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Every time a Windows 10 update is done on my computer, the experts bought in mql5 stop working and I have to spend new activations again, I have even had to buy some eas again because I have spent all the activations, which I can Do to avoid this? Thank you very much to all.
How can I search for indicators in this forum? I need the Hodrick Prescott Filter for MT4. Please, if anyone can help me, I thank you in advance. Gus
how can I access (draw arrowed line) tools in mt4
I am new to offer a signal service but today I just found out that some subscribers just resell the signal via their private chat group. Did Metaquotes or any signal providers notice about this too? This sounds unfair for us who do all the hard works but they just steal it for their own gain.
Hi Sorry I'm newcomer in mql5 i want to write a program which selects symbols in market watch which has specific condition i.e find a symbol which has been negative for 3 days ago . Thank you so much
How to create EA installer setup.exe  Thank you Regards.
I'm currently setting up a buy order when a certain condition is true.  The problem I'm running into is the stoploss is triggering and then trying to re-purchase the buy order right away. So, the end result is multiple trades per day that is just eroding the capital. How can I put something in my...
forbes list doesnt count the personal wealth of some kings, dictators, so it's possible to exist out there   traders more rich than warren buffet that can hide their fortune?
I have purchased an indicator - how do i install????
I'm looking for a way, that at any point I can press "stop" and then see what the current value of all my variables are. Or, for debugging purposes, is there a way that I can create a line in the journal that prints the value of all variables (or anything I want really)? For example, I'm basing on...
how do I develop mt4 ea? 1. buying condition? 2. selling condition? 3. buying closing condition? 4. selling closing condition? 5. stoploss condition? 6. takeprofit condition?
Hi, i have an custom indicator with alert function. Is it possible to export some dynamicaly generated (string-) data via DDE? How I can do that? Thanks in advance!
Has anyone used a lot size adjustment utility that works properly when the signal is running on MT4 hosting rather than an outside vps?
Dear all, When I open metatrader 5, I need to choose a server. This works fine. The next step then is to login. I have an account from a broker (demo account) and fill in the login and password. Then I press login, it does that and when everything is shown, it shuts down (metatrader 5 closes). I...
its impossible to predict the market 100% of the time, no matter the tactic,but what if the holy grail is really a system that has a good accuracy but also, it tells you when you are losing before big loss, maybe that is the true perfect system 
It is quite obvious that just choosing one of TOP10 signals is not enough (we all remember how has ended up DELTA and many other former leaders of MQL5 rating). But what should we then check before subscribing to the signal? Unfortunately, most of subscribers only check 3 parameters of the signal:...
  My help file (1)
I have written a *.chm help file for my MT4 EA, and want to be able to call this (open it) by clicking on a button on my MT4 graph. Can anybody tell me how to do that, please? 
I've downloaded an indicator from a website and want to test it, however, i don't know how toinstall it in meta trader 5. The website is saying that i should paste indicator files in indicators folder and template files in templates, however, i am unable to find indicators folder? Anyone here can...
hedge funds, big banks, corporations, all composed with the smartest people on earth, so if you can beat the forex  market that also mean that you are smater than these smartest on earth ? A guy with an IQ of 100 has  a chance in this business?
Recently, a number of major brokers, including ActivTrades, Just2Trade, NAS Broker and Halifax Investment Services, announced the launch of MetaTrader 5 with hedging. This trend was supported by other prominent market players: GLOBAL FX, Global Equity Brokers (GEB) and Forexer Limited. The number of...
London Opening Range Breakout Strategy A simple trading system for the opening of the London markets that can be traded in just 10 minutes per day! Simple Forex system traded in just 10 minutes per dayDefined entry, exit and stop loss levels for signalsComplete GBP/USD breakout indicator rules...
so i wrote my first expert advisor using MQL5. just a basic one using the given MQL5 wizard. Plroblem: How to i add an  ADX  to my expert advisor. seeing it is not part of the wizard. look forward to any inputs from this forum
Trading on the market shows that the most good results are achieved by combining the various trading systems. But finding a good system is not so easy. Maybe we can share here some experience and results of using different trading systems?
How to install Dynamic RSI signal in MT4?
Hi there! :)I have just a small question. As the subject say, I want to copy my own signals using another account, larger one, but I don't want to pay for my own services and I don't want to create another account on mql to do this.  Is there a posibility to do this on my PC, or any how!? Thanks! :D
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Hi Guys can i copy a demo signal on real account?
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Hi, all Does anybody know the MT5 server address. I know in MT4 is in the directory of "./MetaTrader 4/config/" and it's in the format of .srv file. But I can't find the conresponding one in MT5. Thx in advance and waiting for your reply. ClementMiao
Any traders from my country that is also using the services of MQL5, lets support each other in our quest of becoming profitable traders.