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Suppose I run an EA code on a 5 min chart. How can I know the current value of some indicator, lat's say RSI, on the 15 min chart (of the same symbol of course), or any other time frame rather the time frame from which I run the EA? 10X ! yaniv.
  Martingale EA (2)
This EA based on Martingale.
  EA for gold (24   1 2 3)
M1 timeframe. Gold.
Is it possible to make an indicator which does alert voice when CCI crossing ATR in the same window ?(like shown in the picture) if somebody could help me , please
I need some help with the Silver Warrior EA code. I'm not a programmer, but I'm sure my request is pretty simple to do. This EA is allowing 2 trades to be open at one time in the same currency. Sometime it will place a Buy on the EUR (example), and later on, it will place another Buy or even a sell....
Hi, I would like to change the time zone to EST (Eastern Standard Time) for the charts. Hos is this done?
Will this code work? Can it really buy the bid and sell the ask? It seems to be working on FXDD demo. Maji MOrderSend(Symbol(),OP_BUY,lotsi,Bid,slippage,Bid-StopLoss*Point,Ask+TakeProfit*Point,"",16384,0,Red); MOrderSend(Symbol(),OP_SELL,lotsi,Ask,slippage...
I am finding this one very useful if it just had a sound alert does anyone have one or similar pleaase?
Seems that CreateObject doesn't support for creating a segment of horizontal line given two coordinates. Is that possible for MT4? It's really meaningful in some cases to draw a line in segment.
I'm new at this and I can not find the icon for downloading an expert advisor into MetaTrader. Plz help. Thank you
Hello! Im a newbie, and i've been backtesting some diferent EAs. Just today i noticed that testing one EA with the same settings on two diferent computers gives me two completely different results. Im backtesting them using MT4. Anyone knows if this is a comon thing or what could be the main reason...
  R-Squared Indicator Request (54   1 2 3 4 5 6)
I have been searching for the R-Squared indicator. I first read about it in Chande/KRoll The New Technical Trader. It is also mentioned repeatedly in Prings Momentum Explained II. Pring uses it as a filter coupled with his indicators. It is basically the measurement of the strength of a trend -...
I'd like to show you guys what my strategy is. its fairly simple. i use only 2 indicators which are attached here. 1)my take profit is a little lower/higher than the mid line in the kis_avg. 2)no stop loss 3)hold a trade only up to 1 week 4) #1 is reversed if thier is a large change in the trend or...
  Brokerage (1)
How difficult it is to setup my own brokerage house? I've a list of +- 300 people who'd be already interested to trade with me. I've also the quote feed. Do I have to buy the MT Server? How does it work? Can someone comment about this subject please? Cheers, M.
I'd really like to understand ZigZag a lot better. Can anyone point me at a web page that has a detailed explanation of how ZigZag works or can anyone give me a detailed explanation of the 3 settings in ZigZag? Thanks in advance.
If I am not sure whether or not the Object Name exist in the Objects List, I will use the ObjectFind() function. I assume that it is a purpose of the function. if(ObjectFind("test")!=-1)ObjectDelete("test"); However, if the Object name does not exist I get log error message: "object name passed...
I am trying to back testing my expert in 30min time period. I notice that it started testing from last year july. I tried using the date from like 2004 to 2005 but it generated no result. Is there anyway I can back test in 30 min time period earlier than last year july? Thanks Trav
I think simplicity is sometimes the best solution. I would sure appreciate if some programmer could check this out for me.(it would take me forever to learn to program Metatrader myself and I am way too busy) I know it sounds too simple but I was amazed at the results I got with my manual tests. on...
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii as much as members here i am happy to share y everything about learning this exciting trade
hello everyone. ide really like to learn how to program and create my own set of indicators. the problem is i have no idea where to start. i know thier are great code masters here and i dont want to always ask to edit this or to modify that.. i really want to be more useful. any help getting started...
  Help (2)
Please , Can anyone help me to add money managment 10% to my first EA With explain inside the EA please
Hello, Can anyone help me setup data feed for my 'Ensign for Windows' I need to get a free data source and have it connect to my Ensign. But I cannot find a good free data provider or configure MT4 DDE. If some one knows how to do this, then please help me. Thank you.
  About start() (1)
Hello. I am C/C++ programmer. I know that main() function are executed only once. In Indicators (and in EAs) start() function are executed on every new tick? So... i=Bars-counted_bars-1; while(i>=0) this loop (in start() which is in allmost all indicators) is executed on every tick? That means...
Basically im trying to get the text alerts on FX FISH indicator to work on fisherorg.v1.. having a buffer problem...basically on a cross i would like to see the enters and exits, a sound alert would be cool too..if anyone can look at these two indicators that would be great...
  Ema cross (5)
Hi, Has anyone tried the 5-10-60 ema 40 sma cross,we have been getting good results. 1f4
I have made a search in this forum but did not find any indicator for Parabolic Sar and Inverseind. Anybody can share yours with me Thanks so much!
I tried to use the tester and I get good data using Bid and Ask functions but when I want to get some data using MarketInfo functions I get only 0 instead of the right values. Have I done something wrong or is it a limitation in the aplication posibilities ? Thanks.