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hello, I wanted to know if it was possible to create an account mt5 without providing his name? or create an account mt5 with its name but the name does not appear on the platform mt5 when you connect it to trade. Because I would like to have an account where we only see my account number (example
have shared my mt4 account on telegram. but some people have added my mt4 account to their account. They have spammed my signal resulting in my account being locked. May the administrators unlock my account so I can share signals with everyone
I mistakenly signed up with my name when signing up my MQL5, but had to give the mt4 ID number 22150182. Now I can't login Global MT4. How can I change my account login name
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Hello, I need account analysis software that uses account history to optimize inputs such as stop loss, take profit , opening of operations a time before or after ... and return a series of results to find the optimal adjustments thank you
Hi, I have a suggestion for the marketplace. As you may know, there are several indicators, EAs etc. that have many reviews. Going threw all the reviews is not possible, but sometimes you as a customer tend to read different opinions and reviews, not just 5 star reviews. But its difficult to find...
As the title. I use talib. However, many of the indicator algorithms of the same name are different from those on MT5. Did you rewrite it yourself later, or how to solve it
Dear experienced traders, Can I change account password when I run EA in MQL5 VPS? Will change account password stop EA or affect to MQL5 VPS? Please share us have any experience in this case. Thank you in advance and best wishes, Sky
Dear all, I'm a EA provider. How I check my consumer make copy trade for other accounts who not my consumer. For example: I get 20% profit from my comsumer. They may be deposit 1000$ for 1st mt4 account, then they run a software to copy trades from 1st to 2nd account. Then I can not calculate profit
Will anyone tell me what modeling is better to test EA. With tics the result is -18%, and only opening prices is + 18% for the same period
Is there a customer indicastor which would sound the alarm function when a added horizontal line it touched ?
Hi everyone, I'm new to trading. I just downloaded the Metatrader 4 app. Where do i begin
hi, everyone, I wanted to know how many accounts you can connect to the same MQL5 account, whether or not there is limit, thank you
Hi! I'm trying to install MetaTrader5 Library for Python using pip, but there was errors: ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement MetaTrader5 (from versions: none) ERROR: No matching distribution found for MetaTrader5 Anyone else with this issue? Thank you
Hi everyone, I found that Service Desk section ( ) is missing in my profile, are there any restrictions ? (I use the MT5 in real mode). Tnks in advance
hello everyone , is there any way to get the name of the object that was clicked most recently ? i have too many objects on chart and i want to save the name of the last clicked object into a variable , is there any way to accomplish that
uploaded doces twice i dont understand why it is regected
Hi, I bought 1 EA today, this was the first time I do it. But now I can not login into MT4 community in order to download the purchase product???? I use the same credentials as on Please can anyone help
Hello, I was wondering if anyone happens to have the MetaTrader 5 installer file for version 2485 (released 05 June). I need this particular version for testing purposes and I can't seem to find the file on the web. Many thanks
Dear experienced traders, After I upload an EA to MQL5 VPS, if I open MT5 again, will the EA upload to MQL5 VPS again automatically? Thank you in advance and best wishes, Sky
The automatic validation for the market of a new version of a EA is not working. It shows after some seconds: test on EURUSD,H1 strategy tester report not found There's no big diference to the version before and even if I try a before validated version it shows the same error
Hi, I am unable to get the cloud network for the strategy testing up and running. Money is available (20 USD) and shortly after enabling the Cloud Network it gets disabled. My assumption is an issue with the firewall. If so, what ports need to be open? If it is a different issue that I need to look
hi. I need pivot fir meta trader 5. Can anybody help me
Hi, hope someone can help me here. i've 2 installs of MT4 on my PC (i'd like 4 in total) and i'd like to use <Deleted> first install is fine, works lovely. second install however does not show in the second MT4 navigator box, even though it is definitely in the correct data folder
Hi     I just subscribed to a VPS service.   But it does not seem to allow me to migrate my Custom Indicator and Robot on to the machine.  I get a Message.  "Nothing to Synchronize No any EA or Custom Indicator  signal for <account number> is not enabled"
Hi I use MT5 with about 50 Forexpairs. But i like to have in every chart 3 or 4 timeframes of that pair. So that screen is split in 3 or 4 and i can see the different timeframes in one view. See example i add. Is this possible? In MT5 self i can't find such option. Kind regards, Ronald
Hey guys, is Monday morning, Sydney time and I can't close and open new positions or modify them. I left 2 trades on from Friday night and I am also unable to close them. Also the prices seem to be going yp and down very fast. I don't know what is going on! Is a damo account. it's putting all my
Windows Update could disables  the EA's  activation every month... If you set the  OS update stopped, the computer will find that and fix it to update "these days"!!( I'm using my home PC , and  also ,sometimes VPS.) The  EA Invalidation occured to  MT4 by the Update of this time! (2018/12/12) Then,...
Hello Guys, When i upload my ea on market, the validation process raise " strategy tester report not found " error, how can i solve the problem
Hi everyone I'm fairly new to trading and thus using the chart on MT5 My issue is that I find it very hard to select and item like an SMA on the chart for customisation, it would be really helpful if the indicators and oscillators had some sort of onHover state so it is more clear when my mouse
Hello everyone, Can anyone please help me how to get number of current Buy/Sell open positions in MQL5. Thanks