. I need to find Parabolic Sar Signal/Indicator, could you please share with me. Thank you.
I'm getting this message in my strategy tester journal after optimizing for a while: "optimizer cacher: not enough memory for adding cache". What does this mean and what do I need to fix it? I have a gig of memory so I don't think it means physical memory.
I can't understand what is going on. Cable usually sleeps this time of the night... (10pm NY time). However, for the last few hours it has been thrashing round like Nessie caught in a shrimper's net. Usually this is because some kind of fundie event. Any one has any explanations?
Hi, I realised that the time of metatrader in my PC is 2 hours ahead. For instance, it indicate 1600 h but the london time is 1400 h. Can anyone teach me how to adjustment the time of metatrader? Many thanks. yyc
hello I have a new problem and its driving me crazy. I've developed some EA's on the interbank version of metatrader, and they work fine on that platform, but when I try to run them on the metaquotes metatrader, nothing happens. No trades are opened at all, no matter which expert I run. I've gotten...
Is it possible to plot the price of the MA on the chart in real time? Please review chart for example. Fibonacci Trader has the ability to plot the price of the MA in real time. Thanks for any info
I have two questions. First of all, is it possible to run parameters on different periods in the same EA? And if it is, can you do this in the strategy tester also? Also is it possible to change an order's magic number? thanks
I need a script or EA that will read the account history, and draw arrows on the chart. Each arrow can be "up" or "down", showing the starting time and place of each and every trade that was done with the account. Does anybody know of the existence of such thing? Thanks!
  New Crash (1)
Slawa, I detected a new crash have reporduced it and have it recorded: where can i send it to? html file the output loofs like this: There has been a critical error Time : 2007.03.06 07:50 Program : Client Terminal Version : 4.00 (build: 202, 06 Feb 2007) Owner :...
What method/system/indicator/ ETC.. to use on MT4 to filter out sideways ranging markets? I know about using multiple MA's and when they are tangled...which is O.K. but just wondering if there are other ideas. THANKS!
I hope there is a builtin capability to do this, because I would rather not write all the parsing and file management code myself... Thx.
Hi everyone, I need some advice regarding backtesting in MT4. I have developed a mechanical EA that references the previous bar [1], the current bar [0] and the current bid or ask price. The system is based on the daily chart, mainly gbpusd and gbpjpy. When I backtest my EA misses a lot of setups...
Check this out. See what happens when you trade like a dealer and double down during those cutie pie trends?
As a new member of this excellent site, I've been interested in reading about Zerocode. Am I right in thinking there is still no version for MT4? If so, can someone tell me where I can download MT3 please? The sites I know all only download MT4. Thanks. Paulon
Hi, I have problem publishing result through FTP. The file statement.htm was created but the content is empty. Anybody can help me?
I need a script w/ a built in SL. Here's the base code for the script I have now. All it needs is a built in SL. Should be pretty simple, but I'm not a coder by any means... Buy 1 Lot=$10 Auto Script #include #include //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ int...
I need a script w/ a built in SL. Here's the base code for the script I have now. All it needs is a built in SL. Should be pretty simple, but I'm not a coder by any means... Buy 1 Lot=$10 Auto Script #include #include //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ int...
  Really good reversal bar! (14   1 2)
Hi, in the last time I noticed that one formation similar to a doji is very useful. A long reversal bar: - Low of the last bar must be lower than the lows of the last X bars (X should be tested. It seems to me that 4 is pretty good.) - Close must be equal or higher than open - High - Low < Y pips (y...
Here are some of my thoughts about Martingale Systems and I would be more than happy to be proven wrong And for the Martingale Systems Expert please don't take it personaly, it is just the opinion of a Trend Follower... I am always very surprised that there is so much energy spend in Martingale...
Hello, Does OrderProfit() include OrderSwap() and OrderCommission() - or - Is the whole amount earned on the trade: OrderProfit() + OrderSwap() + OrderCommission() I have no commission data for testing so I can't figure it out by myself. Thank you,
I modified an existing Pivot Point indicator and figured I would post it for others to use. I am posting 2 changed versions. CHANGES ON THE FIRST ONE: 1. Daily is now the default setting. 2. S/R lines have been changed to Dashed lines. 3. Midpivots have been changed to Dash Dot Dot Lines. 4. Colors...