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Hi there, My MT4 account was sending data to my Excel RTD spreadsheet perfectly. Now, several days later, it doesn't want to connect. Both arrows stay grey and my account number doesn't appear. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks
I use three templates on one mt4 platform. My challenge is that after doing some technical analysis (trendlines) on a template and switch over to another, the trend lines disappear when i return back to it. Please how can I resolve this? I need to see my analysis when I return to the chart. Thank
Hello everyone :) I'm looking for tips or knowledge about Flash Crash. I had an account with an EA that used Grid and martingale. At 6 months I increased the account from 1k usd to 3k usd. Earlier this year in January we had a flash crash on JPY. Unfortunately due to my mismanagement with EA my
Hi, suppose to be in this scenario: You have to test if the price has break an horizontal price line and you have to detect if the price/trend is coming from top or from bottom... How can I do this ? If I have to do it by watching the graph it is really simple but how can I code it ? What can be the
We are pleased to announce that today we have launched our new service - Market. With this new service, all traders who use the MetaTrader 5 terminal can buy MQL5-programs: trading robots, indicators, scripts and libraries. The Market is launched in two steps. Starting today, anyone can...
Hello, I would like to buy a signal. I did not understand, however, if, once purchased, I can decide whether to use the micro-lot value or whether the system copies exactly the microlot value set by the signal owner
Does anyone has a Trailing SL EA using fractals? Was looking for the code to return the latest UP/DN Fractal to use as a trailing SL. If you have the code fort the fractal or an EA already doing this, may you please share it. Any help is appreciated, thank you.
Hi everyone, I'm trying to withdraw from my earned funds. I've gone through the Payment Documentation and I'm positive that it's none of the following issues: The problem The solution No earned money on the account Start earning with services Withdrawal is allowed not more often than
Hi, I am new in coding and I have one big problem! I used the iCustom function, and I get always the alert from the Market Indicator what I also in the coding use, and can not turn it off. Somebody have an idea??? Thanks in advense
BUILD 2085 How I can reduce the CPU usage of MT5? What is the MT5 doing to use CPU when no charts or any other panels are open? i5 processor and MT5 is using 2.5% up to 5% while the platform is doing nothing
Hello, when I subscribe to a signal, my journal says XAUUSD, USOil and SILVER are not found but my broker definitely has these symbols available. Is there some mapping settings somewhere or something I need to change? It unsubscribed me automatically after it could not find one of the symbols, can...
I have a problem with "metaquotes ID", I have a tablet and a smartphone, from the tablet I have no problem once I log in to from the message section of the mt4 / 5 android the "metaquotes ID" is automatically added to the section security of my personal profile. Instead the "Metaquotes ID"
Hi, A signal had a drawdown 27.39% which i agree with then after a few orders closed, a mixture in profit and loss, but the overall outcome was a profit, the drawdown updated to 35.8%. Nowhere on the drawdown chart is the drawdown any higher than 27.39% How do i get the drawdown figure updated to
Hello,Ist allowed free version without charge of cost to restrict to accountno and and broker server? Of course at market? I am thinking certain user group to make tool free but need to control free tools, who is using
Beta build 1958 (and previous from ?). While using CustomTicksReplace() to import a 10 millions ticks buffer on a custom symbol (empty tick history to start), it takes 90 seconds to execute ! On memory 10 millions ticks is around 600 MB, but they are then compressed somehow to be written in ticks...
I Installed windows 10 an d my mt4 app can't open is keeps on crashing what could be the problem and i saw a folder called crashes containing in the appdata folder please help
I installed the MT5 to try it. I have a CPU with 8 cores, Why the agent manager strategy tester only detects me 4 cores ?i s normal
Hey guys, In this picture i have a 9 simple moving average in Red. I drew the blue line by hand. I want to to have something like the blue line.i mean how to change the algorithm of for example this moving average to gives me the blue line. I mean when market moves down, the line be below the price
#property indicator_separate_window #property indicator_buffers 8 #property indicator_color1 White #property indicator_color2 Red #property indicator_color3 Gold #property indicator_color4 GreenYellow #property indicator_color5 DarkOrange #property indicator_color6 PaleVioletRed
Hi Service desk, I wanted to change the price of a product but when the pop-up asked me for the confirmation, there were no buttons. I got this error
Hey, I am subscribed to a signal and was working fine for a few weeks and then the signal stopped copying to my account. It shows that I am still subscribed but wont allow me to select the signal from my meta trader station. Under the signals area it says"not connected, select from the signals
I sent in a request at the beginning of the week and no response yet. How long does it usually take. I want to continue using the platform but I need help with my funds
Hello! Two of my clients cannot to select me for job because they get message "Not enough money to pay for the work". They already deposited their own accounts to pay for work. What a reason? How to solve
Hi, Will my money be returned when I cancel the job? I've already selected a programmer but its taking to long to finish my request
Hi traders I am quite old in stock market but newbie in automated trading, that means that i have no idea what software to pick and how to begin. Also i dont know anything about mql4 or 5 language. So the one million dollar question for me is which one of mt4 or mt5 should i choose to my new career...
hello there 1. if my broker account is islamic (swap free ) but my copied signal is not islamic , did my account will be swapped ? 2. does the lot size will be the same between signal provider and reciever ? , or will be a percentage according to the reciever account balance and leverage ? thank
Hello, When I try to make a withdraw from my account, I get a message that I need to sign up as a seller. The strange thing is that I have been a seller for several years ago. Is this an issue that will be resolved? Does another seller have a similar issue
I was trying the signals, I created my free signal connected to my demo account after registering as a seller but if I go to my profile in the signal section the signal I created is not displayed in the public section but only if I click on the link "all signals "can I view it and it seems to work
void OnStart() { uchar u_ch; for(char ch=-128;ch<=127;ch++) { u_ch=ch; Print("ch = ",ch," u_ch = ",u_ch); if(ch==127) break; } } When executing the program, the first time u_ch=ch, ch=-128,u_ch=0. However, when printing, ch= -128 u_ch= 128. Why is u_ch not