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  Order timing (1)
Hi, would you look at adding the function to specify a time to close a trade (eg close a trade at 23:59PM on a particular date) also would you look at the function to start working an order from a particular time Many Thanks
  MT4 Mobile for iPhone. (11   1 2)
Hi, I just wanted to ask if there are any plans to expand MT4 platform to the iPhone mobile devices in the near future. Thanks in advance. GS
may i know when will visualization mode be release? it's important , thanks
I did some changes on my ea, i obtain some good result but need some modification to optimise it, thank you for your help
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Ok, I get the need to take MQL5 into the realm of nearly OOP. Heck, I even understand the need to go to a more 'sectionalized' approach, ie. libraries. But what gives wil STILL not supporting .Net? Why oh why do you STILL need people to write a C++ wrapper? You say MT5 is a complete re-write,...
So I've come up with the Bloody Wanker...I figure I call it that enough, it should be its proper name. It trades MACD cross above threshold with MA and Stoch confirmation, using trailing stops and dynamic lot size. Still needs work, but hey it does kinda run. Actually it kinda runs itself into...
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hi,all guys , i decide to open a account to trade in the metatrader5 platform . so , where i can get the information about those coorpration using metatrader5 ? thanks in advance , and any help will be appreciated .
Can anyone recommend a broker that handles the emini S&P500 through MetaTrader 4, all I have found only do Forex thanks
  Deposit (1)
Hi, I would like to know how if I want to trade with real money, real trading?? how is it, if I wanna to do Deposit?? Tks.
Hey everyone, How has your 2010 FX income been so far?? We're not asking for figures in $ amounts (unless you want to share of course ) but just in general. Has your income increased?? What are some factors that have affected your income?
This tool is used by entering data into the inputs and calculator will plot fibo lines or gann points.Originally used trading stocks and commodities but can be used for forex applications also.PDf included for more detailed usage instructions.
Ive noticed over the last few years there are many members that post a system an ask for help in developing it. Generally they get plenty of help even more then they need. I have also seen when someone post a system to try to help others trade and others start trying to add to it when the author...
I am planning to try my luck in forex market. I have read about many automated forex trading softwares online. But I wanna here from yahoo answers community their opinion about the best automated forex trading software for beginners. Please help me choose the best automated forex trading software
  How Do I trade with No Loss? (70   1 2 3 4 5 6 7)
Hi The Forex market users log in to their accounts via the Internet and, in the simplest case ,they see in their browsers the following: Sell Or Buy buttons Of course there are more sophisticated tools such as charts and other available, but the basic case looks exactly as above. Now, all you have...
Hello ! I need some help. What are a differences between WIN XP and WIN CE 6.0 (32 bit) for using MT4 and CUSTOM INDICATORS? Can I use CUSTOM INDICATORS on WIN CE 6.0 (32 bit) ? Please if someone know the answer! Best regards Igor
Fixed error that occurred when changing the account password.
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i think FIGFX is the best broker firm 1 pips on majors and 100% on first deposit bonus.This is the best offer.
All my custom indicators are not working. When I go to instert - indicators - custom all my custom indicators are still listed there but when I click on them nothing happens. Whats going on?
  RangerFX (33   1 2 3 4)
Back-testing results RangerFX V1.1 Strategy | Myfxbook My facebook group RangerFX | Facebook Testers to test the EA Need new inputs to make it better Running on H1 TF Inside this EA - Moving Average Cross Over System - Multi TF analysis - Daily Range Exhaustion - Day Trend Reversal (compensate day...
Hello all. I'm quite new to trading. Few weeks ago I bought myself an EA (that's another story). When I was looking for an EA i came across a site ( thats hosting a contest and I decided to enter (could be that I'm a little too confident but what the heck). The prize money...
Hi, In the platform MT4, below, to the right, there is a small rectangle divided in his diagonal, forming two small triangles that indicate the connection status. Very often, the low triangle puts in red. Does someone know that it means each of these triangles? Please. Best Regards...
  Forecast of daily high and low. (108   1 2 3 4 5 ... 10 11)
Each day in the forex market, there are at least 2 guarantees for the price of each pair; Guarantee 1- There is going to be a high of the day. Guarantee 2- There is going to be a low of the day. At the beginning of each trading day, an accurate forecast for the high and low could give any trader a...
When I close and open the software, the layout of my platform has not been saved. The charts are there but not the windows for data, market watch, navigator or terminal. Also, all the toolbars are closed along with the status bar not being visible anymore... nothing is visible except for the charts....
Moderators: Does the new MT4 Mobile take custom indicators made by programers? Thank you. Omar
In my testing of the new HistorySelectByPosition() function, this function worked OK in a Demo account, but did not work in the Strategy Tester. I have attached a test EA that will open multiple trades in one direction (short). Could someone confirm if the Log Print("pos_id = ",pos_id,"  ...