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Hi. Use for years my script in mt4 and mt5. Now I resolve to change my windows 7 64bit to windows 10 64bits. Only in mt4 working fine. In mt5 I have this strange erros: 2020.03.27 22:59:36.604 teste3 (EURUSD,H1) Access violation at 0x00007FFB6006605C read to 0x00000202000000102020.03.27
Hey, I have not long purchased an indicator from the market which works fantastic but will not successfully migrate to the vps when attached to a chart with a blank EA. I get the error message 'Migration to virtual host failed. Old EX5 file version', 'Please recompile', images attached. Anyone else
Hello Folks, I would like to know is Binary Option Trading a legitimate way of trading? Also have you ever got success trading binary options? My gut feeling is that all Binary Option trading broker is a scam since most complains are related to manipulating trading software. In case any broker
Hi, is it possible to prevent a person from renewing your signals? how could this be done
Hello There, I am not sure that why I am getting a retcode 10004 each time the EA is trying to place a sell order if the particular condition is met. I don't observe the same with buy positions. I even thought of using the deviation of 50 as I trading on EURUSD (5 digits) and applied the same still
Good day I have an EA, based on a custom Indicator, How do I get the EA to work on the VPS and get Signals from my Custom Indicator. EA returns INIT_FAILED cause iCustom returns false due to no Custom Indicator on the server, I see here, the same question was ignored
Hi, A question, I can send a file via webrequest using multipart/form-data, because in webrequest function there is the *"Header field" and the body field, it works perfectly, but how to send files using sockets? On socket how do I send multipart? POST /MyURL HTTP/1.1Cache-Control
how I Can Open Case or Complaint Against A foued Operation from one of MQL5 Users
i am trying to use the tester to test out my ea and for some reason when i put down the end date and run the tester in visual mode it is missing the last few days including today
I have an indicator that shows in a sepparate window arrows and lines, but i want it to show only arrows in the chart, so i was trying to make some modifications and i keep receiving this error (not all control paths return a value), the indicator isn't working. This is the new code: <Decompiled
Hi I am building an EA. Please someone help to select or write a functionto return "LAST CLOSED ORDER's Volume (Lot size) " using EA's Magic number and currency pair. It would be much better if someone can show me to get "lot Size" of the "closed LOSS TRADE" only (dont need Profitable trade's lot
I keep getting this error along with '}' expressions are not allowed on a global space as well. I wrote a function in an include file and am trying to call it from main OnStart program. The function worked just fine before putting it into the include file so I can't understand what the issue is
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I am trying to migrate to MT5 and have had a few struggles. The following I don't quite understand. I get an ERROR 5004 when using the following code:- 2020.03.30 14:04:20.165 Message My_error: 5004 File opening error fname = path_name +strfname+".csv"; if (!FileIsExist(fname)) strMsg =
Hello, I found it weird that if I test Ctrade with it executes correctly, but when I try to sell with trade.Sell, it doesn't open the position as it does with buy, and I get no errors, I do get "Sell executed" printed, so I don't know where the problem lies. (I just tried it on a demo
All, can someone being familiar with the market technical details share please what happens if a buyer has obtained a free or purchased product, and then the seller withdraws it afterwards from market completely such that nothing about the product is seen anymore. A more precise question is, does
Hi So I am a beginner, looking to create a script based on a strategy I have been working on. I'm trying to find user guides to setup trades based on candlestick directions, moving average, stochastic and 1 other thing. But so far I am pretty confused, wondering if any kind souls out there could
My broker is <name removed >, and they did a website upgrade yesterday. They required everybody to reset their passwords and do a fresh install of MT. I just happened to be doing a fresh OS install yesterday as well. MT5 is letting me place and edit orders. It will not let me delete them, and just
Hi, I'm having trouble writing a command for my EA that has to meet Condtion 1 and then after has to meet Condition 2 before execute, but condition one must be met first. Otherwise keeps looping. Example: The code I was writing: bool Condition 1 bool Condition 2...
Hi everyone. I'm looking to program an EA to close all orders related to a magic number. I've noticed that in certain older posts that there is discussion around the "CloseOrders()" function, however I am not able to find it in the online database of functions. Is this: a) an old function that no
Hi, Is there somewhere on this forum or news area where the hosting fee increases are communicated? As this is the 2nd time in 6mths the fees have gone up but I don't see a notification and because I dont have the new amount in my account my VPS just expires and my trading account goes offline
  What is slippage  (5)
Is there any body tell me exactly what is slippage
Hi, Below are the steps for Indicator/EA order. What is the best way to do 3. demonstration 4, work acceptance and 5, how is the payment transferred. I have money in the account. II. Execution of Orders An Order passes through the following execution steps: Work Agreement Requirements Negotiation
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How do I recover my trading history please
Why is that when i close all orders using ORDERCLOSE function before all orders reach the take profit level i get negative results of profit
Hello, I'm sorry if this has been asked before but I have problems downloading MT4 indicators from this website. When I click download, it asked me if I already have a MT4 or not. I click yes, nothing happened. I do have MT4 in my computer. Please help
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Hello Gold traders..did you notice the spread on gold? I am seeing the spread is widen as much as 3800 points on my broker for XAUUSD. Whats going on
Sunucu, aktiviteyi bildirmek için izin vermiyor.Sinyal etkinliğini nasıl iptal edebilirim, paramı nasıl geri alabilirim
Hi, If I registered an MT4 account to a Virtual VPS for 6 months subscri[tion.. and I am closing that MT4 account. How do I transfer the VPS to a different MT4 account? Thank you
Hello everyone. Very good forum. My consultation with the authorities, so as not to break rules. I am doing an evaluation of the most expensive Experts, and with better qualifications, they authorize me to publish the tests tick by tick, indicating where the data was obtained tick by tick, and in 2
  Covid-19 - Thoughts....Q&A  (17   1 2)
Hello Traders, Covid-19 pandemi been causing a market turmoil making it very unstable and i'm sure you are affected by it, i am for sure both as a trader and in every day life. Though a discussion here would be nice, your thoughts and how it affects you as a trader and your country itself and what