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//+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| pc1.00.mq5 |//| Copyright 2019, Fabio Fredduzzi |//| https://www.mql5.com
Hello, I have subscribe Signals but The signals is not copy when my MT4 in offline . If i want to copy Signals . MT4 must be always online in order to copy Signals ? Or there another way no need MT4 always online ? Hope to help me Guys . Best regards  
I was just curious: for debugging purposes I want some of Print() functions to be commented at once. Here's my approach that does not work: #define DEBUG // -debug switcher, comment line for production//debug printer:#ifdef DEBUG #define DB //#else #define DB #endif DB Print("some debug info..");
What or who makes the changes of your technical indicators if you check the square box??, example: (A) "Allow DDL export" (B) "Allow external expert imports" (C) "Allow modifications of signals setting" Whening adding a indicator to my chart the following options are available if you check the box
my charts takes a very awkly long time to update to the current rates & date. wut's up? 'couse i don't think is my internet speed
hi i want to subscribe a signal his slippage page show just the below servers what about other servers and brokers because my broker isnt anyone of them does my slippage will be more than the above ? thank you
Hey , I'm a senior developer who has a passion towards forex and algorithmic trading so I'm interested to make use of my programming skills and use it in the forex I just want to know if I can write indicators / EAs and so on .. with Javascript instead of MQL4/5 I searched much , but looks there's
Hi, Is it possible to change hosted account on VPS without addition charge? I'm register demo account to VPS. I want to close this and change to real account. Thanks, PS
Hi, I wrote a mql5 ea code to buy to open on stochastic oversold and sell to open on stochastic overbought, at %K and %D crossover. However when it hits the necessary requirements for entry the buy and sell are executed but multiple buys are triggered, or multiple sell are triggered and multiple
I have added an to the Market. i get this message. How to upload the Custom Indicator to the Market test on EURUSD,H1 tester takes too long time 2018.04.02 00:00:00 cannot open file 'MQL4\indicators\super-trend.ex4' [2] 2018.04.02 00:00:25 cannot open file 'MQL4\indicators\super-trend.ex4' [2]
  MT5 Freezes randomly (19   1 2)
Hi i'm currently trying to debug a MT5 indicator that randomly freezes the platform. I have to force the close then reopen it (i tried to wait for a long time to see if it gets its hand back but it didn't happen) it freezes when i click "ok" after modifying some parameters. It doesn't matter which
Migration Virtual hosting failed as it does not allow DLL Any ideas on how to overcome this
I just joined mql5 in the last 3-4 days. When I click to write a blog, then there is no option for new blog
Hi All, I'm an aspiring MQL5 developer and would like to collaborate with people I can meet up with in Sydney. I've been a software developer for decades, but new to MQL5 and forex trading. Greg Ambrose
hello I have an account demo in metatrader4 with 950euros and now when I try to take a trade I have an electronic answer "market closed" or "trade desactived" are you already pass per this problem? Who can help me please
Hi guys, is there anyway to retrieve the MT4 investor password after if it no longer appears in my accounts mailbox under the terminal
So every time I try to change my Investor Password in MT4 (by hitting control + O, then server, then change password) I get the ominous MT4 "error sound".  I called my Broker (Forex.com) and they said I can't change the MT4 password because they do not provide/support those :(  I want to provide...
Hello, I had 50 dollars left here on my account and i don't want to use it in mql5 so i tried to withdraw it to epayment account but couldn't make it. Is there anyone who can help me
i want to change mt5 system from hedging to netting can you help pless
Is it possible that I can get Funds source documentation, my bank wants that information to see if the funds are legal and clean. How do I go about it
Hello.. I want to ask how long normally additional verification will be complete? I already send a message at service desk 2 days ago but there is still no respond.. What should i do so the verification can complete? Thank you
Hello guys. Im looking to learn how to do a backtest on trade strategies with MT. Anyone can recomend some tutorial or material to study? At first im gonna use RSI to test. Thanks
I ordered a EA . From no where the arbitration took place and I had no opportunity to answer nor I given the opportunity to anwer. The developer <Deleted> basically submitted some garbage code that does not even run and said that he will warranty it of defects and malfunctions. Nothing of what he
Good Morning everyone.... Anyone knows how do I put the percentage indicator at the Market Watch column on MT5? Ex: Symbol / Bid / Ask / % <--(?)
Hi everyone, i just purchased a EA product from MQL5 market and activate it on my broker MT4 platform. The original number of activation of the products is 5 and after installed it on my pc on account #1, it remaining become to 4. 1st question is let say i installed the EA again on the account #2
Hi! How can I run multiple EAs on different accounts via 1 MT4 terminal? If I do that now, the account balances will be added together and then only 1 EA will work, so the others will not. Does anybody have experience with this? Thanks in advance
Now, my singalPrice is 1600.00,if breakOut,Bid is 1600.10,we can get a singal. but and this time there will breakout 1600.00 even more than 60 timer at one miniute, how can i get the first one singal
double AccountWeekProfit() { int netprofit = 0; datetime starttime = iTime(Symbol(), PERIOD_W1, 0); for(int i = 0; i < OrdersHistoryTotal(); i++) { if(OrderSelect(i, SELECT_BY_POS, MODE_HISTORY)) { if(OrderCloseTime() >= starttime ) { netprofit += (OrderProfit()
Hi, What is the difference between Experts and Utilities in the Market please
Hi there, I have been trading using mt4 for a while and I have bunch of really usefull indicators that I use on a daily basis. Recently I wanted to mitigate from mt4 to mt5 terminal, mt5 brokers are offering way more instruments and it would really be beneficial for me but I need the indicators that