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I draw some Fibos at 5Min, 15Min, 1H and 1Day, I use the function ObjectsTotal() and it sends me 12 and it's OK, but I want to know for example: Fibo1677 was draw at 5Min Period Fibo 1900 was draw at 1H Period Fibo 1873 was draw at 15Min Period Fibo 1123 was draw at 5Min Period Fibo 7125 was draw at...
Is it possible? Many EA work on one account on VPS server?
Posting my answer after 20 people have answered
Hello, I wish to inform myself about the following and could not find anything about it. As a signal provider, in order to sent a signal for the followers, can the trade be executed through the MT4 App or only through the home pc of the sender? Thank you, Joris
I think that in cases like these, the only way to protect your account from extinction is money management. Do you agree?
The Federal Reserve is going to raise interest rates next week, but shy away from the bigger question looming for financial markets: How does the shock outcome of the presidential election change the economic landscape? The Fed is widely expected to announce an increase in the target range for its...
When I buy EA from market, then can I upload this EA to VPS server. Will it work on VPS? Because EA dont work different computer when I bought computer.
Since the US election, GBP has been the best performing currency in G10 against the USD. In this piece we argue that no individual factor, when taken in isolation, succeeds at providing a convincing explanation of this outperformance. We rather identify a number of factors (politics, data,...
Hello guys, i'm interested to subscribe in some signals here but i have a question on their performances. Actually i manage to see that such extraordinary performances (such as 1000%, 2000%, 3000%, 4000% on some signals) are accumulated even in few years (2-3 in average) When i analyze the trades...
Whatever it takes” seems to be trumped by politics now Since 2011 Mario Draghi had brought iron-clad consistency to the ECB: it would err on the side of caution, would go as far as possible to reduce fragmentation in the Euro area, and the stance would be driven solely by economic conditions....
Whoever knows where to find prompt, reliable and no-cost information about market trends?
Hi, Does anyone happen to know how or if i can change the size of the lables in the Elliot Wave tool in MT5? Thanx very much. Bill
EUR/USD: There were a number of key elements of yesterday’s announcement that make this a more dovish event than expected that we believe reinforces the downside risks for EUR/USD and that keep our forecast of a breach of parity in H1 2017 in play. Firstly, the larger overall size – EUR 540bn versus...
Hi everyone... I´m sorry for this newbie questions: 1 -  every time I want to add a signal, red box pops up saying symbols not found EURUSD        2 -  password: (my account password? )
I have a problem: I'm following a signal with budget 5000 dollars and leverage 1:500. My account has budget 1000 dollars an leverage 1:500. My question is: why his operation opened with lot 0,5 are copied in my account at 0,07 and not at 0,2? Thank you so much
The Euro dropped as markets digested the full implications of the ECB's December decision to keep its asset purchase programme running through 2017. At their December 8 meeting the European Central Bank announced they would hold at -0.4% their deposit rate and the main refi rate at 0.0%. The Bank...
HI, Is MQL5 also restricted to access only File folder like MQL4...? And how can i write to different folders/drives...?
I badly need to develop an EA but all I have is the .ex4 file. I will like to know if the EA can be built and is there any performance related difference with building with .ex4 or .mq4 file and also is there a way to convert .ex4 to .mq4 file.
HI ALL. Does anyone have an RSI divergence indicator for MT5 Thanks, Chris
Hi...How do I transfer funds for MQL5 acc to my trading platform account 
I have developed this Very Highly Profitable EA over the last 18 months. Continually improving it all the time, and now I have come to the stage where I cannot improve it much further. It is a High Frequency trader that can show excellent profits. The problem is, whilst the market is in a...
Every time, every signal, after fill password, it's same fail.  I guarantee that every time the password is correct. Could you please give any idea? 
signal will be disabled due to a long time offline state. please solve my problem.
Hi, Please help! I am using a signal and VPN. I would like to to turn off the signal for a while, but can't! I have closed out the signals positions, but they keep reopening. How can I turn off the signal for a while and turn back on later? Thanks. 
Back in April, when we first reported that Deutsche Bank had agreed to settle allegations it had rigged the silver market in exchange for $38 million, we revealed something stunning: "in a curious twist, the settlement letter revealed that the former members of the manipulation cartel have turned on...
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Can someone help me....what the meaning of this option.?  
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I have a MAC and already downloaded MT5 using the Play On Mac application, but when I go to the MQL5 market and try to download a demo for a EA Robot it gives me an error. Does anyone knows a way around this? or are there any versions for MAC?