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Hello, I'm trying to develop a tick indicator which will be used to determine if ticks are ocurring at bid, at ask or between quotes, as well as their volumes. However, I'm having several problems when running the indicator, mainly because the indicator is returning wrong values for the volume and...
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Today you can sign up for a free webinar :Dr. Alexander Elder - Dr. Elder's Trading Room - Wednesday, April 25, 2012 6:00 PM ET Link to do so is the following : MetaStock Webinars - Equis International Since it is about Dr. Elder it really might be interesting
I want to learn develop EA on MQL5. is there any articles to learn step by step how to develop EA on MQL5
Hello folks! Is there anyone on this forum who knows how this indicator works? You can post here or you pm me. Thanks! fx5_neelyelliotwave_v1.2.mq4
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How read the candle to know when i must buy or sell?
Hello Forum, I am trying to modify one of the more common files out there that creates a .csv file and dumps it to the file system. The dump works fine, but I want to change what gets dumped. I trade all six (6) major JPY pairs in a basket. I have a couple .mql files that dump iCustom history...
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At what price do you think will EURUSD close this year?
The quarterly Flow of Funds reportby the Fed has been released and the latest household net worth numbers are out. While not nearly quite as dramatic as last quarter's wholesale dataset revision, which saw all of America suddenly worth $3 trillion more primarily due to a change of how "pension...
Trader’s Pulse : 150% Festive Welcome BonusAs the year comes to close and with the holiday season about to begin Traders Pulse would like to spread the happiness by offering our new clients a 150% deposit trading bonus Traders Pulse will instantly reward our new clients with a generous trading...
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Hello to all Traders. Can anyone give me some information on how to use the Flame Chart? Any advice, information on how to apply the Flame chart to trading? Thank you.
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i love asian session whats yours????
As we reported yesterday, something odd is happening in the US, which supposedly is deep in a "housing market and economic recovery" - foreclosures on ultraluxury homes, those worth $5 million and over, have soared by 61% in 2013 (even as overall foreclosures continue to decline due to the...
I search a partner to open an account on a broker that I cant be a member, anyone interested ? I cant say the name of the broker here but if you want send me a private message. I have <removed by moderator> adept and it works well with this broker but I cant have a real account because I am...
Summary To gauge the likelihood of a December taper, we should think through the changes that might occur in the first paragraph of the FOMC’s statement, which is always a brief assessment of the state of the economy. While the committee will surely tweak its language on account of last...
If one looks at the current paper money system and its negative social and social-political effects, the question must arise: where are the protests by the supporters and protectors of social justice? Why don’t we hear calls to protest from politicians and social commentators, from the heads of...
Hi, It is possible to modify SL/TP/Volume of a position by double clicking on it in the 'trade' window. But how can I modify comment of a position without changing any other field?
Levels of Traders Level One Beginner Trader - Studies and paper trades for a minimum of one month with pretend currency, gaining the experience required to establish a track record of profitable performance. Level Two Advanced Beginner - Trades one or two lots with real money,...
There are 376565 days between 1970.01.01 00:00:00 and 3000.12.31 23:59:59. so the number of seconds is 376565*24*60*60-1=32535215999. but computing in MQL5, datetime AA=D'3000.12.31 23:59:59'; printf(TimeToString(AA,TIME_DATE|TIME_SECONDS)); printf("%u",AA); The output result is: 2013...
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crb means commodity research bureau this chart has a massive effect on nzd/usd i found this chart on website but it was out of date it stopped in 2012 i would to know if there is any metatrader for any broker has this chart live or any website
Why are some people's names not clickable in forum and are grey instead of dark blue?
Does anyone know where do I find the Logarithmic Spiral tool in MT4/5? Thank you.
Hi, since I don't get any reply from service desk I hope to find a solution (or explanation) here: I'm trying to backtest a market EA, 3 months, tick, genetic. To speed this up I tried to use the cloud but dont have any success. Either my MT5 installation only connects (successfully) and...
looking for automatic fibonacci time zones on chart i found qta v3 and v4 but they are in a down window and i want it on the chart automatic without drawing it from tools can any one convert qta from down window to be on the chart
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