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  Ichimoku R/S (2)
Dears MLaden, Mrtools and all other coders  I am looking for any indicator that draw resistance and support lines using the Kumo (or Ichimoku Cloud) on chart ? I want use it for breakouts.  Does someone have this indicator ? Thanks for sharing 
There are not contact details on the contact page therefore how do I contact support on the MQL5 website?
Is there a way to get an alert when an order is closed, either manually or if it hits a limit or stop? Thanks in advance!!
The forex market has at its core the interbank market. It’s a network between the mega banks Citicorp, JP Morgan Chase; Deutsche Bank, HSBC etc. All smaller networks are attached to the interbank market. The 8 biggest mega banks are responsible for 70% of volume which is traded in the forex market...
Hi.. I'm new to this Metatester thing and have tried to connect it to the MQL5 cloud. But have no idea whether it's actually doing anything. the build version i have is 1730, On the Services Tab there are 8 Services.. Connected and Running,  On the Cloud Network tab I've added my Account name and...
What third party libraries do you use the most? 
I want to subscribe a signal service from this site but I don't know why it is no ellegible from the list of signals appearing at the "Signal" tab. I see many of them (specially those that are not free) simply aren't visible at all :(. My balance account is properly funded and it is visible at my...
  Trading without a stop loss (56   1 2 3 4 5 6)
HI Please tell the chart below
  Who is Iranian? (94   1 2 3 4 5 ... 9 10)
 Hi . I am from Iran  
i have a vps that is full now . how can i delete data from meta trader to free space in vps drive
Dear sellers, Some of my MT4 products are not available on MT4 Platform. But all products are correctly show on MQL5 Website > Market. Is it taking some days to update new products on MT4 Platform > Market? One of product posted on 2017.12.19 and other one 2017.12.26. But i can not see that...
Is there available any stophunt strategy?
I have an indicator that I guess the coder used his native language in writing the inputs so could not be recognized by Windows10. which fonts should I look for to install and where? Here is a what I see
Hi, I would be very grateful if anyone here can help me out the normalized RSI indicator, %b(RSI) for MT5 as described in his book; "John Bollinger on Bollinger Bands". I know how to superimpose bollinger bands on RSI, but truthfully hasn't been effective for me. On standby for any help. Thanks.
does anyone know if there are indicators of: 1. Bollinger Band of RSI? 2. %b of RSI? if not? is there is someone able to code it?
Sales difficult when the competition is too high I'm done business models on the social networking site and online sales pages, of course when new start all the hard and difficult is nowadays a lot of people are selling on the net. When that too many people so then your sales on the...
Hello Anyone have do mt4 or mt5 for microsoft lumia windows phone 10 for download? Anyone develop this plataform?
I'm wondering if there is a very good strategy, how much will it cost ? if it is very expensive, will someone buy it ? 
Hi all, What kind of money mangement algorithms, systems including losses there are in the literature. Do you have any ideas?
I notice mt4 charts has only bitcoin. Will they ever going to put cryptocurrencies soon? I've notice its going to be big for 2018. What are your thoughts?
Does anyone know of any standalone program for windows to calculate margin/pip value? I usually use the one here on But I'd like to have one on my PC itself. Thanks in advance.
Hey all, Just wondering if I have missed it or something but I enjoy going through the forums, codebase, articles and was wondering if there is an MQL5 Community App so I can continue reading up the forums and blogs on my phone (as opposed to the responsive web version).
Hello, i found this in the rules regarding renting or buying an expert: · The Buyer has the right to use the Product in accordance with thespecified limited number of its installations. · The fact of creation of a secure version of the Product for the Buyer'sequipment configuration is called...
Hello I would like to know that what is the different? from 2 digits 4 digits and 5 digits in term of programming. My understand is that using pip to price calculate would be ok to handle the different. Do this correct? chaiya
Hi,   I'm new here, anyone know where i can get a renko chart indicator like the one attached in the png? thanks in advance.
I'm a bit ashamed to say, but I cannot find the page anymore where I can see a list with MQL programmers on the Freelance page. Does it still exist? If so, what is the link where I can find a list of programmers to see immediately in a table how  many jobs they've accomplished?
Good day!   Does anyone use SAP HANA to do an analysis of incoming currency signal?   How its looks like?   My opinion, I think it will be enough to make fun with my calendars, codes, charts, etc. And it was again, something like cPanel, wordpress...You know.   All that good wishes,   jlstvzm5
Hi, I  need an indicator which shows all reversal candles with alarm. Can someone make it or do you know if there is already one? Thanks!
  Events ahead? (6)
Hello, what do you think are the next big forex news ahead causing trends? Big happenings like the actual Brexit? Kind regards