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Hi, is there any way to let 1 indicator draw on both current chart and also in sub window? i only can choose 1 of the below. #property indicator_chart_window #property indicator_separate_window Thanks, EC
Hello everybody,I do not understand, I make a copy paste of the code of my EA that I then stick in the MetaEditor to recreate it with another broker. I compile but the tab "start, resume debugging (F5)" remains grayed out. So impossible to transfer my EA on the MT4 platform.Yet I managed this...
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i registered for mt4 signal provider but the signal failed to connect cause it is trying to loggin in mt5, i don't know how to register in mt4 ..always ends up in mt5
Dear sir, I am looking into setting up an Forex broker business which will be making MT4 & MT5 as primary trading platform . Kindly advise if there is any license fee from MQL5 for MT4 & MT5(or both in one fee) payable one time or on a yearly basis ? On top of that, any fee payable for MT4 & MT5
Signal provider page - it used to show the broker they were using - where has it gone? I can't see it
Hi I have some problem of the simple code listed below double z; double base=0.1; y=Digits; z=MathPow(base,y);   When Digits = 5 , which means MathPow(0.1,5) , z becomes 0 ,  Below is what I output with different value of y, it only works up to y = 4, anyone can kindly suggest what is the issue? y =...
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my question is i can  use account live in name of my brother here in my account mql5 to send signal ???in case of profit  my profit is paid to me or to the account in the name of my brother thank you
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hi  please assist how can i add my InstaForex account here ? 
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hello, I subscribed to the VPS service MT4 and I have integratedintegrate but I do not know how to access the servers. cordialy.
The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. This is the message I get from Window 10 when I try to open a file by double clicking its name in Windows Explorer after this mql5 code opened and closed the same file. Since the code needs to run on many charts, it...
Hi I have quick question. I set up my first  demo signals all ready. Is it possible join to the signal using real account by subscribers? Regards Kris
Hi. I see that sometimes when I copy an indicator into the data folder, it does not show in navigator, even tho its showing in the data folder. Is there a way to make a setting or something so it shows ? Secondly, can one change the time zone on the charts ? Or is it broker locked ? Robotron
I found the function "OpenCL" in MQL5 can't work in the EA of MQL4? I try to write the EA in MQL4 and want to have the reference ( such as MAC address)  of device in use. Thanks!
Does anyone here know how to download previous version of EA in market? I just upgraded to latest version of EA but the performance was not so good, so I want to get the previous version which performs better. Thanks, Herdi
Hi Please see the comment in the code below,  the Print(dt) in the second time suppose to print the date and time, but it only prints the time even though the dt variable has not be re initialized. Why the dt variable did not keep its value between the loops when it is out side the loop? Thanks...
Hi This code is expected to test a string to find if a regex pattern matches. I am not able to pull it together. Please help.  Thanks   #include <RegularExpressions\Regex.mqh>  string pattern="\d*\\|\event\b"; // test for the string "4|event" or "25|event"   Regex *rx = new Regex(pattern,...
Anybody know the name of MT5 brokers for Indian stock exchange, Any data provider having MT5 data feeds for indian market?
Good morning,in the last days I was accepted as a seller and I started to configure my own signal . I filled all the blanks, but... the signal is still not connected with my account (I have a live ICMarkets account). Someone please can help me? Thanks in advance! STEFANO DE GIOVANNI
Hi Dear Expert Traders,                                   I have been experimenting with 60 seconds trading since a while. At times i manage to get high scores but when i start losing, nobody can stop me lol. I have tried different methods of trading 60 seconds, all of them work at times but the...
Hi i boughht a trader s signal who has 1:100 leverage but my account is topped at 1:50 How can i make sure i get all trades from him?
Hello I just unintentionally activated an activation of the Smart Trend Ea Expert on my personal computer, the error occurred to me because I'm used to mt4 to have to put my key to activate my purchase on the computer however in mt5 it does it automatically, I ask you please to fix this...
Hey all I'm looking for a VPS service that is located in UK. Can anyone help me with that?
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I am looking at the options. Previously there was option to connect with the service desk but there isn't any at the moment. See the following image: Please let me know how I can contact the service desk. The link not working for me.
hello dear friends i have a signal which has rated , but it does not appear at rating , my signal called "-" , but when i search it in the search box of metatrader4 , there is no result. what is the reason ? when my signal will appear at rating ? thanks,
Hi i can use my broker MetaTrader4 to log in, but broker MetaTrader4 doesn't integrate with signal, hence i cant use the signal to do copy trade. So I download the latest MetaTrader from official link:
Hi all ! :) I would like to know if the delay of 10 days is still good to be approuve to become seller, cause it'll be 10 days tomorrow, so would like to know if maybe with the amount of demands , i'll wait a little more ;) Thx all for all tihs work here, learning so much ! Have a good day
Hi This code is expected to print "found" since the file being searched for "2018822.txt" is located in the terminal Common/Files, but instead it is printing "not found". Any idea why and how to find if the file exists?   string fileName;  MqlDateTime...
I have written a few basic programs which work but are no doubt far from as efficient as they could be. I would like someone who has been around for a bit longer than I to critique and suggest possible improvements. Is there anywhere on this site where I could get this kind of advice or would I have...
Can someone please tell me what to do to fix my mt4 chart window. When you open any mt4, you usually have 3, 4 or more assets available on the chart window, you can see which asset, which time frame they are on below, just on top of the terminal. You can choose to add, remove , replace any asst at
Hey guys, i want to put Martingale on My EA, but i'm not good at programming at all, i got a good strategy, and it would be perfect with martingale to correct the few orders that dont close how it should. if someone could please send me an "skeleton" code with an empty field where i can put my...