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Can any one take a MT4 Stoch indicator with the following settings 30, 65, 23 and shade the candles that are overbought >80 green and the candle that are oversold <20 as red. Thanks in advance for your help. Dave
  Code protection  (2)
I'm searching for a way to protect my proprietary code. I need something stronger than simply distributing an ex4, or dll protections or code obfuscation. Has anyone seen any product, from any source, that locks and safeguards code? I'm looking for something similar to Diamond Lock that's used...
I'm currently testing an EA on Symbol pair EURUSD with MetaQuotes History Data and I see the spread in the Symbol properties is 2. I would like to test different spread values for a symbol pair in the Strategy Tester. Is there a step-by-step procedure available to change the spread in the Strategy...
My pop-up quotes window, F10, is lost on the desktop somewhere, again. There's a keystroke command, ctrl-alt-...something that brings 'lost' windows back to the desktop. I'm at a loss to figure it out and can't find any net info. Any thoughts???
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I am looking for this expert criss_x_v111. thanks
Hi All I was hopeing somebody could code this indicator. I tried metatrader tools but it seems he cant do it as he never got back to me. Its a larry williams indicator
  VT to MT4 conversion  (12   1 2)
Gidday Has anybody converted the Stop and Reverse system in VT to MT I have been searching but can't find it. If anyone has it could they please post it. It uses a Delta Stop.
Can anyone upload a histogram version of HAMA or Heiken indicators ?
  EA of Supertrend  (4)
Is there any EA using supertrend signal to open and close the trades ?
Hello, I run an EA and it puts a Comment at the left but another Comment also pops in and out on the same line. What code do I use to move one of the comments down a bit? Thanks
I am new to foreign exchange. Can anyone help me to know about foreign exchange market beneficial for the dealers?
Could someone please identify this indicator I am looking for the source code for i can add a alert unless they already is one
Hi Forex charts are based on market action involving price. There are five categories in Forex technical analysis theory: Indicators (oscillators, e.g.: Relative Strength Index (RSI) Number theory (Fibonacci numbers, Gann numbers) Waves (Elliott wave theory) Gaps (high-low, open-closing) Trends...
I'm looking for aN E-Book ( PDF Format ) : Mind over Markets .. by : James F. Dalton , Eric T. Jones , Robert Bevan Dalton. I wish if someone can upload here .. We must all read it
Is it possible to have the Parabolic SAR with two sets of color i.e. green or blue when it is indicating an uptrend and red when it is indicating a downtrend? Also related to this theme: Is it possible to show different color on the MACD histogram when above the zero or water line and a different...
  EA for Hull Trend  (15   1 2)
Is there any available EA for Hull Trend or HMA ?
Hi Can someone please modify this indicator Parabolic 4TF to only display two timeframes - 5min and 15min. I would really appreciate this. Many thanks
If MetaTrader is forcibly shutdown due to a lockup, or the PC crashes, etc (anything but a graceful close), many times the global variables are reset to zero or otherwise wiped out. Can this bug be addressed? Is there something I can do to work around this problem?
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Can you step through the code? I'm getting a value incorrect (see below "Account") and then its being corrrectly populated but i'm not sure why. int Account = 123456; if (Account != AccountNumber()) { Comment("You can not use this program with this account"); return...
I wanted to come back and read some of the threads here but they've gone. New digital - any answer?
Hi. Though 'WinUser32.mqh' include references to the 'HELP' button, including its return code (9), clicking on it has no effect and no code is returned. IS there any way to get this working? For the record, I have written a script with 3 options to BUY, SELL or reverse an already open position....
  Help with code  (2)
Maybe some of you codders can help me. Sometimes i need to retrieve an indicator signal for an EA and i ve been having a problem with this. Let me show you an example: ================ double atrs1=iCustom(NULL, 0, "atrstops",10,5,2.5,1); Comment( "\n atrs1: ",atrs1...
Hi, may I ask: It's possible when an EA opens an order, keep JUST that order? I mean, I want that, whean an EA opens an order, keep that order until S/L or T/P is reached, and just to open positions where there are no orders opened. Thanks in advance.
Slawa, how does MT4 determine that another instance is already running? When in a Windows session, if you try to run another instance of terminal.exe from the same directory, it activates the first instance and terminates the second. This is fine, no problem - that's how it should work. However,...
hello ... i want this indicator
I need to convert this indicator wich is in the attach to be an EA.. It will be very usful for us.. I'll explain in details when I found the helper.. Please PM if u can help.
four indicators simple ma 30 high simple ma 30 low macd 5 34 5 bollinger bands default time frame = m30 (1h) pairs: gbpusd (gbp) long buy condition : macd value> signal>0 && price go up through the ma30high , when the close of last stick is beyond ma30h buy at the (close-some pips) maybe 3pips....
On the website of the Automated Trading Championship 2007, an Interview with Eugeni Neumoin (nen) has been published ( Eugeni Neumoin known as nen uses functions provided by MQL4 to develop his indicator named ZUP. In this indicator, he utilizes various...
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Hallo all, i'm newbie anyone can help me in this forex inv.
Hello, fellow fxmasters!I need a great assistance concerning the usage of 1 minute, 15 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, etc in different currency pair. Does each pair has its own unique timeframe or you can use anyone you like?Also, sometimes, 1m timeframe may indicate an upward trend while 1 hour or so...