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for the second day in a row at the opening of the American session without good reason, the dollar index starts to plummet. As a result, react, and other currency pairs. What's happening? What and who is it lowers the rate of the US dollar?
Did anyone get burnt by this morning's GBP crash. I was caught totally unawares. Only been trading live for about 2 weeks. Had formed the destructive habit of trading without a stop loss. It happened in a matter of seconds. Lost 80% of my capital. I had been up 50% on my initial investment till then...
my meta trader got a problem of chart. the chart price will be highter than actual price 1 point. like AUDUSD 0.6426. at same time my chart price will be 0.6427. why they are different???? thanks for help I'm waiting~~~~~ Help me
when i want to download chart history for gold my trader program redirects this website but downdload is failed. It say "there is noı new data to download". I cant load history chart for gold on my trade programme. What should i do
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Dear Forum Members! Here you can find Daily Technical Analysis of Major Currencies. We hope that this information will be helpful for your trading. Best Regards FxGrow Support ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Terms used in our Analysis RSI (14) -...
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Dear Forum Members! Here you can find Daily Market Analysis of Currencies, Indexes, Metals, Oil and others. We hope that this information will be helpful for your trading. Best Regards FxGrow Support...
Some one shared the strategy for Forex Scalping before, so I made the arrows indicator for it, you may -demo- and feedback please. Strategy Rules: Attached the arrows indicator for it. fxscalper10pips_v1.ex4
Hi, Please I would like to know how to create object between candles. I use MT4 (830) for example when i set time 8:55 at H15, its moved to next anchor point 9:00. I would like to see that before candle 9:00. Thanks a lot
Good afternoon, dear traders! In this branch are encouraged to publish your predictions on the major currency pairs, crosses, metal and other. Opinion guru - is welcome !!! Regards!
Following a strategy strictly come rain or shine Following the strategy only until a certain profit is made then halt trading till the next month
Hi, I'm InstaForex analyst and i will post EUR/JPY and USD/CAD analysis based on Elliott Wave principles everyday for free. Enjoy fellow traders
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Trading psychology mindset (training) A thread for free videos by some experts that is useful ...80% of trading success is 9 inches between the ears , 20 % is system ,indicators etc There are over 200 psychology mindset , emotions etc videos
Hi again, Im still learning about trading and yesterday i did my first chart trend analisis, i dont understand it very well yet but practice makes perfect i guess, i made a trend and thought it would go up due to it touching this weeks support or what i think is this weeks support(am i right?),...
  Deposit  (1)
What is the minimum deposit to one's MQl5 community account?
  AutoSignals  (2)
I wanna take this one I wanna ask : those programm's just give/open signals, or close also. And if it not automaticly close - which best way to learn to close in right time ? Best Regards, RS
Hi everyone! How can I change my signal to a free signal? It's always ask price can't under $20 when I change it to $0. Please help me. Thank you so much
Hi! Is it possible to use original quotes from Thompson Reuters in MT5 terminal (M1 timeframe)? May be there is a server like so that I can connect to it? I am really satisfied with Metaquotes quotes, and I really love them, but I wish to compare the quality, for example with...
Pretendo adicionar um dispositivo de regras de saida em meu EA e um comando tipo HighEST, lowEST e closeEST e preciso de um programador em MQL5 para efetuar a adição. O motivo é que não consigo contato com o desenvolvedor que fez o EA  de código aberto. Podem mim ajudar? SDS
Hi Guys I have curiosity to know & learn how the freelancers gain this speed and code performance ? because I see some freelancers complete there jobs in 1 hour or less, advise me guys. Many thanks.
  ENUM char -  (7)
Please, do you know how can I add to the ENUM list values string with - char ? I want this code: enum ENUM_SYMBOL_LIST // List of symbols { EURUSD, // This is OK value AUDCAD, // This is OK value GOLD, // This is OK value...
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How reliable is the slippage tab in a signals? There are some servers that show higher slippage, but for example Alpari2 and Alpari3 have a 4 seconds of difference in the slippage, but an Alpari Rep told me that it is "almost" the same server, so shouldn't it be the same slippage? How reliable is...
I only trade using pending orders. Will these orders be copied at the time I place the pending order or will the trade only copy when the actual order is triggered and price has reached the pending order level. I scalp 3 pips so if the order only copy when my order opens then slippage will kill all...
Os contratos de índices e mini-índices na Bovespa passar de 5 por 5 pontos, tendo assim uma limitação nos valores de preços também sejam múltiplos de 5 (que termina em 0 ou 5). Para atender às regras de preços flutuantes que não geram valores múltiplos de 5, use o seguinte trecho MQL: double
I just found that for mt4 but since I haven't coded anything I can not apply it on mt5 On the web I didn't find any code..please help me :(
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Greetings, I would like to request assistance locating or programming a very simple indicator that will plot average price ((bid-ask)/2) from Broker A terminal and display it as a horizontal line on any chart on Broker B Terminal. Also, if possible, a text written above the line identifying the...
Hello, I have got problem with my MT4 programme. If I want to lunch MT4 my computer starts restart system. I try unistall and delete all files related with MT4 then install again but it does not work.
Any Multi terminal for multi broker?
New MetaTrader 4 Platform Build 825: Product Renting in Market and Testing of Indicators MetaTrader 4 platform update is to be released on Friday, May 22, 2015. The update will feature the following changes: May 22, 2015 support for MetaTrader 4 terminal versions below 745 will end Support for...