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I thought that, at one point, MQ said by hitting REFRESH you can force the EA to run the Start() function just like it does on a tick. But this doesn't actaully happen. It would be very helpful if you could make the REFRESH button run the EA. ...just the Start(), not Init().
How do I set a sound alert when an indicator gives signal? and can I set the font size and color when I use comment("")? thanks
How reliable is the Strategy Tester in MetaQuotes 4? It seems my Expert Advisor strategy is always in the deep negative when the Expert Advisor Strategy Tester is done (F6), but when traded live it is in the positive. What are the perameters for the most accurate results when running (F6)? I am...
  Ichimoku - KS Expert 1.5 (43   1 2 3 4 5)
I havent tested but i believe this expert enters based on kijun break also may use a slope detect to stay out of flat markets 30 min may be favored
Hi all, I have problem with reading signals from indicator to expert. I attachet indicator and screen there The problem is like this: This indicator (with you can get from here shows red line...
Hi I would like to know if someone could write a expert for me that would place a trade on a date and time that I could change when needed. And close after a certain profit is made. Thanks in advance, I know nothing about programming. I use metatrader 4.
//+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| fortune-fifty.mq4 //| total. total@bajzel...
  Zig Zag (2)
hello, does anyone know how I can call the Zig Zag indicator from an expert? For example the iMACD() function calls the MACD indicator. What calls the Zig Zag indicator?
First, I want to thank you for including the input parameters in the Strategy Tester Report. A very much welcomed improvement. I am seeing buy orders being allowed to close about 10 pips above the bar's high (the bar that contains the closing time of the order). Many of these occur when the...
Will Metaquote consider adding a fibonacci extension/expansion tool to Metatrader to enhance the Fibonacci tools available for users?
hello when i download MT3 and want to register,when i registered and clic to open it for the first time,there is a message saying can t connect, you must open the port 1950 i got an adsl modem and at the time ,it was working great. please how can i do to do it...
I have some custom indicators in a file that I want to place into platform how do I do this thanks
  Horizontal lines (98   1 2 3 4 5 ... 9 10)
simpel grid builder/ sorry first gridbuilder wasnt working corect this one should work
The Help - Dictionary in Navigator is written in html code, it should be viewed similar like html pages. But I can see the code only. In few cases I can see normally, for example indicator Aligator, but in almost cases there is only code. I have got the latest version of MT(184), ME(183). In...
Does anyone have the MQL4 code for a Linear Regression Slope (oscillating around zero, and not to be confused with the Lin Reg Indicator or Lin Reg Trendline), or alternatively for the very similar Moving Slope Rate of Change? Ideally I’d like to cut and paste the code from a WORD document...
Hai all, Is it possible to disable demo account opening option on Metatrader 4 client terminal
Hello, My congratulations for a great tool - MT4, which is also offered freely for the use, learn and testing of trading. I'm sure it saved me (and probably many others) a great deal of losses in the real market. I consider that a great enahncement will be provided by a "TESTING...
New MetaTrader 4 Mobile Build 186 has been released. The new build includes the following changes: 1. Added line studies: horizontal, vertical lines, Fibonacci lines; 2. Added feature of working with email messages, menu "Service->Mailbox"; 3. Added feature of managing system events sound alerts...
Versions before 0_34c. MT4.
We are really sorry for our mistake "Common error". New build of client terminal solving connection problem to trade server is released. You can update your Client Terminal automatically via LiveUpdate service.
The code did not cut and past corectly....I will post later.
Hi all, I am trying to get an EA to use this custom indicator, but no luck. If gives up and down arrows, and I have tried to get it to place buy and sell orders accordingly, but can't seem to figure it out. Does anyone know? Thanks. Matt
There is an issue plaguing all build 183's..for all brokers. Some say that 182 is actaully working, can't confirm. But 183 is definitely NOT working on ANY broker, live or demo. Edit: maybe due to FED Chairman announcement.
this is for 2 mount
In MT4 build 183 the MACD values returned by iMACD() function appears to be the opposite of the MACD values on the chart data window. Example: when iMACD() returns -0.000014 the data window says the value is +0.000014; it appears to switch the +/- signs for all values. Is this a glitch or am I...
Hi guys, I'm just beginning with metatrader and i have a basic question : I just want to place a buy order if the current high is higher than a number. But this code doesnt work: if(High[]>1.2) { blablabla } Can anyone help me?
I personally spent a lot of time testing 025 version on demo and real account. And I know that some people like more early versions.
Some versions for mt3 for your information.
Unless it is a bug, it would be good idea to make Terminal Experts Log file readable once I right click on it and try to open it. I am getting error message "file name.. is in use by another application and cannot be accessed" when I try to open it by the MS Wordpad.